What are the Readers' Picks?

December 1, 2000

Weighed in the balance and found wanting . . . more information.

In each issue of BE Radio, the Free Info card allows you to request more information from manufacturers of products featured in that issue. Each month, a report is generated detailing the number of requests for each product. Based on data gathered from the reports for January through September 2000, BE Radio has determined the ten products that garnered the most reader response from editorial coverage (not advertisements) during this time span. Our research included responses gathered from both the paper and online sources.

The products featured here represent a broad range of radio applications. Each product fills a recognized need within the industry and incorporates the ingenuity our readers depend on to help them accomplish their jobs.

You can request more information on these and any products by contacting the manufacturers via their websites. Reader comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Let us know what you think of this end-of-year special feature.

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