RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten TouchMonitor Series

August 20, 2010

RTW TouchMonitor Series

Audio signal monitor

The TouchMonitor series includes the TouchMonitor TM7 with a 7" touch screen and the TouchMonitor TM9 with a 9" touch screen. Both monitors feature a redesigned graphical user interface that is equipped with a touch-sensitive 16:9 high-resolution screen. The touch screen allows an interactive, context-sensitive help feature. The TouchMonitor's modular software components allow it to be customized so users purchase only what is necessary. In addition, new instruments and functions can be added as software modules to the device at any time. Several display functions are available: Surround Sound Analyzer, Real-Time Analyzer (RTA), ITU/EBU-compliant loudness meter, and an intelligent ident analyzer. A true-peak meter is available as a software option as well. Both models accept AES3 and AES3-ID signals and include a LAN port, a VGA output, GPIO interfaces and two USB ports.
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