2004 Product Source - D through I

September 7, 2004

Daking Products
Mic preamplifier
Mic-Pre IV:
This unit features Class A preamplifiers in a single rack space unit with an outboard power supply. The preamp is configured for four microphone inputs or four line inputs from XLR/TRS Neutrik combo jacks on the back, plus four line inputs (+10 to -50) or ¼ hi-z instrument inputs on the front. The unit uses discrete Class A circuitry with transformer-balanced inputs and outputs and can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a console. Each input offers continuously variable gain control using aluminum knobs. The preamp offers a 20-segment LED level meter with +24dB peak indicator, switchable +48V phantom power and switchable 20dB pad.

Danagger Audio Works
Digital/analog silence sensor
Plan B Plus:
Building on the capabilities of the original Plan B Silence Eliminator, this silence sensor incorporates an additional level of audio failure detection and backup. An extra set of passively switched analog and digital audio inputs allows automatic connection to an alternate live program feed, such as an STL, dial-up codec or off-air receiver. If both incoming program feeds are down, an internal CD/MP3/DVD drive provides continuous replacement audio while a built-in voice remote control alerts station personnel. Delay range is four seconds to 10 minutes, and users can program a unique system ID number into each unit for multi-site installations. Like the Plan B, the Plan B Plus can also act as a stand-alone remote control/listen line or interface to external remote control systems.
fax 250-763-2902


Graphical allocation tool
FM Explorer:
A graphical allocation tool, this tool displays permissible areas to locate and provides real-time updated city grade contours. Users can uncheck the box for a particular station in the data grid, and when the map redraws, the conflict will not be mapped. Change the class or channel in the control panel, and that change is reflected on the map and in the data grid. Move the transmitter by clicking on the map with “move study facility” selected in the control panel, and the coordinates change and the data in the grid is based on the new location.
fax 301-656-5341


Dayton Industrial
Weather receiver
A NOAA weather receiver housed in a 1RU chassis, this receiver offers a front panel that has a built-in monitor speaker with volume control. There are two 10-segment LED indicators, one for the modulation level indication and the other to indicate received signal level. The receiver has tone detector circuitry for the alarm circuit with front panel indicator, test and reset controls. Input power is derived from a 12Vdc wall-mount converter. The receiver is phase lock loop controlled with the frequency of operation selected using an internal three-position dip switch. A continuous receiver line audio output is provided. The speaker output audio is controlled automatically by a tone detector circuit that monitors the receiver audio for the presence of the 1,050Hz attention tone signal.
fax 941-351-6081


DBX Professional Products
Digital equalizer line
The IEQ series of graphic equalizers provides 10Hz to 22kHz of frequency response, 113dB dynamic range, Advanced Feedback Suppression, dbx proprietary Type V noise reduction and Peak Stop Plus limiting. Suitable for use on the road or in the studio.
fax 801-568-7662


Red beacon
D164 series:
This medium intensity red beacon was designed to interface into existing systems or in new installations. The beacon withstands severe environments with its cast aluminum base and stainless steel hardware. The dome is made of UV-resistant acrylic and sealed. The beacon can mount onto existing bolt pattern installations. The light was designed to replace 300mm incandescent obstruction lighting fixtures with high flux LED technology. The modular design allows for simple replacement of the light engine. The light can flash or be a steady burn. It uses 90 percent less energy than an incandescent and creates no EMI/RFI.
fax 732-751-5778


Coaxial cable
Flexline Foam:
Type FLF is normally used for primary feeders, while Type FLS is typically used for jumper assemblies. Both cable styles feature copper inner conductors, highly closed-cell foamed polyethylene insulator, an oxygen-free copper corrugated outer conductor and polyethylene jackets. The foam cable is available in a full range of sizes including: Type FLF-½", ⅞", 1¼" and 1⅝" and Type-FLS-¼", ⅜", ½" and ⅞". Connectors and accessories are available.
fax 207-655-7120


High-resolution sound cards
PCX HR series:
The HR series of PCX sound cards features 24-bit/192kHz converters, more advanced functions and more processing power. The PCX882HR and PCX881HR multi-channel sound cards offer hardware sample rate converters on all inputs for simultaneous recording of digital signals with different sampling frequencies, a 66MHz/64-bit PCI interface and a more powerful on-board DSP. Eight inputs and eight outputs are provided — digital I/Os in the PCX881HR and analog and digital I/Os in the PCX882HR. Maximum levels of the analog inputs and outputs are +24dBu.
fax 703-875-9161


