2004 Product Source - J through N

September 7, 2004

JK Audio
Universal telephone interface
This pack provides audio connections to cell phones, PBX phone systems and plain analog phone lines. Plug the unit into the 2.5mm headset jack of a wireless cell phone for use with cell phones. The phone will recognize the Compack as a headset, which will disable the mic and speaker in the phone. For PBX systems, unplug the handset from any analog or digital PBX phone and plug the cord into the device. With analog phones, plug the interface into an RJ-11 jack, go off-hook and dial, or answer an incoming call. The system also functions as a simple telecom interface for a beltpack intercom system. This allows users to connect the three-pin XLR to a beltpack intercom group for a full duplex, always-on connection to any telephone network.
fax 815-786-8502


Kay Industries
Rotary phase converter
Phasemaster Type T-R:
Type T-R Rotary Phase Converter installs in minutes and operates any three-phase transmitter from a one-phase supply. The signature feature of the new Phasemaster Type T-R is a load range controller that enables the converter to maintain a balanced voltage within three percent to all types of broadcast transmitters regardless of power requirements. The Type T-R converter also features built-in disconnect switch, fuses, terminal blocks and surge protection that enable the installer to hook up the converter in minutes. It is designed for a simple “two wires in, three wires out” installation.
fax 219-289-5932


Kintronic Labs
Antenna for AM Broadcast
The radiation pattern and efficiency of this antenna provide operation equivalent to that of a standard quarterwave monopole, but at about 20 to 25 percent of the height. The low profile antenna consists of four electrically short, vertical closely spaced elements, each of which is terminated in a horizontal top load element. Each vertical element is fed via a phase-matched section of 50V transmission line.
fax 423-878-4224

www.kintronic.com ktl@kintronic.com

Klark Teknik
Analog equalizer
Aimed at monitoring applications, each channel of this equalizer offers two swept and overlapping 18dB notch filters with illuminated combined frequency and in/out rotary controls. Greater control is provided by swept 12dB per octave high- and low-pass filters on each channel, allowing the frequency response of a given channel to be precisely tailored to its use. Its 45mm faders (with protective dust covers) offer control of the configuration of the ‘proportional Q’ filter type.
fax 616-695-0470


Kramer Electronics
Interface system
This bi-directional, hardware and software interface system controls all Kramer RS-232 controllable machines via Ethernet LAN, as well as via the Internet. The system is comprised of a bi-directional RS-232/Ethernet CAT-5 converter and control software. The system integrates into an existing LAN system, allowing fast and safe IP address definitions a standard TCP/IP protocol. The system also allows using dummy CAT-5 cables without a real LAN system, and does not require a PC adjacent to the controlled device. Using a typical LAN structure, the FC-1ETH allows multi-node operation, having several PCs controlling several machines independently. Remote monitoring and control requires a dedicated IP address and a modem in the remote location, whether it is a stand-alone PC or a LAN system.
fax 908-735-0515


Dual-channel processor
MPX 550:
With 24-bit dual-channel processing and balanced analog and S/PDIF digital I/O, this unit offers 255 presets with true stereo reverb programs. Dual programs combine two effects plus digital compression in four routing configurations. Four dedicated front-panel knobs permit adjustment of 20 effect parameters. A program knob is used to scroll through single, dual and user programs, jump through program banks and also activates the cue program mode, which enables one program to load while another is prepared for loading. The processor also features a compressor with I/O volume matching, along with other dynamics processing such as limiting, expansion and tape saturation effects.
fax 781-280-0490


Lightner Electronics
Turnkey studio and transmitter systems
System integration:
This company offers turnkey studio and transmitter solutions. All equipment is pre-built at the factory and sent to any location. Complete documentation is provided for easy installation of the systems, or professional installation is available. Capabilities include: central rack rooms; pre-wiring and equipment installation, including testing and level setting; custom studio furniture systems; production/on-air control rooms and studios; equipment selection; acoustical, electrical and mechanical systems planning; coordination of architectural and engineering team; systems consultation and evaluation; telecommunications and computer systems; development of systems budget; and master planning and conceptual layout.
fax 814-239-8402


Liquid Acoustics
Specifications of this speaker are as follows: sensitivity is 90dB; frequency response is 55Hz to 20kHz (-6dB); impedance is 16 ohm; power rating is 200W RMS; transducers are dual 5.25" specially designed drivers; and energy dispersion is 20 percent. This speaker weighs 12lbs and its dimensions are 8.5"H x 15"W x 8.25"D. The speaker's nominal impedance is 8 ohm.

