ETS Rolls Out New AV Distribution Hub

Runs audio and video signals over CAT5 or better wiring November 8, 2017

FREMONT, Calif.—A new entry in Energy Transformation System’s line of products is the CAT5 Audio-Video Broadcast system that uses a UTP Audio-Video Distribution Hub. The new unit features a baseband video with two channels of line-level audio transmit through the distribution amplifier, creating eight output sets from a single source.

Officially billed as AV608, the AV Distribution Hub can be cascaded twice, yielding a total distribution of 512 displays from just one input source. The system supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM, CCTV color video and stereo audio signals over a total run length in excess of 330 meters on Category 5 or better cable. Black and white signals can be run to a length of up to 750 meters.

The AV608 system is now available from ETS.


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