2004 Product Source - B through C

September 7, 2004

Powered mixer
A compact and lightweight powered mixer, this unit incorporates Cool Audio, an amplification technology that delivers power and sonic performance at nearly half the depth and weight of conventional powered mixers. The table-top PMH3000 offers I/O options and features studio-grade Invisible Mic Preamps (IMP) on all or most mono channels. The powered mixer's 24-bit stereo FX processor with 99 Virtualizer presets features reverb, delay, chorus and flanger. The mixer also offers three-band channel EQs, a stereo seven-band graphic EQ for frequency correction of monitor and main outputs and switchable pad and clip LEDs on all mono channels. A standby switch mutes all input channels but does not interrupt the tape inputs.
fax 425-673-7647


Station monitoring
HD Radio Monitor:
This 2RU monitor decodes and analyzes AM and FM IBOC signals. The frequency agile front end can accept signals off the air or through a high-level input for use at the transmitter. The graphic display shows the measured results of the signal and will include basic spectrum analysis. Level metering is displayed as horizontal bar graphs in percents with a user-selectable dBFS level used as the reference. Capability to display SIS data, quality of service information, MPS data and bit-error data is standard. An RS-232 serial and RJ-45 Ethernet connection is included.
fax 610-687-2686


Low-loss cables
RF500 and RF600:
These low-loss, 50 ohm coaxial cables are lightweight and flexible, and can be used as antenna jumper cable assemblies and short antenna feeder runs in wireless communication systems such as wireless local loop, land mobile radio, PCS and cellular. They can also be deployed in in-building wireless applications such as internal communications systems and wireless LANs. The cables feature copper-clad aluminum conductors, foamed high density polyethylene insulation, an aluminum foil and tinned copper braid composite shield and a choice of a PE or a PVC jacket.
fax 765-983-5294


Condenser microphone
MCE 530:
Suitable for project studios and semi-professionals, this cardioid condenser mic is lightweight and can be mounted to goosenecks. The cardioid polar pattern provides high gain-before feedback and eliminates noise from the rear. Its plastic casing is strengthened with carbon fibers. Its small, short design permits flexible and unobtrusive positioning. The mic is powered by phantom power between 11 and 52V. Its frequency response is 30Hz to 20kHz and its nominal impedance is 220 ohm. The mic's maximum SPL is 136dB (at 48V phantom power) and 126dB (at 12V phantom power).
fax 631-293-3288


Blue Sky International
Monitoring system
Prodesk is a 2.1 system consisting of two Blue Sky SAT 5 bi-amplified satellite speakers and a complementary powered 8" subwoofer. These speakers feature a cast-aluminum frame and a 0.75" dual concentric diaphragm tweeter with integral waveguide for off-axis response. Using Blue Sky's proprietary computer-optimized crossover and bass-management networks, the system delivers seamless full range audio from the subwoofer to the main monitors with smooth on- and off-axis frequency response.
fax 516-753-1020


Broadcast Devices
Utility amplifier system
By using three standard modules, the system can accommodate a variety of standard and custom D/A configurations. The system is totally modular, including the power supply. All modules plug in from the front panel. There are two analog modules available in addition to a D/A converter module. Each frame is fully configured, labeled and tested before shipping.
fax 914-736-6916


Broadcast Electronics
Data management system
Radio Data Dimensions:
In addition to RBDS eight-character identifiers and 64-character text of title/artists, promotional messages, advertiser IDs, traffic bulletins and AMBER Alerts, the data management software suite includes support for HD Radio's secondary program channel services such as Tomorrow Radio. It also provides bandwidth provisions for navigational system data downloads to tuners. All functions and user controls for the software suite are accessible from a Web-browser content management tool.
fax 217-224-9607


Broadcast Electronics
Digital STL
Big Pipe:
This STL offers bidirectional capabilities up to 45Mb/s, analog and digital audio, HD Radio data, Ethernet, serial data and telephony can be interchanged via a wireless or wireline path. Key product features include audio inputs for AES or analog L and R; hot-pluggable modules for easy installation, upgrades or repair without service interruption; 45Mb/s bidirectional point-to-point radios for wireless applications and network access units available in DS3, OC-3C or OC-12C. Various modules and accessories are available to accommodate audio, video and data through a variety of interconnections.
fax 217-224-9607