Intercom panel
The COM-12 intercom panel is a 1RU enclosure with a microphone, loudspeaker and 12 lighted push buttons. The panel provides access to all of the routing, networking and control functions of the Logitek Audio Engine. Users can expand the number of call buttons through the use of BTN-12 panels.
fax 713-664-4479


Mager Systems
Studio furniture
Sound Choice Furniture:
The vented cabinets of this furniture have curved corners and the countertop edges are rounded. Various riser heights are available for the rack turret. The cabinets are 19-ply, 11/2" thick plywood and do not use particleboard or melamine. The countertops are solid-surface Avonite. No cabinet assembly is required. All surfaces are fully sealed with no laminate to crack, chip or peel.
fax 623-780-9860


Solid-state recorder
Using Compact Flash cards, this recorder provides compact recording with no moving parts. It features RS-232c control of functions, MP3, MP2, WAV and BWF file recording formats, and more than 40 assignable quality settings. The unit's sampling rate is 16Hz to 48kHz and offers a bit-rate setting from 32 to 384. The unit features digital input and output and balanced XLR line inputs with trim, as well as unbalanced line in and out.
fax 630-741-0652


LAN/IP audio distribution
AudioTX Multiplex:
One or more server PCs take multiple, live, audio sources and make them available across an existing network. Any PC on the network can receive the audio feeds by using a small receiver module that emulates a tuner by selecting a channel. New sources and destinations can be added by loading the appropriate software. The system works with standard Windows hardware and sound cards. The system uses multicast technology, and installation tests have shown that 50 stereo audio channels at broadcast quality occupy only 6 percent of a 100Mb/s network. Audio can be broadcast as linear WAV, MP3 or MP2 files. Users can purchase the software only or MDO can supply configured servers.
+44 121 256 0200
fax +44 121 256 5109


Digital logging device
Imedia Logger:
Applications of this digital logger include time shifting and delayed broadcast, auto record without spots, 24/7 logging, mic skimmer and digital archiving. This unit can record as many as 12 audio sources simultaneously, and each workstation can record up to 12 separate stereo sources at the same time. Users can record four streams from each audio source using multiple compression formats and recording qualities. This system provides compression technology for MPEG 1 Layer 1, 2 and 3, PCM, Windows Media Audio and Real Audio.
fax 204-783-5805


MGE UPS Systems
Environmental sensor
SNMP/Web cards:
These SNMP/Web cards include an optional environmental sensor along with instant e-mail and pager notification of UPS status. The environmental sensor provides remote supervision and monitoring of temperature and humidity close to UPSs that are located in server racks, computer and battery rooms and internetworking environments. Monitoring, status indicators and alarms are viewable via a Web interface and via network management systems. User-definable out-of-bounds events will trigger an orderly shutdown of the secured equipment via the UPS and send alerts to specified e-mail addresses, pagers and PDAs. The sensor's software monitoring interface graphically displays current temperature and humidity values, user configuration controls and thresholds. The new sensor also features two external contacts that can interface with door and fire alarms, gen-set start-up or other user-defined systems.
fax 714-557-9788


Middle Atlantic Products
Rack screws
Guardian series:
Available in quantities of 100, these rack screws feature a square post that requires a specialized bit, only available to dealers and integrators from Middle Atlantic Products. At 3/4-inch long with 10-32 threads and a black oxide finish, the screws feature a tapered self-guiding pilot point. Also featured is a factory-installed nylon washer that permits installers and integrators to focus more time on the overall project, eliminating tedious, time consuming tasks.
fax 973-839-1976


Middle Atlantic Products
Rotating rack system
WR series:
This series consists of a detachable rack frame that is housed in its own protective host enclosure. Installers can roll the rack out and rotate it 60 degrees for easy access to rear equipment connections. Off-site integration and testing of A/V equipment in the detachable rack frame reduces labor and simplifies the installation. The roll out, rotating design of the series saves a minimum of six square feet of space per bay. Ample laser knockouts on the side of the rack allow ganging of multiple racks and cable pass-through between each. Slots in the upper rack frame accommodate Velcro ties and the rack frame features pre-punched rackrail brackets for built-in cable management.
fax 973-839-1976


Digital asset management system
Music Cue 3.0:
A cross-platform hard drive delivery system created for production music library users, this system can search, sort, demo and track anything from the library. The server provides access to the music tracks from any computer via local file server. Users can save any number of music projects, add remarks and classifications of how the music was used — it can create an automatic cue sheet of the productions.
fax 818-716-0547


Fiber optic multiplexer
The DAM-2000 20-channel, 24-bit audio fiber optic transport will support 20 audio and three simplex data channels. The multiplexer supports 24-bit stereo audio flat from 20Hz to 20kHz with a S/N greater than 90dB and THD less than 0.05 percent. The optical budget exceeds 30dBm. The transmitter and receiver modules plug into a 10-channel frame with redundant power supplies or are available as stand-alone units. The system supports 110/220Vac and optionally for 48Vdc. The system is available with 1,300nm wavelength LEDs for multimode and 1,300nm and 1,550nm wavelength lasers for single-mode applications.
fax 516-671-3362


