New Products (January 2013)

January 6, 2013

Acoustics First Sound Channels

Acoustical wall fabric

Audio-Technica System 10

Wireless mic system

Auralex Acoustics SubDude-HT

Subwoofer isolator

Behringer Q Series

USB mixers

DM Engineering Ultimate Mini-LP

Handheld EAS remote control

FSR SmartFit Family

Poke-thru floor boxes

Holophone Super C

Supercardioid Microphone

iZ Technology Corporation Radar 6

Multi-track recorder

L-com Global Connectivity PSW4824-POE

PoE injector with power supply

NTP Technology AX32

Audio AD/DA/DD converter

Nugen Audio ISL

True peak limiter

P Cube FM Filter

FM bandpass filter

Radial Engineering PZ-DI

Orchestral acoustic direct box

Rode Reporter

Handheld microphone

Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 12

Digital audio workstation

WorldCast Systems 1U Oslo

Multi-channel audio codec

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