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December 1, 2005

Do you remember?

In 1981, the Telex Magnacord broadcast cart machines offered a dc servo flutter-filter drive that made it immune to RFI and EMI. The unit featured an edit push button to add stop cues in playback and omit stop cues in record. LED indicators displayed end of tape, status and secondary/tertiary cue tones. A front-panel headphone jack and VU meters for each channel were provided. The system was field convertible from mono to stereo, or from play to record.

That was then

This is San Francisco's KPO-AM speech amplifier equipment circa 1925. The equipment includes the amplifier and controls for connecting the station to outside points for remote broadcasting.

KPO was located in Hale Brothers Department Store. It shared the broadcast frequency of 360 meters with other San Francisco stations and was only on the air one hour a day during its first year.


Sample and Hold

Show me the money: Top five groups acquiring radio stations in 2004

Company # of stations # of deals Average # of stations per deal Total $ spent (millions)
Nassau Broadcasting 26 8 3.3 70.349
Cumulus Broadcasting 21 9 2.3 92.226
Border Media Partners 20 10 2.0 126.441
Citadel Broadcasting 19 8 2.4 151.050
Davidson Media Group 18 9 2.0 41.806

Source: BIA Financial Network, Radio Station Transactions 2005: When is it Going to Get Better? 2005.

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