Musicam USA
Digital audio codec
This codec sends and receives real-time audio, contact closures and ancillary data in its self-contained 2RU chassis. Stereo analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs are standard. This product can send and receive bi-directional audio via IP, ISDN and all types of dedicated data circuits. It also contains coding algorithms including G.711, G.722, MPEG 1 and 2 Layer II, and MPEG 1 and 2 Layer III for compatibility with older codecs. It provides MPEG 2 AAC and MPEG 4 AAC low-delay encoding for high audio performance at lower bit-rates. Featuring four large LED VU meters and a large menu display, this codec is a flexible headphone monitoring system that allows users monitor send audio, receive audio or a blend of the two. The blend function is well suited to voice talents, who often need to monitor both ends of a session.
fax 732-739-1818


Narda Safety Test Solutions
RF safety analyzer
Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3000:
A hand-held selective measuring device for safety analysis of RF and microwave electromagnetic fields, the unit measures the field exposure that is produced by individual telecom services and assesses the results in accordance with the applicable standards. The analyzer consists of a basic unit and a measurement probe, and evaluates the results on site. The basic unit contains a spectrum analyzer for the frequency range 100kHz to 3GHz. It can be operated using a triaxial from Narda or in combination with measurement antennas. The triaxial probe allows isotropic measurements in the range from 80MHz to 3GHz, covering FM radio up to the WCDMA and UMTS services. The unit and probe are battery-operated and portable. The unit can also be used as a conventional RF spectrum analyzer for general field strength measurements.
fax +49-7121-9732-90


Digital FM exciter
This direct-to-channel exciter is designed for use with analog FM and IBOC signals. It uses advanced digital signal processing technology enabling direct conversion of the audio source to the low-level FM signal. The exciter accepts data from Nautel's NE IBOC generator to produce a hybrid or all-digital HD Radio signal. An adaptive pre-equalization process compensates for system non-linearities to ensure the HD Radio signal is transmitted within spectral limits, avoiding the need for supplementary filtering. The exciter is frequency agile and suitable for N+1 applications. It features an LCD graphic display, status flow diagram and 128-event log.
fax 207-947-3693


FM, digital transmitter
The Virtuoso is a 10kW FM/HD Radio transmitter employing a linear, adjustable bias, broadband design. It is capable of 3.2kW digital, 7.7kW hybrid or 11kW analog operation. Because it is frequency agile, it can be used for N+1 configurations in conjunction with the Maestro digital exciter. RF power modules and associated switch mode power supply modules are hot-plug for ease of service. A provision for duplication of exciters and IPA provides maximum redundancy. The unit features a graphic user interface, a diagnostic flow diagram and an event log. Compact and lightweight construction allows installation at sites with space and floor loading constraints.
fax 207-947-3693


Condenser mic
BCM 104:
The first product in the broadcast line, this condenser mic offers an independent, functionally optimized design derived from 3D simulations. The large-diaphragm condenser capsule features a cardioid directional pattern with internally switchable proximity effect compensation. A second switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14dB. The microphone head grill twists off for quick cleaning. Optional, color-coded head grills are available.
fax 860-434-3148


Large diaphragm mic
TLM 127:
A multi-pattern large diaphragm microphone, this mic features low self noise and high sound pressure level transmission. The dual diaphragm capsule is acoustically well balanced and offers multiple polarity from the microphone, switchable pad (-14dB) and a high pass-filter. Cardioid and omni-switchable patterns are available on microphone, with a full range of five patterns available via optional remote control and power supply using standard XLR cables. The mic is available in satin nickel or matte black.
fax 860-434-3148


Neutrik Test Instuments
Audio analyzer
Minilyzer ML1:
Part of the Minstruments line, the Minilyzer is compatible with the Minirator hand-held audio tone generator. This palm-size test instrument continuously measures audio levels as RMS or peak levels, absolute or relative to a definable reference with selectable units. The accurate frequency measurement, with high resolution of 100ppm gives additional functions and acts as the base for distortion measurement. It features a microphone input for polarity tests and a headphone jack for monitoring of the input signal for aural diagnostics. It also features a set of audio weighting filters that can be used in all measurement functions.
fax 514-344-5221


Noise-reducing cabinets
ACL-24 Acoustilock:
This cabinet eliminates fan and drive noise in critical listening environments such as on-air and production studios. The cabinet provides 38dBA of noise reduction and features heat pipe heat-removal technology. Heat pipes are hollow pipes containing a capillary wicking material and a precise amount of liquid in a partial vacuum. When one side of the pipe heats, the liquid boils and enters a vapor state. The vapor then moves to the cooler side of the pipe, thereby transferring the heat to the cool side. Acoustilock is available in different configurations and sizes to fit a variety of needs. All models include a triple-layer acoustic for maximum noise attenuation; free-floating, vibration-dampened rack to eliminate vibrational coupling; multiple cable channels for cable routing; an internal digital temperature meter and casters for portability.
fax 650-324-1348


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