Omnia Audio Omnia.11

June 1, 2010

Audio processor

Omnia.11 yields a redesigned firmware platform, GUI and adjustments to every algorithm in the system. It was created to provide a solution to distorted audio processing, while still delivering the loud signal required to be competitive. The Density Detector enables the system to properly handle hyper-compressed content, as it keeps Omnia.11 operating on-target. Its ultra-low IMD multiband limiter system, coupled with smart gain reduction algorithms, enables the limiters to sound transparent and natural. All AGC and limiting algorithms employ an auto-acceleration/deceleration mechanism, which tunes out perceptible inter-modulation distortion. Omnia.11 integrates a laboratory-grade stereo generator with dual MPX outputs, 19kHz reference output for external RDS/RBDS systems and >80dB pilot protection - with or without composite clipping functions activated.

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What the judges had to say:
"The IM distortion reduction is impressive."
"Reducing the extraneous material on the MUX output makes a real difference."


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