New Products

October 1, 2008

Dynamic headphones


K 702: These headphones combine the superior sonic performance of AKG's K 701 with features demanded by recording and broadcast engineers in a professional package. The K 702's new features include a detachable input cable with a locking 3-pin mini-XLR connector. The high-performance, low-loss detachable cable makes transportation, service and storage easier. The new K 702s also feature a stage blue finish that is more rugged and professional looking than the K 701's gloss white color. The headphones feature flat-wire voice coils and their patented Laminate Varimotion diaphragms eliminate spurious resonances and deliver an engaging listening experience with out-of-head imaging so that engineers can hear all the nuances of their sound.

Vistamax enhancement


Vistatouch: Vistatouch is a Windows PC client application that expands access to common tasks within Vistamax for studio personnel with a simple and visually oriented presentation that provides secure system-wide control functionality to operators. Vistatouch software features user-activated Image Panels to initiate frequent, show-specific and day-part requirements. Each Image Panel is associated with specific session or macro tasks and controllable via mouse or touch-screen for optimum control. The Vistatouch software offers visual enhancements to the studio operator by associating predefined picture or live webcam images with each Image Panel. As many as 20 Image Panels can be assigned to each application to address multiple-user or requirement-specific presentations at every Vistamax-connected studio within the facility. The Live Webcam streams are ideal for visual cueing of live sources, especially useful for news and talk stations, and live multi-talent morning shows.

Analog-to-digital converter


A2D2: The Drawmer A2D2 is an AES Grade 1 dual stereo output analog-to-digital converter. It offers dual simultaneous stereo outputs, each with separately selectable sample rates, and additionally provides three word clock outputs, allowing the A2D2 to also act as a master clock generator. It also provides simultaneous dual stereo outputs that may each be selected to different sample rates, including 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176 and 192kHz. This permits, for example, the output of a high-resolution 192kHz version with a simultaneous lower resolution 44.1kHz version. Each digital output has a selectable word length of 16 or 24 bits, with automatic dither generation.

Audio processor


AM10-HD: The AM10-HD offers a five-band AGC followed by a specialized 10-band limiter and high performance asymmetrical modulation peak controller algorithm that has been specially designed for the requirements of competitive AM broadcasting. This new peak controller maximizes AM coverage by providing the highest possible average modulation accompanied by consistent positive peak capability of up to 200 percent. Selectable low-pass filters are available to tailor the output for the requirements of various regulatory needs. The HD signal path includes its own specialized multiband peak controller which has been tailored for the codec that is utilized in AM HD Radio broadcasting.

Locking lever

NKK Switches

S Series: The S Series locking lever toggle switches are offered in single- and double-pole models, both with two or three maintained positions. They are available as single throw or double circuits and the electrical capacity ranges from 15A to 20A at 125Vac. The S Series toggle switches were designed with robust actuation applications in mind and provide an excellent choice for designs requiring a safeguard against accidental actuation. In addition, they provide equipment designers with high levels of environmental protection — the switches are panel sealed with a rating of IP67. Each S Series switch is panel mounted with 12mm D-flat threaded bushings, constructed of brass with chrome plating and conforms to standard panel cut outs. The D-flat shape prevents rotation of these devices when mounted in the panel. Standard hardware is provided with each switch and includes a hex nut, a lock washer and an O ring.

Ribbon microphone

Soundwave Research Laboratories

Naked Eye Roswellite: Naked Eye Roswellite now joins el Diablo as the toughest and most powerful ribbon microphones ever created for music recording and live sound reinforcement. The Naked Eye Roswellite features the same True Dual Voicing design and carefully crafted tone of the Naked Eye Classic, plus it adds the power of the Crowley and Tripp nano-composite ribbon material — Roswellite — that was first introduced in the el Diablo Mercenary Edition.

Transmitter control


Advanced User Interface: The Advanced User Interface is a 17" color LCD screen with a wide range of configurable displays. The AUI includes real time locus measurement, an instrument grade spectrum analyzer, an IBOC modulation analyzer, module-level monitoring and control and logging of all functions. The AUI can be controlled by touch screen or via a mouse and keyboard. In addition, users have 100 percent remote access to transmitters via a Web browser.

