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December 1, 2008

Broadcast dynamic mic


Procaster: The Rode Procaster is a professional, broadcast-quality dynamic microphone, specifically designed to offer no-compromise performance for voice applications in broadcast environments. It features a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response. With its retro-inspired design, the Procaster combines a traditional aesthetic with advanced technology to create a broadcast workhorse destined to quickly become an industry standard. The Procaster is fully compatible with the Rode PSA1 studio arm and PSM1 shock mount, for professional microphone mounting.

Streaming option

Stream Audio

Multi-Format Streaming: Stream Audio has developed a system that allows radio stations to reach a larger audience without any additional hardware or software needed at the studio. Stream Audio's Multi-Format Streaming option gives radio stations the ability to stream in the world-standard format MP3, as well as simultaneously providing streams in Windows Media, AAC, AAC Plus, and OGG. These formats will allow listeners to receive a stream from the station using nearly any player or computer operating system such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, while also reaching many mobile devices.

1-bit sound recorder


MR-200S: Korg has expanded its MR Series of digital recorders with the MR-2000S 1-Bit studio recorder. Input and feedback from leading recording and mastering engineers have lead to the creation of the MR2000S, offering this same unmatched audio quality and enhanced by additional functionality and studio-ready connectivity. With ultra-high quality sound that exceeds DVD audio, a wide frequency response and the ability to capture and reproduce transient responses and spacial imaging as never before, the MR-2000S introduces a new era in recording quality. The MR-2000S is 1RU digital stereo 1-bit recorder, offering 5.6MHz or 2.8MHz 1-bit recording, or up to 24-bit 192kHz PCM recording and playback. 1-bit file formats DSDIFF (used in SACD production), WSD and DSF are all supported, as well as PCM support for standard WAV, BWF (Broadcast WAV) and even MP3 playback. Sampling frequencies for PCM formats range from 44.1kHz through 192kHz.

AM HD Radio exciter


AM IBOC Exciter: Nautel's AM IBOC Exciter is paired with the Exporter Plus for AM HD Radio transmission. This product implements Nautel's latest AM digital exciter and Exgine technology; it has magnitude/phase outputs suitable for standard AM transmitters. Analog and AES inputs are provided for backup audio sources and a front panel LCD user interface provides full configuration and status information. The AM IBOC Exciter uses a LAN port to receive date from the Exporter Plus as well as for serving Web pages for remote user access.

Handheld dynamic mic


STC-80: The STC-80 is Sontronics' first handheld dynamic microphone. It has the same rugged construction as Sontronics handheld condensers and offers a high-quality dynamic capsule. The STC-80 has a solid feel with superb sound quality and low handling noise. It delivers first-class results on stage and in the studio. well as a direct microphone for guitar cabinets, snare drums, and toms. Its internal pop filter effectively reduces plosive sounds. The STC-80 is packaged in an aluminum flight case for ultimate protection on the road.

IP codec

Telos Systems

Zephyr/IP Mixer: Telos' Zephyr/IP Mixer can go wherever you do. This mixer works well under varying network conditions. Its exclusive ACT Agile Connection Technology works like digital cruise control, continuously correcting and monitoring bandwidth variation, packet loss, and jitter as you sit back and enjoy the ride. A Zephyr-introduced low-delay codec, AAC-ELD, ensures consistent sound quality at low bitrates, advanced error detection, loss concealment that only a dog could hear, and almost imperceptible delay for two-way applications. The Z/IP Mixer makes it easy for both engineers and technophobes to monitor or control the action as much or as little as they wish. The full-color, high-resolution screen displays an easy-to-understand interface, context-sensitive help, and an intuitive display graph of network conditions.

IP codec

Musicam USA

Road Warrior LC: This two-channel, portable IP codec is housed in a compact case measuring 8" x 8" x 3". An Internet connection can enable users to deliver programming on the air within 10 minutes, versus the typical 30-minute setup time. Users do not need to access a third-party server for a connection, but can use Musicam USA's NAT Transversal protocol. Like its big brother the Road Warrior, the LC features SIP compatibility, multiple algorithm support (including AAC-HE), standard protocols (LAN, ISDN U and ST, and X.21), a password-protected keypad and a built-in Web browser for control and monitor from a remote location. It also includes a two-channel input mixer/two-channel IFB talkback and recessed buttons for outdoor environments.

