Sonifex Redbox RB-IPE

September 6, 2012

IP extender
The RB-IPE has 16 general purpose inputs on eight RJ-45 connectors, consisting of eight isolated current sink inputs and eight pull to ground protected inputs; and 16 general purpose outputs on eight RJ-45 connectors using eight isolated relay change-over contacts and eight opto-isolated contacts. These rear-panel RJ45 connectors have an LED for each GPIO, which shows its state. On another set of eight RJ-45 connectors there are also eight 0 to 3.3V/5V/12V input signals and eight output signals nominally at 0 to 3.3V output, with other output voltage configurations possible. The outputs can all be controlled from the inputs of another RB-IPE, or from Ethernet commands, allowing any tallies and control signals, together with analog potentiometer movements, to be sent across a network. When two units are connected at different sites, if a general-purpose-input state changes at one site the unit sends the new state to the other site and the appropriate opto-isolator output changes on that unit. Similarly input voltage controls are monitored and the changing voltage is sent to the remote unit where an output voltage changes accordingly.
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