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September 1, 2008

Do you remember?

Metrotech recorder

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Professional recorders have come a long way since the days of reels and tape. Now you can take recorders with you pretty much wherever you go and computer-based software makes editing much easier. But in 1969, recorders like this Metrotech 500-A were good options. This ad states the longevity of this particular machine, which is relevant as reel-to-reel machines were used well into the 1990s, and I'll bet your station still has something similar tucked away.

That was then

Burt Fisher is a world traveler. He has been to Egypt, France, Scandinavia and Switzerland. He has seen much of the world's history, but radio ties run deep in his history. He sent us these photos from the 1960s.

WOCB AM/FM Cape Cod with Burt and huge 16" transcription turntables and spotmaster carts, circa 1967.

Burt at WOCB with an old TTY UPI machine.

Burt at WOCB with an old TTY UPI machine.

Burt at WOCB

Burt at WOCB with the owner's (Wes Stidstone) dachshund. Pictured are a Gates 5kW transmitter and an RCA AM BTF1B (he believes) in the foreground. The RCA transmitters are 1kW and 250W (standby).

Sample and Hold

The consumer electronics industry will see overall shipment revenues top $173 billion in the United States in 2008, according to new data released by the Consumer Electronics Association. The semi-annual U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecast shows CE shipment revenues will grow by 7.3 percent this year, reaching more than $183 billion by 2009.

nifty chart

This latest forecast increases CEA's projection for 2008 shipment revenues, last updated in January 2008, by $2 billion. Leading the way are digital displays, with shipment revenues approaching $28 billion.

Providing greater perspective on the industry, the mid-year edition of the U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales & Forecast brings forward brand new forecasts and analysis. Included for the first time is a technology penetration forecast for U.S. households. Leveraging CEA industry forecasts and consumer research, this analysis illustrates the maximum market potential for core CE technologies. The forecast also features a global perspective. In a joint effort from CEA and GfK research, worldwide retail sales forecasts for 12 major CE categories is included adding insight on global CE sales volumes and growth.

Source: Consumer Electronics Association

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