RadioFlag to Address, Stream TEDx in New Jersey

TEDx Navesink will be held Saturday, April 11 April 9, 2015

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.— RadioFlag, Inc. Public Relations Director Annika Lorienne and Director of Business Development Ravind Kumar will co-present at TEDx Navesink this Saturday, April 11, 2015, on the campus of Monmouth University in New Jersey.

TEDx Navesink organizers are also leveraging RadioFlag’s to stream the event for the first time. Their new station, iNAVE, can be found on the app and website.

The conference’s theme is “Accelerators,” defined by TEDx Navesink curators as: device for increasing speed; a substance that increases the speed of a reaction; a person or thing that accelerates. The press release says: “Accelerators are change agents. They provide the fuel for which ideas and products are evolved or created, poking holes in knowledge and memes in a memorable way.”

A sold out audience of 700 is expected to attend the talk, which will discuss “connective listening” technology and the RadioFlag platform’s ability to help listeners access and socialize around local perspectives and ideas via streaming. There is also an emphasis on discovery of new cultures and ideas, with particular focus on innovation driven by Millenials’ listening preferences, as well as their impact on the music industry. 

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