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May 1, 2007

That was then

In 1966 Scully Recording Instruments featured the studios of WNEW-FM in New York in its advertising. In this picture, Chief Engineer Max Weiner is standing next to the Scully equipment. The caption read "Seven Scully units in our FM control rooms give our recording crew the precision, flexibility and operational ease they demand."

Do you remember?

A complete cartridge tape production center in one compact, portable unit, the M-6086 Cartritape Make-Up Console from Gates Radio Company (a subsidiary of Harris-Intertype) included a Cartritape cartridge tape system and recording amplifier, a CB-77 12" turntable with equalized preamplifier, a microphone preamplifier and a UniQue cueing amplifier. By plugging in the console, users had a turntable, microphone, a telephone line input for recording net, and an input for external tap recorder or turntable available for cartridge tape production.

The console could also be used in control rooms as direct programming equipment, providing an extra turntable or Cartritape system.

Sample and Hold

What feature to do consumers want most in their next MP3 player?

Source: Rock radio consultant Jacobs Media,

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