2005 Product Source - # through B

September 1, 2005

Prefab sound enclosures
Acoustic Systems
Modular Studios:
With isolated floors and silenced ventilation, the room's interior acoustics can be tuned using non-parallel walls, canted windows, bass traps and wall treatments. The company has created a hybrid line of modularly constructed sound isolating rooms that achieve all the relocation and pricing options of modular construction while also providing the level of finish normally associated only with conventional construction techniques.
fax 512-444-2282


Acoustic foam
Acoustics First
Cutting Wedge:
This polyurethane foam absorber can create seamless surfaces to reduce unwanted reflections. Available in two versions, the 2000 series panels can be nested to increase the thickness of the surface. The Classic series has a flat back. Both are available in charcoal, brown, beige, blue, burgundy and hunter green. Panels can be ordered as 1' x 1' squares or 2' x 4' panels.
fax 804-342-1107


Digital recorder
Designed for broadcast journalism fieldwork, this recorder captures sound through the built-in mic, external mic or line input. An AGC circuit can be enabled on the record input. Audio can be saved to the built-in internal memory or to a Smart Media card. The unit uses the same batteries as a Nokia cellular phone. The unit records at two sampling rates (32kHz or 48kHz) and in three different file formats: Layer II, Layer II and G.723. Layer II files can be edited directly on the unit. Files can be transferred via USB or the built-in modem. The recorder includes an FM radio with 20 presets.
fax 954-581-7733

Monitor, control translators
Translator Monitor 2000:
This product allows users to monitor and control transmitters and translators on remote towers via satellite and the Internet. From a desktop, users can monitor and manage the translator network, get alerts of impending failures and send commands to fix problems. Users can also change the alert thresholds or event triggers from a Web-enabled PC. The monitor is a plug-and-play solution consisting of the hardware monitor and Airsis Vision, the company's Web-based management service. It provides near real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting of the translators.
fax 619-585-0474


Durable microphones
CSS Series:
The CCS Series includes six dynamic microphones. The D 88 S offers a supercardioid pattern, a metal body with rugged wire mesh cap and integrated on and off switch. The D 77 S is a cardioid microphone for voice, guitar and wind instruments. The metal case has an on and off switch, plus a wire mesh grill. The 77 and 88 include a stand adapter and choice of 16' XLR to XLR or XLR to ¼” plug cable. The D 11 XLR cardioid capsule mic is protected by an all-metal housing with integrated stand adapter that can withstand rugged use and impact. The D 22 XLR cardioid mic will stand up to the hardships of remote use. An integrated stand adapter and mounting bracket makes it a highly versatile microphone for use on instruments. The 22 and 11 include a 16' XLR to XLR cable. The D 55 S is a cardioid pattern mic with a permanently attached cable with mini jack plug and ¼”; adapter. The D 44 S is designed for use as all-round microphone. It has an impact-resistant plastic body, on/off switch and integral cable with mini-plug and ¼” adapter.
fax 615-620-3875

Low-noise laptop
Acoustic Dampening System:
Systems configured with this system will be outfitted with Alienware's acoustic absorption matting, as well as low-noise system fans for decreased internal chassis decibel levels. The acoustic absorption matting consists of 4mm of soft cellular foam padding that is built into the system chassis to reduce the noise generated by components such as graphics cards, processors and hard drives. The 92mm, 120mm and 80mm chassis fans are 80 percent quieter than standard case fans. The systems operate at noise levels as low as 21dBA, and move up to 54 cubic feet per minute of airflow.
fax 305-259-9874

A two in, one out four-twisted pair auto-switcher, this device automatically switches on signal detection, or may be controlled manually. The unit is encased in a solid metal enclosure and ships with an external, 9V 500mA power adapter. An external switch for manual input selection override is included. A manual override switch connects to the input select jack, which could also be controlled from a control system. The switcher may be mounted to furniture or other suitable surfaces using optional hardware.
fax 714-990-3303


Voice processor
Aphex Systems
Features of this voice processor include a reflected plate amplifier tube mic preamp, an easy rider compressor, a logic-assisted gate, split band de-esser and an aural exciter. The processor offers +4dBu and -10dBV outputs, as well as 24-bit/96kHz A/D AES, S/PDIF and optical outputs. It also features a low jitter word clock output, word clock input and a cough switch (soft mute).
fax 818-767-2641

