Samson Technologies Expedition XP510

June 1, 2010

The XP510i is a comprehensive, all-in-one portable PA system with dual two-way speakers and a 500W Class D powered mixer built right in. The whole system packs into a single unit that weighs just over 50 pounds. The speakers employ 10" woofers in two-way vented enclosures. The woofers are complemented by a 1" titanium tweeter in a custom 60 degree x 90 degree horn for complete room coverage. You can even tilt the enclosures back to use as floor monitors or use the integrated 1-3/8" speaker stand mounts to elevate the speakers to ear level. The built-in 10-channel mixer provides four mic/line inputs, three stereo inputs and phantom power for use with condenser microphones. There's even an integrated iPod dock.