Non-traditional revenue source

My Simbook

Mobile Radio Marketing: My Simbook is the leading radio station super network both online and on the Iphone. My Simbook community members are able to broadcast themselves to both individuals and groups through text messaging. Stations can inform listeners so they are never the last one to miss out on specials or events, while staying connected with friends and meeting new ones. In addition to having access to the new super community of information and savings, My Simbook users are able to listen to their favorite streaming radio stations from any computer or Iphone. Listeners can discover new stations, share favorite stations, and gain access to more deals, contests and giveaways.

Microphone preamp

Lavry Engineering

Black MP10: With features like wide range digitally controlled analog gain circuitry, impedance switch, and balanced or unbalanced outputs, the MP10 offers flexibility and ease of integration into both home and studio recording environments. Precise gain settings from 20 to 75dBs give the MP10 enough range to accommodate low-output ribbon microphones or feed unbalanced -10dBV inputs using high output condenser microphones without loss of signal quality. Accurate matching of the two channels also makes the MP10 ideal for true stereo recording applications. An optional Lavry Black Rack Mount is available to mount two Lavry Black units side-by-side in a 1RU space.

Portable active splitter


Kickbox 4×4: In response to pleas for durable, professional-grade mic/line inputs with multiple outputs for live sound, location recording, and broadcast, Drawmer has engineered the Kickbox 4×4 portable active splitter. Housed inside a rugged, road-ready carrying case, the Kickbox 4×4 accepts up to four XLR mic/line inputs and delivers them with uncompromised fidelity to up to 16 XLR line-level outputs. The Kickbox 4×4 provides multiple outputs where distribution of mic or line inputs to multiple outputs is required. Its four studio-grade mic/line preamps each provide phantom power, independent metering, and up to 66dB of gain. Its 16 balanced output stages each provide a transformer-loaded LED and the option of transformer isolation.

Large-diaphragm stereo condenser microphone


MC48: The MC48 is a large, dual-diaphragm stereo condenser microphone with transformer-less class A electronics. It is well suited for applications in radio broadcasting as well as for live concerts and studio sound production. The microphone has low self-noise of less than 12dBA, and sound pressure level of 135dB. The two large 25mm diaphragms, placed one above the other, can be simultaneously rotated to provide variable stereo width from 50 degrees up to a maximum of 140 degrees and are capable of advanced, adjustable cardioids functions in mono mode. The ultra-thin and gold-coated diaphragms are made of 3-micron polyethylene-terephtalate film. All capsule components have passed a special artificial aging process to guarantee long-term stability. The internal construction is elastically mounted to attenuate vibrations and reduce handling noise. Additionally, the capsules are fixed on special dampers. A small LED indicates the presence of 48V phantom power and confirms front position. All input transistors pass a special selection process to guarantee minimal self-noise.

EAS watch on-site monitor

Cascade Technology Corporation

OSM: This on-site station monitor, is a 2RU device designed to monitor on-site received and broadcast EAS alerts. When the unit detects an EAS alert, the full FSK text are captured along with any voice audio and sent to the server for analysis via an Ethernet connection to the Internet. The base unit accepts the digital output from a standard EAS encoder/decoder. The OSM is also intended to monitor the on-air audio in order to confirm the actual broadcast of an EAS alert. The modular design allows for monitoring up to five signal sources per unit. Expansion cards allow monitoring of on-air signals from an external antenna or via direct audio input from existing monitor receivers. Because the OSM continuously monitors preset stations, it can detect spurious alerts and determine on/off air status, relaying this information to the server.

Coaxial switch


70000 Series: Dielectric's 70000 Series coaxial switch is a compact unit that provides fast and reliable switching of power between runs of transmission line. The unit is motor-driven with a manual override and LED position indicator. The switch may be operated locally or via remote control. It is available in both 115 Vac and 230Vac with 12-24Vdc control inputs. This enhanced version of the 60000 Series coaxial switch features return position accuracy of +/-1 degree angular rotor accuracy using more accurate proximity switches versus conventional micro-switches. The 70000 Series switches offer segregated power and control input connectors.

