Soundfield Research SPS200 Zephyx Kit

August 25, 2010

Windproof mic package

The SPS200 Zephyx Kit includes a specially manufactured version of Soundfield's existing SPS200 microphone with a shorter body, known as the SPS200-SB, which comes as standard fitted into the supplied Zephyx suspension mount. The SPS200 is a multi-capsule mic, capable of capturing audio in three dimensions and outputting audio in a variety of formats if required, including mono, stereo, M&S and phase-coherent 5.1. It is the smallest, lightest and most affordable microphone in the Soundfield range, and unlike other Soundfield mics, it does not ship with a separate hardware decoder. Instead, users determine the output audio format in post-production using a cross-platform computer plug-in, Surround Zone, which is available for VST and TDM-compatible digital audio workstations.
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