Broadcast Electronics
Signal generator
XPI 10:
This HD Radio signal generator is installed at the studio, rather than the transmitter to reduce STL bandwidth and repurpose more of the existing equipment when implementing HD Radio. The generator allows the user to take advantage of the revenue-producing opportunities of HD Radio, such as advanced application services and secondary audio service. It also speeds implementation of Tomorrow Radio. Product features include interface connections for main program audio, secondary audio, program-associated data for main and secondary channels, and advanced data application; a graphical touch screen interface; integrated Ethernet connectivity; integrated audio synchronization and automated bypass functions; and an integrated GPS receiver.
fax 217-224-9607


Broadcast Software International
Automation software
Simian V1.6:
The upgrade of this software includes improved deckfade macros to increase user control, improved index handling and playback on MP3 files, added control over the Async deck, increased Webcasting functions and serial strings, and a reset cart command to allow the software to go back to the first item in a cart, even if all the items have not been played. Another feature is Dynamic Time Compression, which allows broadcasters to condense their broadcast without any pitch shifting. Smart Carts ensure that out-of-date spots will not be played (and artists can be set to a specific rotation even within randomized carts), and the software can also check a log as of a certain date so that broadcasters can check their schedule days in advance.
fax 541-338-8656


Broadcast Tools
Audio switching
DAS 8.4:
This unit provides digital audio switching of any one of eight AES inputs to be assigned to any of the four AES outputs. No input mixing is permitted. The DAS 8.4 may be controlled via front panel switches, contact closures, 5V TTL/CMOS logic or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. The front panel is equipped with input and output selection push buttons, output assignment LEDs and a headphone jack with level control. Additional features include a 96kHz/24-bit D/A converter with analog balanced stereo output and a 16 x 16 GPIO port. Installation is simplified with removable screw terminals.
fax 360-854-9479


Broadcast Tools
Web-based remote control
Providing remote control, this system offers a built-in Web-server with non-volatile memory; 10/100baseT Ethernet port; four channels of 10-bit analog inputs with a large monitoring range; TTL compatible digital inputs; SPST relays; open collector outputs; front panel status indicators and a single front panel temperature sensor. The technology is supplied with removable screw terminals and loaded with a generic Web page that may be edited by the end user. The remote control works with dynamic or static IP addresses. Multiple units may be used with a user provided Ethernet hub.
fax 360-854-9479


Broadcast Warehouse
FM broadcast analyzer
Microgen Systems TS9000:
Besides providing broadcast measurements, the USB port of this analyzer allows for on-site and mobile monitoring. The unit samples the multiplex signal at 240kHz at 12-bit precision, with all measurements and calculations performed by Windows software. Modulation power is calculated with 32-bit floating-point precision. The band covered is 87.5MHz to 108MHz in 10kHz steps. The unit includes a baseband FFT spectrum analyzer covering 10Hz to 100kHz. With a dynamic range of 90dB and a resolution of 10Hz, the unit can analyze the multiplex signal or be used as a stand-alone audio analyzer using the external BNC input.
+44 208 5409992
fax +44 208 5409994


Burli Software
Text or audio distribution
FTP client:
As an add-on to its software, Burli offers a drag-and-drop FTP client. Using an Internet connection, a Burli user anywhere can send and receive text or audio stories to and from any FTP server on his desktop. The FTP client opens in the top half of the Burli screen. To upload a file, drag it across the screen and drop it in this window. Use Burli to transfer files and to play, copy and edit audio while it's still pouring across the Internet. An audio file arriving by FTP can be previewed and edited while it is being transferred.
fax 604-684-4160


CBT Systems
High-visibility warning light
Dual Lens On-Air Light:
The retro style, high-polish aluminum light mounts on the wall or ceiling and offers visibility from three approach directions. The unit's Plexiglas windows, which are available in blue or red, can be illuminated by a single 120V bulb or two 12V bulbs. Standard legends include on-air and recording. Custom lens colors, legends, color powder-coated finishes and a 220V option are also available. All units are UL approved.
fax 858-536-2354

www.cbtsystems.tv doreen@cbt-net.com

Audio restoration
Cambridge v1.2:
This audio restoration and noise suppression processor incorporates the new Adaptive Filter Pack that forms the basis of the Cedar Cambridge Forensic System. This real time, fully automated system offers 64-bit floating-point processing and incorporates a dedicated rackmount time code reader/generator. The unit applies multiple processes to the audio as the user monitors it.
fax 207-773-2422


Programmable relay controller
The controller manages and multiplies contact closures. The controller accepts a variety of input signals and converts them to contact closure outputs. The microprocessor allows each relay to be individually programmed and triggered by any number of inputs, combined together using basic logic functions. Relay operating modes include momentary, toggled, leading or trailing edge, pulse stretching as long as 4.5 hours, input debounce and maximum ontime. The controller can be programmed using jumpers or through a computer serial port. The configuration manager provides instant, graphical access to all of the setup commands.
fax 352-380-0230


