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Sales of Cars Outfitted With Digital Radios Hits New Milestone in the UK

January 20,2017 —More than 80% of the 2,692,786 new cars sold in the U.K. last year featured the latest digital radio models

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DTS Is Officially Under the Tessera Umbrella

December 06,2016 —Acquisition was completed Dec. 1, company says

Gift Ideas 2016

Do you know what to get for your favorite podcast listener?

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Expect to Deliver “Gigabit” Speeds over LTE in 2017

January 09,2017 —AT&T is the latest to say that it will start to deliver LTE-Advanced Pro

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January 09,2017 —Well, almost — "open sign-ups will be coming soon"

GV Expo: The Drones Have Risen

December 07,2016 —In first session of the day, panel of drone users discuss the state of the growing industry and give advice

UK Government, Church of England Partner on Broadband for Rural Areas

January 11,2017 —Spires in Britain’s most remote communities will be outfitted with broadband systems to disseminate internet connectivity


Norwegian Listeners Still Negative on FM Exit

Broadcast engineer Eivind Engberg reports on listener reactions to the change

AM Licensee Says FCC Is Out of Sync on Boosters

A petition for rulemaking was filed by an AM licensee urging the FCC to adopt rules ...

Occam’s Razor: A Handy Guide to Troubleshooting

Beginners usually lack troubleshooting skills because it takes quite a bit of time t...

These Devices Can Make the Difference

Instead of talking about expensive items, let’s look at day-to-day tactical items th...

Greetings From the Top of the Mountain

During my tenure as technical editor, I’ve had many people ask me how I find time fo...

NewBay Now Accepting NAB Best of Show Nominations

The deadline to submit is April 7 Is Back!

Well, almost — "open sign-ups will be coming soon"

CTA’s Gary Shapiro’s CES 2017 Keynote

CES 2017 is well underway in Las Vegas, and Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CTA, ...

Introducing Radio Magazine Today

We've combined all of our e-newsletters into one that is delivered three times per w...

The Weaponized Internet

Media is a powerful tool for good and for evil — radio, especially so. Today, radio ...