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April 1, 2006

Do you remember?

In a 1976 ad for its BA-2.5K transmitter, McMartin Industries touted it as nourishment for a station. “When your signal is your bread and butter…your transmitter had better be McMartin.” McMartin claimed its transmitters were reliable and easy to maintain with a low purchase price. A wide range of models were available for AM and FM power levels. All the McMartin products were easily recognized by the omnipresent woodgrain panel.

That was then

The first edition of the NAB Broadcast Engineering Handbook was printed in 1935 and included nine sections covering topics such as Rolph''s Graphs for ground wave propagation, transmission lines and the FCC Empirical Standards and Rules and Regulations. The tenth edition of the handbook, being published this year, discusses more than 80 topics from safety, to towers, to standards and practices. Other obvious recent differences are the inclusion of TV, and more recently, Internet/streaming technologies. The original handbook was prepared by one person, James C. McNary. Today, the handbook requires a team of three section editors, one editor-in-chief and contributions from more than 60 industry experts.

Sample and Hold

Why not subscribe to satellite radio?

Source: Bridge Ratings Industry Study: Satellite Radio Appeal, March 2006.

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