Music library


Jazz Sessions: Loopmasters' new collection of jazz samples contains 3GB of original samples, all played by seasoned professionals. With Jazz Sessions the focus is on maximum realism, to add a perfectly authentic smoky vibe to music. More than just traditional jazz, there's also plenty for devotees of nu-jazz, broken beat and a other jazz-tinged genres. The DVD features 3,000 separate WAV files, including instruments such as drums, double bass, fretless bass, brass sections, flute solos, trumpets, trombones, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, Hammond and Rhodes samples.
+44 845 094 1460

Flexible gooseneck lamp

Hosa Technology

Hosa-Lite LED: Available in both BNC and XLR connector-type models, the Hosa-Lite LED is a console lamp with a 15-inch gooseneck. Ideal for both live sound and studio environments, the Hosa-Lite LED console lamp delivers warm, diffused light that is bright enough to work by, without causing eyestrain. It features four white LEDs and two red LEDs for accurate color illumination, and operates at cool temperatures, facilitating adjustment without the risk of burning one's fingers. The Hosa-Lite's flexible gooseneck design offers functionality wherever a 12V BNC or XLR light socket is available. The Hosa-Lite is durable and features long-lasting LEDs that make replacing light bulbs a distant memory.

Live performance condenser mic


M2: The M2 benefits from Rode's experience in crafting premium condenser microphones for studio, live and location use. This new microphone builds on the foundation set by the award winning Rode S1. Combining sound quality equal to that of the finest studio microphones, the M2 features a tailored response to reduce feedback, as well as an integrated shock mounting system to minimize handling noise. A locking on/off switch located on the microphone's body provides the switching feature required by singers with self-operated sound systems, and yet can be locked off when used in larger, dedicated operator environments.

T1 and IP codec


Worldnet Oslo Updates: This audio multiplexer offers a modular platform for the delivery of multiple channels of audio, voice and data over both IP and T1 networks. New for 2008: plug-in voice modules can combine both telephone and intercom traffic along with program audio and data for networking over high-speed digital links. The range includes a wideband voice module with four independent, fully duplex 7.5kHz channels as well as four-wire E and M and two-wire FXO and FXS modules for the creation of off-premise extensions and PBX links. Available audio modules include analog, AES/EBU, simplex, duplex and phase-matched options with support for both linear and compressed audio. One key challenge in the migration to IP-based audio delivery is the lack of a stable reference clock throughout an IP network. Worldnet Oslo now offers the option of adding an AES/EBU external synchronization input to the IP transport module. This enables the use of a common audio reference clock throughout all units on the IP network and ensures the audio clock of all units is stable to achieve the highest audio quality possible over the entire network. Single frequency networking is enabled throughout an IP audio network.

Studio monitor

Event Electronics

Opal: A two-way studio monitor, the Opal was designed to overcome what Event Electronics saw as common deficiencies in other monitors. The result is a speaker with improved mid-range and transient response, lowered distortion and controlled noise floor, consistent tonal character as output level increases, and improved low frequency response and phase response. Each cabinet features an EX8 woofer with XBL Split Gap Technology, which linearizes the speaker's impedance while increasing the sensitivity across the mid to high frequencies. The speaker cone is a combination of paper and long-strand carbon fiber to provide extreme stiffness and low mass. A metal dome tweeter mounted on an elliptical completes the monitor.

Digital audio workstation

Image Line Software

FL Studio 8: FL Studio 8 opens a new chapter in DAW flexibility with the addition of FL Synth Maker, a FL Studio native version of the plug-in development application Synth Maker. Users can now create their own virtual instruments, effects and MIDI dashboards, use them in FL Studio and share them with other Synth Maker users, all without the need to write basic code. FL Synth Maker is included in Producer and XXL editions. The Producer and XXL Editions also include Slicex — a powerhouse drum loop slicer and re-arranging tool. Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the piano roll or controller. Slicex offers playback, reordering of slices and time-stretching capabilities optimized for drum loops with all the editing power of Edison built right into the plug-in.
+32 9 281 15 33

Studio furniture


Accent: Arrakis has artfully integrated the metal structure into the visible design decor of the cabinetry, creating an even more durable and attractive studio. Accent is a contemporary blend of brushed metals, pleasing colors and interesting textures. Cabinetry and electronic equipment complement each other in such a way as to create a bold visual environment for talent, guests, and clients alike. Accent is available in standard models as well as custom configurations.

USB stereo condenser mic

MXL Microphones

USB.007: Designed with ease-of-use as a high priority, the new USB.007 features two gold diaphragm capsules with an X/Y pick-up pattern. Unlike most condenser microphones, however, the USB.007 is a USB instrument that connects directly to a computer without the need for external mic preamps. Now, anyone requiring high quality, professional sound on their computer can record music or dialog by simply connecting to a standard USB port. Featuring support for USB 1.1 and 2.0, this exceptionally easy-to-use microphone even includes gain adjustment settings via the built-in three position attenuation switch. The microphone is optimized for capturing a wide range of musical performances — both vocal and instrumental.

