Sound Devices Announces Updated Firmware for Rack-Mount Recorders

Firmware v2.20 features audio, time sync and playback improvements November 24, 2015

REEDSBURG, WISC.—Sound Devices has announced an update to firmware version 2.20 for all of its rack-mount recording devices, including the 970 audio recorder. Among the advances with this new firmware update are improvements to audio features, , file transfer and playback, and the PIXNET web interface.


New audio features include an updated visual identifier for disarmed racks, which makes audio metering appear grey when a track is disarmed. Peak hold time is now customizable from one to five seconds, or the feature can be shut down entirely. In addition, the update includes noise reduction for incoming video signals and fast track arming.

The 970 will also now have a new Dante setting menu for configuring Dante redundancy, and primary and secondary IP parameters direct from the unit. Improvements to the sharing of metadata between a master recorder and its backup are also a new part of the update.

As for playback features, v2.20 allows the 970 to playback multichannel .wav files recorded using Sound Devices 6- and 7-Series products, or files edited via Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, or Audacity.

In addition, the PIXNET web interface now can mark a take as a false take, generate and download sound reports, and manage phrase lists directly from PIXNET. All rack-mount products are also now able to move false takes into a dedicated false take folder for possible future need instead of deleting them.

To download the firmware update for the 970 audio recorder, click here.

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