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December 1, 2007

That was then

This is a 1968 shot through the newsroom window into the on-air studio of WXVW. Air personality Daon Fugate is shown at the mic. Dan Steffen is shown holding a 45rpm record. Notice the Western Electric console. It is probably from the 1930s and still worked great in 1968.

The cart machines were Sparta-Matic, the reel-to-reel deck, barely visible in this shot, was a Magnecord and the mic was an EV-666.

WXVW-AM was in Jeffersonville, IN, right across the river from Louisville, KY. In 1968 it was a 1kW, AM station operating at 1470KHz.

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Do you remember?

Scott Shanon in Texar Prism ad

A Texar ad in the March 1988 issue of Broadcast Engineering featured a photo of WHTZ New York Program Director Scott Shannon. The advertisement touted that Shannon's choice for program audio processing was the Texar Audio Prism. “The Audio Prism's unique, digitally controlled design delivers unsurpassed modulation power for high cumes, without the processing artifacts that sabotage quarter-hour maintenance,” the company wrote. It offered no-obligation, 10-day demos of the product.

Sample and Hold

Forty-nine percent of phone users (ages 18+) currently use their phones for more than just making and receiving calls. Fifty-seven percent anticipate using their phones for more than this in the next three years.

Source: Harris Interactive.

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