RCS Releases GSelector 3.18, Adds Enhanced Scheduling Control

June 20, 2011

White Plains, NY - Jun 17, 2011 - RCS has released GSelector 3.18, increasing the functionality already found in the music scheduling system. Enhancements include unique appearance assignments, multiple priority lists, multi-shot scheduling and tighter integration with the RCS Zetta automation system.

User rights and appearances set the stage on the work day, and each user can now make his own unique appearance assignments in GSelector 3.18. One user can have bold colors, another can use pastels. Create multiple priority lists and assign them per daypart, per category. One usage allows tight categories to be scheduled one way and deeper categories another. Another list can control special programming that deviates from the norm. Multi shot scheduling gives a new technique when scheduling songs from a category having a high turnover while maintaining core scheduling objectives such as vocalist spread, yesterday song, minimum separation and the like. Behind the scenes the scheduler tries and tests different scheduling runs or shots and afterward selects and schedules the shot having the best overall scores.

New features also include:

  • Hotkey Accelerator for the audio player
  • User-definable default chains
  • Demand calculation caching

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