Solid-state FM transmitters
Armstrong Transmitter
FM Series B:
The 4kW to 20kW solid-state FM transmitters are comprised of self-contained 2kW solid-state amplifiers with redundant power supplies (three per amplifier) and status for individual amplifiers. The transmitters feature VSWR foldback and protection, and an optional CD-quality exciter and remote control capability. The transmitters are compatible with HD Radio. Each transmitter stands 22.25” W x 33” D. The 4kW and 6kW models stand 48” tall. The 8kW and 10kW models stand 76” tall.
fax 315-673-9972


File transfer service
Connected Radio:
This service lets stations transfer audio, events, logs and text between multiple stations, station personnel, remotes, program originators and remote talent. The station provides a PC with Internet access at each site and Arrakis does the rest. Files can be transferred by dragging and dropping. The service provides the functions and links for the user. Once files are received, they can automatically be routed to the appropriate destination, regardless of the software or automation system that will use the file.
970-461-0730; fax 970-663-1010

Audio console
Xtreme Mixer:
This digital audio console supports analog and digital sources. The console features multimillion operation switches, Penny and Giles slide faders and LED illumination for all switches. It offers a clamshell design that flips open with strain-relieved connectors. The console features three mixing busses, stereo cue, monitoring for a control room and studio, and a telephone interface for on-air talk shows and off-line recording and communication.
fax 970-663-1010

SPL meter
This audio meter features a large analog meter for quick measurements in frequency ranges from 32Hz to 10kHz. It can be set to measure A- and C-weighted measurements with peak or averaging response. It includes a seven-range selector switch, calibration control and a test signal output via an RCA jack. A 9V battery supplies power. SPL ranges from 50dB to 126dB, referenced to 0.0002mbar, are possible. A threaded insert allows the meter to be mounted on a camera tripod. The unit measures 6.25” x 2.5” x 1.75”.
fax 856-719-9903


FM meter, RBDS encoder
Silver Range:
Delivered with an external GPS receiver, FM antenna and PC software, the Mobile FM Meter can run an FM RF campaign of a station and analyze FM and RBDS subcarriers. Data can be exported to Mappoint PC software using the serial cable. It also integrates scrolling PS. The unit is configured with the included PC software that can calculate the PI code, interpret commands from an automation system and generate labels.
fax 305-249-3113

Broadcast tuner adapter
Audio Science
ASI8702 and ASI8703:
The ASI8702 is a universal PCI card that contains eight AM/FM tuners. Each tuner may be set to an independent AM or FM radio station. The audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream that may be accessed through a high-speed bus master interface. The ASI8703 contains eight FM/TV audio tuners. The AM portion of each tuner (ASI8702 only) has a medium-wave tuning range of 520kHz to 1,750kHz. FM capabilities include a tuning range of 76MHz to 108MHz with software-controlled stereo decoding. An onboard 225MHz 32-bit floating point DSP from Texas Instruments provides audio routing, processing and streaming allowing up to eight stereo streams to be sent to the host PC for recording or further analysis.
fax 302-738-9434


On-air console upgrade
Audioarts Engineering
Net-75 Panel:
This upgrade combines work surface technology with a stand-alone console. Wheatstone's D-75 digital audio mixing console can be modified with the Net-75 panel to provide a fully integrated network system with the option of autonomous console operation when needed. Four output busses along with eight digital inputs and outputs are provided within each panel. A CAT-5 connection allows for 64 x 64 bi-directional AES channels. Four faders within the D-75 will have access to thousands of analog and digital system resources. Input modules are equipped with eight-character LED displays, rotary source selectors and take buttons.
fax 252-637-1285


Audio router
Audiorail Technologies
This router sends 64 channels of audio over a single CAT-5 cable. Attached to each end of a CAT-5 run, the unit connects via Toslink to a D/A converter on each end (either a stand-alone or one integrated into a digital mixer). It works over CAT-5 runs as long as 328'. Longer runs can be made with an Ethernet-to-fiber converter. Multiple units can be daisy chained.

