New Products (September 2013)

September 30, 2013

AEQ Systel IP

Call-in system

Altinex TNP124

Interconnect box

Arrakis ARC-10BP-blue, ARC-15BP-blue

Bluetooth enabled radio console

Ashly Audio nX



NTP time server

I-Mego Throne


JK Audio BluePack with HD Voice

Wireless interview tool

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Lawo Jade

Audio control center

Prism Sound Sadie 6 Professional, Sadie 6 Lite

Production and recording software

Royer Labs R-121

Ribbon microphone

Scheduall S5

Facility management software

Society of Broadcast Engineers Adaptive Media Systems Engineering

Broadcast Engineering for the Digital Age

Tascam DP-006, DP-008EX


Tunetracker Systems System 5

Radio automation

Wheatstone LIO-48

Logic Blade

Yamaha HS Series

Studio monitors

Yellowtec b-line Bold

Talkshow system

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