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WaveArt Debuts Integrated FM Transmitter Line

October 24,2016 —With a complete set of input interfaces, an MPX/RDS encoder and audio processor, the Wave has a built-in satellite receiver with CAM interfa...More

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RFS Expands Slotted Array Antenna Line

November 18,2016 —“Slot” design applied to full range of UHF RFStar antennas

Empire State Building Highlights Tower Cocoon

October 20,2016 —Says project benefits broadcasters and tourists

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Focusrite Releases RedNet PCIeR Card

April 29,2016 —Expanding its range of Dante-compatible interface products, Focusrite has announced the release of the RedNet PCIeR card.

Moseley Announces Malibu X5 Transmission System

April 26,2016 —Four channel audio transmission system can operate over IP, wireless or TDM networks

Microwave Pro 2 Introduces New Features

V-Soft Communication says its Microwave Pro 2 has been updated to utilize the National Spectrum Management Association OH Loss model, which is the industry standard for propagation

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DEVA Releases DB4402 Dual FM Monitoring Receiver

January 17,2017 —Features monitoring and logging capabilities as well as simultaneous audio streaming

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Dielectric to Showcase New Filters, Combiners in Nashville

August 29,2016 —Two of the products will make their debut at the Radio Show


Norwegian Listeners Still Negative on FM Exit

Broadcast engineer Eivind Engberg reports on listener reactions to the change

AM Licensee Says FCC Is Out of Sync on Boosters

A petition for rulemaking was filed by an AM licensee urging the FCC to adopt rules ...

Occam’s Razor: A Handy Guide to Troubleshooting

Beginners usually lack troubleshooting skills because it takes quite a bit of time t...

These Devices Can Make the Difference

Instead of talking about expensive items, let’s look at day-to-day tactical items th...

Greetings From the Top of the Mountain

During my tenure as technical editor, I’ve had many people ask me how I find time fo...

NewBay Now Accepting NAB Best of Show Nominations

The deadline to submit is April 7 Is Back!

Well, almost — "open sign-ups will be coming soon"

CTA’s Gary Shapiro’s CES 2017 Keynote

CES 2017 is well underway in Las Vegas, and Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CTA, ...

Introducing Radio Magazine Today

We've combined all of our e-newsletters into one that is delivered three times per w...

The Weaponized Internet

Media is a powerful tool for good and for evil — radio, especially so. Today, radio ...