Mic cables
Premium and Value:
The Premium microphone cables are balanced cables that feature 24-gauge stranded copper conductors and Neutrik connectors. Each conductor features a spiral shield inside the molded insulated sheath. A conductive PVC layer inside each shield dissipates static build-up during flexing. The A-T Value mic cables are available in two configurations (XLRF to ¼”; and XLRF to XLRM) and come in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 10' to 25' (XLRF to ¼” and 10' to 50' (XLRF to XLRM). The Premium speaker cables are available in four configurations: ¼” to ¼”; ¼” to dual banana plug; Speakon to ¼”; and Speakon to Speakon. The Premium cables are available with cable lengths as follows: ¼” to ¼”, 3' to 50'; ¼” to dual banana plug, 10' to 50'; Speakon to ¼”, 5' to 50'; and Speakon to Speakon, 5' to 50'.
fax 330-686-0719

Control surface
Axia Audio
The control surface features four program busses, four aux send busses, dedicated talk and preview functions on each channel, one-touch record and monitor sections and 32 mix-minus outputs. The system works in conjunction with the Axia Studio Mix Engine, an Intel-based mixing platform running real-time Linux. A standard SVGA LCD monitor displays all metering, clock timer, status and options info. This radio console can be configured to run stereo audio or discrete 5.1 surround programming.

Transmitter building
Balsys Technology Group
Plug and Play:
Each precast concrete building is custom sized and configured for the specific contruction permit and its unique requirements. Electrical and other specifications adhere to local codes. All equipment is installed at the Balsys Orlando facility, pre-wired and tested. When delivered to the final site, all that is required is a pad on which to place the building, electrical and transmission line hookups, phone line or STL hookup, system proof and the job is done. This process maximizes efficiency, and minimizes on-site time and the associated travel and per diem expenses for contract engineers.
fax 407-656-5474


Broadcast power monitor
Bird Electronic
This system offers users more options in how they measure, monitor and protect their RF transmission systems. Its RF test port enables users to verify spectral compliance for many applications, including IBOC. Features of this system include alarm detection and notification, instant e-mail alerts, remote power/VSWR monitoring and administration, RF test port, access to historical data through data logging, and a small footprint for minimal rack space.
fax 440-248-3790


Composite audio mixer/DA system
Broadcast Devices
This equipment combines various FM signals to form one composite output that can be fed to three exciters or STL systems. The system can accept composite stereo, SCA, RBDS and TV SAP signals simultaneously. It features three wideband inputs with level control for each and three independent outputs that also have separate level trims. Each input can be individually configured for balanced or unbalanced operation. Possible uses include premixing of three baseband signals for older exciters lacking enough inputs or distribution of signals to as many as three exciters when only one stereo generator, STL, SCA, RBDS or SAP signal is available.
fax 914-736-6916

50kW AM transmitter
Broadcast Electronics
4MX 50:
This 50kW transmitter is based on a patent-pending modulation design and is about half the size of comparable models. The transmitter is IBOC and DRM compatible. Notable features include PA modules that can be accessed from the front of the transmitter, while lift-off rear panels provide access to power supplies and all ac connections. Power can be cut back to 250W. A 15" XGA GUI is provided for operation and diagnostics. This data is also available via IP. The unit's power factor is greater than 0.98.
fax 217-224-9607


IBOC data importer
Broadcast Electronics
This line of HD Radio data importers is capable of multiple secondary program services (SPS). The function of the data importer is to provision HD Radio bandwidth between the Main Program Service and SPS, along with SPS program-associated data. The software encodes SPS audio and multiplexes it with the PAD and other data to be carried on the HD Radio signal. The resulting bitstream is delivered via Ethernet to BE's XPI 10 data exporter, where it is combined with the encoded HD Radio MPS and its data for transport to the HD Radio exciter and transmitter. The IDI 10 provides a fixed, 32kb/s SPS channel with no bitstream provisioning. The IDI 20 offers flexibility in managing the HD Radio system throughput for multiple SPS.
fax 217-224-9607

A/D converter
Broadcast Tools
This converter provides 24-bit A/D conversion along with AES path insertion and interruption functions. The unit may be configured as a stand-alone A/D converter or configured to switch AES or stereo analog inputs into another AES stream. The device is equipped with relay bypass in case power is removed from the unit. The converter may be configured for sample rates from 32 to 192kHz or an external word clock. Additional features include balanced stereo analog input, AES input, AES output and remote control via plug-in Euroblock connectors. The front panel is equipped with left and right analog input trimmers, overload, audio presence and power LED indicators. The unit is powered by a surge protected, internal, bi-polar 15Vdc power supply.
877-250-5575; fax 360-854-9479

Audio processor
Broadcast Warehouse
DSP Extra:
This audio processor features a six-band limiter with advanced distortion control, multiband AGC adopted from Translantech Sound's Ariane digital audio leveler and split processing architecture that makes it suitable for simultaneous FM and digital radio services such as IBOC/HD Radio and Internet streaming. The unit also provides TCP/IP and serial control, multiple factory and user-defined presets and front panel metering and a control system.
+44 208 5409992
fax +44 208 5409994


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