2004 Product Source - Beyond these walls

September 7, 2004

Beyond These Walls
When the work takes you outside the studio.

Klein Tools
Over-the-shoulder carrier
Tool Tote:
An alternative to a tool belt, this tool case can be carried with a shoulder strap. It is constructed of rugged, double-layered, 600 × 300 denier polyester to resist wear and tear. The oval-shaped tool bucket measures 15.5" x 7.5"w x 10" h. A contoured, padded, slip-resistant shoulder strap provides hands-free mobility for the user. Two-inch wide padded carry handles with comfortable leather wraps are tested for 900 pounds. Five interior pockets (two large collapsible end pockets and three medium-sized pockets) and a large interior compartment accommodate a wide assortment of hand tools, power tools and supplies, while seven exterior multi-tool pockets accommodate a variety of hand tools and a mobile phone. The Tool Tote's durable, molded bottom has drain holes to prevent water retention. The Tool Tote is water-resistant to avoid mold and mildew build-up. Zinc-coated rivets provide corrosion resistance and provide reinforcement at the seams.
fax 847-745-4612


Cold Heat
Instant-heat solderer
Soldering Tool:
This soldering tool heats and cools almost instantaneously: it reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit in less than one second. The tool uses four replaceable alkaline AA batteries and can solder more than 700 joints per battery pack. The product is portable and comes with a carry case. The tip is hot only when it is being used and includes a tip heat indicator. A replacement tip is included.
fax 425-274-0697


Protek Test and Measurement
Signal strength analyzer
This hand-held RF signal strength analyzer features 2.9GHz bandwidth, 117dB/m max sensitivity and a scan rate of 125 channels/sec. The extended frequency range and increased scan rate of this model make it a natural for a host of narrow band, wide band, FM, AM and single-sideband signal measurements. As many as 160 preset channels can be loaded into the memory for rapid scans and displays in the field. All functions are menu selectable and all setups can be stored in memory. Other features include: an RS-232 interface, a 50ohm input impedance, audio output with built-in speaker, selectable squelch levels and a 2.9GHz frequency counter. Display modes are spectrum, bargraph, and frequency on a light green LCD and LED backlighting. The unit can interface with a PC or laptop to upload and store measurements and screen displays for future analysis.
fax 201-760-9888


USB pocketknife
Swiss Memory:
A Swiss Army knife equipped with a USB memory drive, this accessory integrates numerous tools and is available in two versions. One has a stainless steel blade, scissors, a nail file with screwdriver, a ballpoint pen and a red light. The Air Travel version includes a red LED light and a ballpoint pen only. The USB drive has a memory capacity of 64MB. An LED light indicates when data is being written or accessed.
+41 41 8181 211
fax +41 4181 81 511


Electro Industries
Power logging
This multifunction power meter provides access to all voltage, current and power values with the LED display and through a TCP/IP Ethernet LAN. This meter is useful for applications requiring real time metering data streaming to data collection systems via IP. It provides true RMS voltage, current and power measurements and can display bi-directional energy and minimum/maximum electrical parameters. The Ethernet connection is supplied via a 10baseT RJ45 connector. It will display harmonics as a percentage of THD to the 31st order. The unit can be mounted in an electrical box. The device can be useful for locations with problem power feeds, or to monitor main feeds or generator output.

Audio Precision
Switching amplifier measurement filter
This dual channel multi-pole LRC passive filter provides the necessary attenuation of out-of-band signals and reduces the steepness of the fast switching edges. Features of this filter are as follows: frequency response is ±0.05dB, 10Hz to 20kHz; insertion loss is typically 0.05dB; high frequency rejection is greater than 50dB from 250kHz to 20MHz; and harmonic distortion is less than -110dB.
fax 503-641-8906


Enlux Lighting
LED light
LED Flood light:
This LED-based drop-in replacement for a 45W or 65W incandescent or halogen flood light uses a fin design to maintain the light at a cool operating temperature. The optimized design results in a light source that is cool enough to safely touch with a bare hand, reducing the risk of a fire hazard. The light uses 22W of power, provides a light output of 500 lumens, has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and is 3" in diameter.
fax 480-649-5434


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