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April 1, 2007

That was then

This is a look at the master control room adjacent to WTIC's sixth floor Grove Street studios in 1929. Engineer Bob Coe is at the controls. Programs from the studios were amplified and sent by telephone lines to the Talcott Mountain transmitter 12 miles away. At that time, the station's first RCA 50kW transmitter was on the air as well. WTIC is located in Hartford, CT.

Do you remember?

Collins announced nine new FM transmitters as part of the Generation 4 series in 1975. The transmitters ranged in output power from 2.5kW to 40kW. At the heart of the Generation 4 series was the Phase 4 exciter. The transmitters also featured discrete quad compatibility. The 831 series has survived well through the years. The same basic design is still in use in the Continental 816 series.

Sample and Hold

What do you like best about radio?

Source: American Media Services, January 2006.

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