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September 7, 2004

The Reference Room
Selections for your bookshelf reference

The Art of Digital Audio, 3rd edition
By John Watkinson
Publisher: Focal Press, 2000
Written for anyone with an interest in digital audio, the author is an audio specialist who conducts professional seminars and workshops around the world. This new edition includes Internet audio, PC audio technology, DVD, MPEG audio compression, digital audio broadcasting and audio networks.

Principles of Digital Audio, 4th edition
By Ken Pohlman
Publisher: McGraw Hill, 2000
From the basics to the cutting edge, this book is packed with vital information. Through three editions, this text has illuminated the frontiers of digital audio science. The updated and revised fourth edition provides the needed tools to capitalize on the expansion of digital audio technologies. Widely used as a college text and a professional reference, the book delves into DVD, Internet and PC audio, compact discs, workstations, perceptual coding, and digital radio and television.

Signor Marconi's Magic Box
By Gavin Weightman
Publisher: DaCapo Press, 2003
Guglielmo Marconi doesn't fit the typical inventor stereotype: he lacked wild hair, wasn't absentminded, wore debonair-looking hats and frequently wooed women when traveling by ship. Yet Marconi's aptitude for technology led him to become the father of wireless telegraphy and radio. Born in 1874 to an Italian father and an Irish mother, Marconi was always fascinated by the nascent technology of electricity and, as a young man, was struck by the idea that he could transmit telegraph messages--then carried by cables--through the air. Weightman's text is about the juggling for position among the wireless inventors and their respective companies around the turn of the century.

The Road to Digital Radio in the United States
By Don Lockett
Publisher: NAB, 2004
This book offers a management-level overview of where things stand with digital audio broadcasting in the United States following the FCC's authorization to allow digital radio transmission in October 2002. Terrestrial radio stations are the last broadcast media to transition to digital transmission technology. Radio industry commitments to convert and the availability of digital radio technology to facilitate digital radio are at an infancy stage. This book examines the experiences of early adopters during the first year, highlights developments that occurred and reveals first-hand perspectives of broadcasters, manufacturers and industry players as the transition begins.

Newton's Telecom Dictionary
By Harry Newton
Publisher: CMP Books, 2004
Newton's Telecom Dictionary helps technology and business professionals stay on top of the ever-changing network, telecom and IT industry. With more than 21,000 definitions, the 20th updated and expanded edition includes complete coverage of wireless, broadband, intranet, e-commerce, IT and technology finance terms. While the tech industry hype has cooled, new telecom and networking technology and services continue to be adopted at a rapid pace, and new terms and acronyms sprout just as quickly. Technical concepts are explained in non-technical language.

Digital Audio Broadcasting: Principles and Applications of Digital Radio, 2nd edition
By Wolfgang Hoeg and Thomas Lauterbach
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2004
This updated edition introduces the recent international standards, applications and the technical issues of the Eureka-147 DAB system. The book explains the basic concepts of DAB digital radio including audio processing, data transmission and modulation schemes and how the system can be implemented and operated. Features such as perceptual audio coding, OFDM channel coding and modulation, multiplex management (STI) and data transmission protocols (MOT) are described.

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