Digital live mixing system


TT System 32: The TT System 32 Digital Live Mixing System includes the TT24 digital live console, DS3232 digital snake and the U100 networking card. The system combines Mackie's TT24 digital live sound console with the DS3232 digital snake and everything needed to connect the two for a complete, plug-and-play digital live mixing system. TT System 32 provides stage-to-console connectivity via the DS3232 digital snake with 32×32 analog I/O, 32 ultra high-quality Mackie mic preamps, and complete remote recall and control of all preamp settings (gain, pad, phantom power) all through a single CAT-5 cable (up to 300'). A total DSP package (gate, compressor and EQ) is available for all 32 input channels. The TT System32 includes a U-100 Network Card and 100' shielded CAT-5 cable for out-of-the-box mixing capability in mere moments.

Midfield monitor

Klein + Hummel

O 410: The O 410 midfield monitor is designed specifically for use in music, broadcast and post-production studios for tracking, mixing and mastering. The O 410 is a tri-amplified three-way loudspeaker, featuring magnetically shielded drivers: 10-inch bass, three-inch soft dome midrange and one-inch tweeter. The drivers are powered respectively by 340, 160, and 180W hybrid class A-B amplifiers. The cabinet accommodates an optional grille and an extensive set of accessories for a multitude of installation and mounting possibilities. Various input options allow the O 410 to be used with any source equipment.
+49 711 45 89 30

Twin microphone

Sennheiser Electronic

MKH 800: Based on Sennheiser's MKH 800, the MKH 800 Twin offers polar pattern switching after the recording session. The MKH 800 Twin can be thought of as a multi-pattern microphone without the pattern switches. It is equipped with both front and back capsule outputs. In a standard multi-pattern mic, the pattern of the mic is derived by adding and subtracting the back capsule. Because of the MKH 800 Twin's dual outputs, recordists can simply plug both of these capsules into a DAW or recorder and create the pattern desired during mix-down. The Twin is ideal for broadcasting and field recording.

Digital audio distribution amplifiers

ATI Group

Series 2: There are four new DDA models, all featuring up to 192kHz sample rates and 24-bit resolution. All units have switchable re-clocking, giving users the option to correct for high jitter input signals, or to pass coded Surround signals without interference. All units have front panel selectable dual inputs and input loop-through with switchable termination. All units display input sample rate, word length, digital errors and pro/consumer mode to enable rapid confidence checks and troubleshooting. All units provide automatic equalization for long input lines and have a front panel control lock to protect user configuration settings. Models include: DDA-106XLR, DDA-106BNC, DDA-212XLR and DDA-212BNC. Dubbed Series 2, these new high-performance units bear the ATI Digital Audio logo and draw on Day Sequerra engineering expertise.

Numbered rack rail

Middle Atlantic Products

RLA Series: This numbered rack rail allows easy equipment alignment, which saves time by simplifying product installation. The RLA Series aluminum 2-post open frame racks are EIA/TIA-compliant and available in heights of 45 and 51 rack units. The RLA Series racks feature 15-inch deep bases constructed of sturdy quarter-inch thick aluminum, which include precut holes and screws for secure floor mounting. This makes it suitable for applications that require tough racks with hefty weight capacity.

Digital audio delivery service


DMDS: DMDS is a digital file transfer system that was expressly developed to streamline radio promotion activities for the music industry. DMDS delivers broadcast-quality music tracks, together with related promo materials, directly to media outlets anywhere in a quick, secure and inexpensive way. An added benefit is that the service eliminates a great deal of the waste of packaging and shipping from the traditional method of distributing physical copies of media.

Upgrades and Updates

Digigram has licensed the Fraunhofer AAC audio codec and all its variations. Digigram was already meeting the mandatory requirements of the N/ACIP standard for IP audio, but with the additional AAC codecs the company can further enhance its products. (

Izotope is now shipping its ANR-B Adaptive Real-time Noise Reduction Unit. The ANR-B uses Izotope's noise reduction technology to intelligently identify and suppress environmental broadband noise, hum, phone line artifacts and other noise sources from audio feeds. (

Steinberg has released an update to its Nuendo 4 system. Nuendo 4.2.2 includes a range of improvements to enhance stability, and several workflow enhancements. (

The Zaxcom Deva Mix-8 mixing control panel will ship in October 2008. The Deva Mix-8 integrates directly with the company's Deva and Fusion audio recording systems. (

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