Sample and Hold: Radio Leads in Engagement Factor

September 1, 2011

A recently released Knowledge Networks analysis explored the simultaneous media usage of major media by 18-34 and 35-49 year old adults. Its findings underscore the personal relationship radio has with its listeners. While people do many different things while listening to radio, using other media isn't often one of them.


Radio listening has the most focused attention of the major media. About two of every three minutes an 18-34 adult spends with the Internet is also spent with other media, while only about 2.6 out of 10 minutes of radio listening time is shared with other media. That means that about 75 percent of time spent listening to radio is spent just with radio, not with any other media.

Source: Knowledge Networks and the MultiMedia Mentor research program July 21, 2011, based on Fall 2010 data set, encompassing more than 2,500 interviews.

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