WCFB rebuilds: Temporary Facilities

June 1, 2009

First Backup

1st backup

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Feeding a wide-band port of a Dielectric combiner to a CBR eight-bay, three-panel antenna at 1,500'

Second Backup

2nd backup

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ERI SHPX four-bay mounted at 300' in Pine Hills, FL

Third Backup

3rd backup

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American Tower in Orange City, Dielectric eight-bay DCRM side-mount antenna at just under 1,500'. This antenna was moved to the new tower to become the aux antenna mounted at 1,200' via a 3⅛" rigid Dielectric line with Ultimate Bullets. New Main antenna was the same as that destroyed, another Dielectric eight-bay DCRM antenna top-mounted on the tower at 1,485'. HAAT fed via a 4" rigid Dielectric line with Ultimate Bullets.

Fluker is the director of engineering for Cox Radio, Orlando.

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