Sample and Hold: NPR Music Format Trends

January 1, 2011

In a response to National Public Radio's submitted statistics in October 2010 (see below), the Federal Communications Commission wrote: "Looking at the same 505 public radio stations in 2001 and in 2010, we see several overall program format shifts. During this time, we saw decreases in classical music (down 20 percent), jazz music (down 15 percent), and world music (down 30 percent) and increases in eclectic music programming (up 54 percent), popular music (19 percent) and news programming (up 27 percent).

"Taking a shorter view, over the past five years looking at all stations in 2006 (968) and in 2010 (1057), the story is similar but less dramatic. The amount of classical music on public radio as a percentage of total weekly hours or programming has declined with smaller increases in eclectic and popular music and news and information."

NPR Music Format Trends

Source: National Public Radio

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