Spinner North America 2-way Switches

April 24, 2012

RF switches
Featuring a compact design, Spinner 2-way Switches have a motor drive, optical position indicator, emergency manual operation, advanced interlock contacts and end position signal contacts. The 7/8" EIA connector version comes with a frequency range of 0-3.5GHz, proof voltage = 3.5kV, average power of = 8kW at 100MHz (= 5kW at 230MHz, = 2.5kW at 860MHz), VSWR = 1.02 at 100MHz (= 1.02 at 230MHz, = 1.04 at 860MHz), isolation = 80dB, insertion loss = 0.03dB, operating voltage 230 Vac ± 10 percent, 50-60Hz, control voltage 10-27Vdc, operating current = 0.5A, and switching time of = 120ms. The 1-5/8 EIA connector version comes with 0-2GHz frequency range, proof voltage = 5.1kV, average power = 20kW at 100MHz (= 13.5kW at 230MHz, 7kW at 860MHz), VSWR = 1.03 at 100MHz (= 1.03 at 230MHz, = 1.05 at 860 MHz), isolation = 80dB, insertion loss = 0.05dB, operating voltage 230Vac ± 10 percent, 50-60Hz, control voltage 10-27Vdc, operating current = 0.5A and switching time = 100ms.

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What the Pick Hits judges had to say:
"The compact design is just what I need."
"It's so much lighter than other units; easier to install."

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