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September 7, 2004

Out and About
Useful items to simplify remotes

LED flashlight
FlashLED FLT-5001:
Press the switch and 1,800-foot candles of white light emit from the three 1W Luxeon LEDs. Each LED features an onboard collimator that focuses the light into a tight beam for an intensity of 75 lumens each. The fully integrated flashlight head optimizes light color, intensity and dispersion. The LED lamps operate for more than 100,000 hours (10 years). This energy-efficient flashlight operates for nearly 17 days on three D-cell batteries. It features an anodized aluminum housing and a crosshatched rubber grip. A removable 57" shoulder strap is included.
fax 310-534-1424


POTS protector
Modem Minder:
This device prevents damage to modems when plugged into high-current digital phone lines on a PBX. If the line conditions are not safe, the Modem Minder will not allow the modem to connect to the unsafe line. The device also protects the modem from power surges. It automatically configures the line for proper polarity. Measuring 1.3" W x 0.95" H x 2.75" L, the device weighs 1 ounce. It is powered by the phone line.
fax 858-550-733


Equipment rack
Rack Frame Cube:
The advantage of being assembled as a cube is that the user can load 19" rackmountable components from any side. All points of access into this 19" cube accept eight rack units (14"). Shallow depth components such as audio mixers can be top-loaded to mount into depth rails. Every vertical as well as horizontal rail is tapped on both planes. The rack's various mounting positions and lightweight design provide useful housing for a remote kit.
fax 219-922-4442


Bosch Power Tools
Portable radio
Power Box:
Bosch claims that its weatherproof Power Box radio is durable enough for a construction site. The radio boasts a steel and rubber frame that protects the ruggedized shell, which houses four ground-fault circuit-interrupter-protected outlets for other ac devices. The outlets cut power if water leaks in. There is also a slot on the back to charge the batteries for cordless power tools. When away from an outlet, the radio can run off those same batteries. The radio also includes a mini-plug input for a line input and a 12Vdc outlet to recharge a cell phone.

Digital signal and test set
Bit Buddy/Bit Spitter:
The ABB-1 Audio Bit Buddy is a convenient way to monitor digital and analog audio signals. Digital and analog program audio can be monitored by the headphone output while the left and right levels are displayed on LED bar graph meters. Critical signal parameters such as sampling frequency, emphasis, professional consumer format and data errors are displayed when monitoring AES/EBU or S/PDIF signals. Digital input monitors sampling frequencies from 30kHz to 50kHz automatically. The ABS-1 Audio Bit Spitter is a companion to the ABB-1. This portable, battery-powered unit generates digital and stereo analog audio test signals that may be injected into the signal path when testing device performance or signal path continuity. The ABS-1 generates an AES/EBU digital audio signal, 1kHz or 400Hz, sampling rates of 48kHz, 44.1kHz or 32kHz. The unit may also be synchronized to an external digital reference signal. Digital signal levels of -20, -12 and 0dBFS are front panel selectable.
fax 416-335-5202


Battery-based power inverter
Xpower Powerpack 1500:
This portable power system can supply 1,500W of ac power through a battery pack and inverter. There are two standard outlets for ac use and a dc power panel for 12V products. The unit is assembled into a rugged cart with a removable waist handle. It will operate a device consuming 150W for about four hours.
fax 604-420-1591


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