Dovetail Sciences
Digital broadcast monitor
All setup and local operation of this monitor is performed using the LCD display with an integrated touch screen. The unit is tuned to the desired center frequency and displays the spectrum at the selected frequency span. Audio demodulation of the center frequency is also provided. The detected audio can also be saved in digital format. Spectral and audio captures may be programmed at user-defined start, stop and interval times. Data is stored in a large internal memory, providing for long periods of unattended operation. The unit also features the ability to display captured data.
fax 6102648901


Tube compressor
The dual-channel compressor is a 1RU, two-channel compressor featuring a JFET/tube combination design that includes dual JFET compressors with variable threshold, attack and release. On the outputs, 12AX7 tubes with variable gain control offer flexible application from transparent to overdrive tone characteristics. Front panel features include: dual mono or true stereo link operation; side chain access and listen capability; VU metering of gain reduction and output; switchable +10dB VU re-scale mode for working at hot output levels; red VU warning light; and balanced +4dB XLR I/O.
fax 702-365-5145


DRS Broadcast Technology
Solid-state FM transmitters
Continental 815D5 and 815HD5:
The new line of FM solid-state transmitters, beginning with the 815D5 and the 815HD5, is a 5kW solid state FM line with an RF combining and splitting system designed and tested to withstand as much as three times its operating RF requirements. This transmitter line wields a combiner system that ensures that the most RF possible gets to the output in the event of single or multiple amplifier module failure. The 815 series includes 24.5" (12 rack units) of user available 19" wide rack space and built-in ancillary equipment power outlets. This area is located in a non-interlocked area and accessible from the front or rear.
fax 214-381-3250

Enco Systems
Automated profanity elimination
This system is an automated profanity elimination and spoken word logging system for radio broadcasters. Guardien is a 2RU device with stereo balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs and features contact closures for control of external devices or alert mechanisms. The unit delays and monitors the air signal, looking for objectionable words, and when it finds them, mutes or bleeps them automatically. Then the system logs the event, along with an audio clip, for future reference.
fax 248-827-4441


ERI-Electronics Research
FM antenna for IBOC
Dual-feed IBOC antenna:
This dual-input, side-mounted FM antenna is designed for FM IBOC applications and is capable of transmitting the analog and digital FM signals without requiring a high-loss hybrid combiner or the use of a circulator to attain the required isolation between the digital and analog transmitters. The antenna is a dual-input antenna that excites all radiating elements with both analog and digital signals. The unit allows the use of a single antenna while eliminating the combining loss as is present in the 10dB hybrid combining method. It achieves 1.05:1 VSWR for analog and digital inputs and provides in excess of 30dB isolation between analog and digital inputs without using an isolator/circulator.
fax 812-925-4030


Master clock
The ES-911/CDMA is a master clock and time code generator. Using the signal transmitted from the Code Division Multiple Access cellular mobile telecommunications network, the ES-911/CDMA provides reliable, economical and legally traceable time. The unit displays six digits of time as received via the internal CDMA receiver. Simultaneously, the ES-911/CDMA generates several types of time code - IRIG-B, IRIG-E, ESE, RS232C and a 1PPS signal. These outputs allow the ES-911/CDMA to synchronize and interface with equipment such as CAD, ANI/ALI controllers, voice recorders and radio consoles that meet NENA standards. The ES-911/CDMA can also synchronize computers and other digital/analog clock systems.
fax 310-322-8127

Pro Tools effects plug-in
H3000 Bank Delays:
The plug-in provides Pro Tools users with the feature set and functionality of the Band Delays algorithm from the H3000 in a plug-in format. The plug-in features Hot Keys that offer four editing controls, allowing scalable multiple parameter manipulation of the four most important adjustments to the effect. The product also features eight tempo-based delays each with programmable resonant filters and independent panning controls.
fax 201-641-1640


Distribution system
Light Viper VIS-1832:
This system consists of a 32 x 8 audio input stage box and a complementary 1RU (model VIM-1832) audio output unit. Connecting these two components is a fiber optic cable weighing less than two pounds per 100' of cable run. The cable is immune to ground loops, RFI, EMI and electromechanical noise, and runs of up to 1.25 miles can be accomplished without signal loss or degradation. The inputs on the audio input stage box will accept balanced or unbalanced XLR or TRS mic or line level audio. Industry standard 48V phantom power is supplied to all audio mic inputs.
fax 301-604-0773


