Furniture More Furniture>

VMP Begins Shipping ERWNE-9E Wall Rack

February 24,2016 —New enclosure works with 19-inch rack equipment and accessories

Studio Microphones More Studio Microphones>

Audio Precision Offers Measurement Mics

December 16,2016 —There are four mics, all free-field, prepolarized with onboard preamps

Studio Mixers More Studio Mixers>

Crane Song Adds DAC Converter Tech to Egret

January 17,2017 —Company’s fifth generation of digital to analog converter technology added to products

Audio Routing More Audio Routing>

RME Releases Optical I/O Box

February 15,2017 —Here’s a specialized, though handy little device for those who need it — RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface.

Studio Audio Codecs More Studio Audio Codecs>

Inovonics Replaces 235 AM Processor With 223 Model

February 10,2017 —223 processor comes in INOmini package

Playback and Recording More Playback and Recording>

Pro Sound Effects Releases Submerged Library

February 03,2017 —Sound effects from the deep

Studio Accessories More Studio Accessories>

VB-Audio Offering Spectralissime

January 31,2017 —Real time spectrum analyzer app

Studio Infrastructure More Studio Infrastructure>

VMP Begins Shipping ERWEN-6E Wall Rack Enclosure

February 21,2017 —19-inch enclosure can hold up to 120 pounds

Signaling More Signaling>

DACS Introduces Test Lab

November 23,2016 —Provides tests during installation and live sound projects


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a development that looks to connect the internet int...

StreamGuys Talks Up Video Podcasting

New functionality of its SGrecast podcast recording platform

Neumann Named Media Bureau Chief Engineer

Joined Engineering Division in 2003

SBE Plans 2017 Leadership Development Course

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Engberg Provides Norwegian FM Shutdown Update

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