Studio monitors


MR Series: The MR Series features a baffle molded to minimize diffraction and a precision waveguide to ensure broad, even dispersion and a smooth transition between highs and lows for a clear image of your mix and an ultra-wide, even sweet spot. The amplifiers feature a Class A/B architecture that delivers a flat frequency response, plus the addition of acoustic controls to adjust high frequency and low frequency settings to compensate for room placement. The MR5 features a 5.25-inch low distortion LF woofer and a 1-inch high-resolution HF tweeter coupled with a high-headroom 55/30W Class A/B bi-amp. The MR8 has an 8-inch steel frame low distortion LF woofer and a 1-inch high-resolution HF tweeter coupled with a high-headroom 100/50W Class A/B bi-amp

Spectrum analyzer

Bird Technologies Group

Signal Hawk VNA: The Signal Hawk VNA Spectrum Analyzer handles installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of wireless communications systems. It provides precise measurements of a variety of RF readings in a field-friendly package. To get communication systems up and running quickly or to perform preventative maintenance, the instrument allows even novices to easily carry out spectral monitoring and interference analysis, as well as make one-port cable insertion loss measurements and the highest resolution determination of distance-to-fault. In addition, it's been drop/splash tested to military specifications and has a large color in/outdoor display with an intuitive user interface.

Cable line

Cable Up

Industrial: The Cable Up Industrial line features a high-performance, yet rugged combination of low capacitance AES/EBU quality cable. The connectors are fitted with gold plated contacts for reliable professional use at a competitive price. The Industrial line has a one-year unconditional, no questions asked replacement warranty and a limited lifetime warranty covering defects in material and workmanship.

Anti-slip cable pad

Middle Atlantic Products

ASP-OWP: The ASP-OWP Series anti-slip cable pads are designed to improve cable management and performance in broadcast applications. When cable is dropped in from the top of racks and enclosures where hook-and-loop or wire-tie-type fasteners are used, the weight of the cable creates a significant and often problematic strain on the tie, connection and horizontal to vertical transition points. The pads have been designed to remove close to 40 percent of the cable weight off the tie point, while reducing pull tension where cables are fastened to meet or exceed cable manufacturers' requirements. These unique pads eliminate the need to over tighten the cable fastener to the point where it deforms or kinks the cables, an issue that can interrupt critical broadcast transmissions.

Computer audio interface


BB2: Primarily designed to address the needs of radio editors, the BB2 is a simple user interface that provides a standard eight streams of audio playback and editing and concentrates on the crucial task of rapid editing capabilities. Full interchange with more sophisticated Sadie systems is included and the unit can be upgraded to the more fully featured PCM2 software. Full interchange with other more powerful Sadie Series 5 systems, in addition to other manufacturer's equipment, is provided to allow projects to be migrated to larger systems when required. The hardware provides two channels of input which can be switched between microphone, line or digital (S/PDIF), and two channels of output: line, headphones and digital (S/PDIF). The unit is connected to the host PC via USB2.0.
973-983 9577

Dynamic RDS encoder

Axel Technology

Dolphin: The Dolphin is an easy-to-use dynamic RDS encoder that supports all services and features in common use. Dolphin's specifications and operation have been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the RDS generation and broadcasting. Using state-of-art, high-speed DSP technology, Dolphin ensures the purest modulation quality. Its digital architecture also guarantees long-term reliability and easy firmware updates. PC control software comes with the unit. It allows control and setting in an easy and intuitive way of all RDS data and of signal generation parameters (level and phase, synchronism source, etc). The basic software screen always displays, in real time, PS and RT content currently on air, allowing a full and immediate monitor of RBDS broadcasting, even when an FM tuner is not available.
+39 51 736555

Upgrades and Updates

Axia Audio has released a beta-software release of its IP audio driver for Mac users. Contact Axia to evaluate it. ( has released software version 1.5.0 Four Mode for the VP-8 processer, which expands the VP-8 from two modes to four modes of operation: FM (with stereo encoder), AM, FM-HD and AM-HD. ( Broadcast has developed an AM version of its entry-level DSPX Mini processor called the DSPX Mini-AM. ( Omnia One family of processors has been expanded to include the Omnia One Studio Pro for production use in the studio settings or as a preprocessor. ( has begun shipping its new flagship RDS encoder, the Model 730, which was built on the success of the Model 713. (

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