Forecast Consoles
Studio furniture
Masterail 2.0 and Masterail NLE:
Masterail 2.0 allows more flexibility and expandability and the Masterail NLE is an editing console that provides all the benefits of Masterail's modular based console system — expandable, modifiable and flexible. The furniture integrates a pre-engineered, steel-frame superstructure with a proprietary aluminum extrusion serving as the spine of the console. All devices are universally attached to the spine allowing for random or specific placement of equipment.
fax 631-253-0277


Gepco International
Audio cables
This single-pair audio cable is available in 20 colors with a new riser-rated PVC jacket to allow for more color-coding options and improved flexibility. The cable features stranded, tinned-copper conductors that facilitate quick soldering or punch-down, and a high-grade polyethylene dielectric. In addition, each pair is shielded with an easy-to-strip, bonded foil shield with drain wire. These materials, combined with Gepco's uniform pair twisting process and tight mechanical tolerances, yield exceptionally low loss and noise. As with most Gepco products, this audio cable is UL listed CMR for permanent installation in a wide variety of locations.
fax 847-795-8770


Audio routing frame
Vista Max:
This hub enables all console resources and audio assets to be shared throughout the network. Audio is connected to one console in the networked system, but becomes available throughout the entire facility. Modular, and scalable, the console connects BMXdigital or other consoles to its hub via a fiber or CAT-5 connections with an architecture that ensures the shortest physical path between sources and destinations. The platform simplifies network audio management, reducing the need for stand-alone routers, distribution systems and long multi-pair bundles.
fax 513-459-3890


ISDN codec frame
Intralink ISDN:
This ISDN monitor can control as many as six basic-rate ISDN lines in a 3RU shelf. It handles any combination of program audio, voice and data using standard Intraplex channel modules. Five shelves can be linked for a maximum capacity of 30 BRI, and it is compatible with most industry codecs. The unit delivers MPEG program audio up to 128kb/s and delivers LAN data at 128kb/s. It is Telex and Clearcom voice and data compatible for remote intercom use and is field-configurable via a Windows-based user interface.
fax 513-459-3890


Heil Sound
Hand-held mic
Goldline Pro:
By mounting the wide frequency response dynamic element into a special sorbothane shock mount system, Heil has created a mic with low handling noise. Features of this mic include a magnet structure and a large aluminum 1⅛" low mass voice coil assembly; a phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind the source entering them out of phase, thus producing a linear cardioid pattern and reducing the proximity effect; a 40Hz to 18kHz frequency response; and an impedance of 600 ohm balanced. The mic is usable in high sound pressure levels and is immune to overload conditions. The cardioid pattern offers rejection at 180 degrees off axis, which is directly behind the microphone and creates virtually no off-axis coloration while rejecting unwanted audio.
fax 618-257-3001


Henry Engineering
PC mixer
Studiodrive makes a PC with a soundcard into a studio-in-a-box. This stereo audio mixer fits in the drive bay area of any PC. It features six inputs (one mic and five line), and provides on-air and soundcard outputs. Sources can be mixed for a live broadcast or recorded and edited on the PC. There is also a built-in telephone coupler, a mix-minus output and provision for remote mic control. The monitor system features automatic muting when the mic is on, plus control of on-air warning lights.
fax 626-355-0077


Horizon Music
Online panel design
Net CAD:
Based on Stardraw.net technology, Net CAD is delivered by a Web server and works from within a browser so there is nothing to download or install. It is comprised of a drag-and-drop interface linked to a complete library of all of Horizon Music's and Rapco's panel products. The user selects the panel he wants, drags on the connectors that are needed and sets engraving, finishes and artwork. Once the design is complete, a separate pop-up report delivers a price quote. This system can support complex pricing models, e.g. setup charges, product charges, variable charges and pricing by user profile.
fax 573-651-3460


Digital FM processor
A largely software-based digital on-air processor and generator, the Omega_FM offers a short and direct program signal path that keeps latency at a minimum. The user interface includes a no-menu front panel setup that suits a variety of applications, or allows any PC to be connected for control over all processing parameters.
fax 831-458-0554


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