Coverage map service
This tool offers rapid e-mail delivery of letter-sized coverage maps and RF planning studies for any frequency from 540kHz to 100GHz including AM, FM and TV stations that show the real coverage of a facility. The service was created for websites, engineering studies and presentations. Coverage maps are carefully crafted using military-grade software and the latest computer methodology. The service can provide coverage maps for existing or proposed facilities anywhere in the world.
fax 802-758-7000


Coaxial Dynamics
RF station monitor
This microprocessor-controlled, rack-mounted Watchman monitor/alarm measures and displays forward and reflected power simultaneously in 50 ohm transmission systems. Using LCD displays, it also provides direct readings of VSWR. The monitor is compatible with the company's series of ⅞” to 6⅛” line sections and will accept elements from less than 5W to 100kW full scale from 2MHz to 2.3GHz. Installation consists of the Watchman, a dual socket line section and two elements for monitoring forward and reflected power. The monitor is supplied with two 25' dc cable assemblies for connection to the line section and a 6' ac power cord. An audible single tone alarm will indicate a system or transmitter malfunction. Relay contacts are provided for remote alarm and reset switching.
fax 216-267-3142


Monitoring and control unit
Secure IP version of the MAC:
This new Davicom MAC offers 128-bit encryption. With the Secure IP Davicom MAC, access and control of remote site configuration is possible via the Web. The Secure IP Davicom MAC allows remote monitoring and control without increasing long distance costs since alarms generated by the system are sent to a local server via Internet.
fax 418-682-8996


Studio Telephone Access Center
STAC6 and STAC12:
These Studio Telephone Access Centers (STAC) for listener lines, talk shows and call-in segments incorporate two digital telephone hybrids handling as many as four callers. It is offered in six and 12 phone line versions with the ability to upgrade in the field. The accompanying control surface supports unique producer and screener configurations. IP-based call screening and control is embedded, enabling operation from virtually anywhere. Other unique features include auto-attendant and support of as many as four control surfaces.
fax 978-784-1717


Conex Electro Systems
Telephone remote control
This audio switcher is controlled by DTMF tones over a standard telephone line. It features four stereo channel inputs and one stereo channel output. To control the switcher, call the number the unit is connected to, enter an optional access code, and press the number one followed by a channel number from one to four. There are also four relays and an internal microphone that can be controlled. The relays operate independently of the switcher. They can be programmed to operate momentarily or latching. The built-in mic allows the user to call the unit and listen for sounds where the DT-90 is located. All connections are made via plug-in terminal strips. The unit is rack-mountable.
fax 360-676-4822


CPI Eimac
Power tube
The air-cooled 3CX1500D7 ceramic metal triode operates at a filament voltage of 5V, and delivers the same performance in many applications as a pair of 3-500Z tubes. It has a high-Mu and an anode dissipation rating of 1500W.
fax 650-592-9988


Crane Song
TDM plug-in
A TDM plug-in for Pro Tools, this technology emulates the unique properties of a magnetic tape machine. The plug-in process not only incorporates the nonlinear saturation characteristics created by magnetic the tape itself, but also includes the interrelation of an analog tape recorder's record/reproduce electronics and equalization curves. Five TDM plug-ins emulate tape characteristics, each one incorporating a color change button allowing three choices to modify the process. A level control determines the amount of the process integrated into the audio signal.
fax 715-398-3279


Crown Broadcast
Auto-backup FM transmitter system
RF Sentinel 200:
RF Sentinel is an auto-backup FM transmitter system that offers full or semi-redundancy protection. In the event of a failure in the primary transmission stream, the system automatically switches to a backup transmitter. The transmitter controller senses faults based on the present levels. It also fully manages the antenna feeds between primary and secondary transmitters. The system can incorporate two low-power transmitters, one low-power and one medium-power units, or two medium-power units. The RF Sentinel 2000 automatically switches from a 2kW primary output to the 500W output of the company's FM500 exciter should a fault occur in the primary broadcast stream.

Cyber Research
Ethernet signal converters
ETS series:
Converters in the ETS series come with one Ethernet port and one to eight serial ports. Various ETS models support RS-232, RS-422/485 or RS-232/422/485 protocols at data rates from 230 to 460kb/s. Models for RS-485 support full and half duplexing. All ETS models use a 16954 UART that provides FIFO buffers of 128 bytes. All are compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP and come with monitoring LEDs that indicate Ethernet activity, power status and serial-port activity. Most ETS module cases are 8.6"L x 6.0"W x 2.2"H.
fax 203-483-9024


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