Telos Introduces VX Prime

New IP phone system will debut in Amsterdam August 3, 2016
CLEVELAND — The Telos Alliance is bringing a new IP-based phone system to the IBC Show in Amsterdam.
Adding to the VX line, the Telos VX Prime is aimed at “smaller facilities with two to four studios,” the company said.  
VX Prime has native support for G.722 and G.711. One VX Prime rackmounted “engine” can be populated with up to eight hybrids. Not surprisingly it is compatible with Axia Livewire network technology along with other Telos VX products.
Though it is an IP system it can work with POTS phones along with T1/E1, ISDN and SIP digital lines. Included is XScreen screening software. In addition it offers Telos Adaptive Hybrid technology, including Digital Dynamic EQ, AGC, adjustable caller ducking along with send and receive audio dynamics processing by Omnia. 
Telos Telephony Product Manager Joe Talbot said, “The Telos Alliance was founded on the quest for superior-sounding calls, and VX Prime lives up to this heritage.”
A version of this article was originally posted on the website of Radio magazine sister publication Radio World. 

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