2005 Product Source - I through P

September 19, 2005

Stereo utility processor
Model 261:
This processor allows users to normalize and control audio levels in an all-digital or mixed-signal facility. The unit provides four independent audio processing functions: gain-riding AGC, program dynamics compression, broadband limiting and independent HF limiting. It may be configured to incorporate one basic function, or to use all processing options for comprehensive program audio control. Features of this processor are an all-digital design using DSP technology; 48-bit internal processing, 16/24 bit I/O; accepts analog and digital program inputs, provides analog and digital outputs simultaneously; a frequency response of +/-0.1dB, 20Hz to 20kHz; and a power requirement of 115/230Vac, 10W.
fax 831-458-0554


Rack mount telephone interface
JK Audio
Innkeeper 2:
A two-line rack mount digital hybrid, the front panel keypad, display and handset jacks provide speed dialing and call setup. Digital hybrids allow the user to send signals into the phone line while maintaining separation between the user's voice and the caller. The balanced XLR output jacks contain only the caller's voice. This proprietary, dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve separation typically exceeding 50dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line. The interface features auto-answer and auto disconnect for use in IFB and monitoring applications.
fax 815-786-8502

AM broadcast antenna
Kintronic Labs
The radiation pattern and efficiency of this antenna provide operation equivalent to that of a standard quarter-wave monopole, but at about 20 to 25 percent of the height. The low-profile antenna consists of four electrically short, vertical, closely spaced elements, each of which is terminated in a horizontal top load element. Each vertical element is fed via a phase-matched section of 50Ohm transmission line.
fax 423-878-4224


Auto mic mixer
Klotz Digital
As many as 40 mono or stereo line levels inputs or microphone channels are automatically mixed in this Vadis-based mixer. Each channel provides an individual level meter for exact level control and offers adjustment to parameters like pre-gain, threshold, attenuation or attack-and-release time. Equalizers and dynamics can be inserted in any signal path. The mixer also allows the user to determine a permanent main or presenter microphone that has overall priority. This equipment is controlled and set up by a software GUI, also enabling to remote control via LAN or modem any single microphone.
fax 678-966-9903

Nova 73 HD:
With this product users can service, equip and reconfigure while the system is running. Hot-plugging is not restricted to the replacement of similar components, but also allows system extension of similar components, and allows system extensions even when the user is on-air. This product is designed as a central matrix for audio and additional data. Its modular build allows the flexible adaptation to the real requirements, scalable in routing capacity of up to 8,192 mono channels. Mounted in a 10RU frame, it has 16 slots for I/O modules with integrated signal processing. It supports sampling rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz. It can be controlled via Ethernet. RS-422 control is available.
+49 7222 1002 0
fax +49 7222 1002 24


Transmission consultants
LBA Technology
AM equipment and services:
Since 1963, Lawrence Behr Associates has provided consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry. The company offers its services in the areas of cellular, PCS, SMR, broadcasting, wireless cable and integrated broadband systems. The staff includes specialists in RF engineering, antenna design, AM detuning, facility shielding, zoning and litigation support, EMI resolution, radio frequency environment studies, project management, site acquisition and FCC regulations.
fax 252-752-9155


Multichannel radio processor
Linear Acoustic
This processor incorporates programmable audio processing for a station's analog and digital FM signal paths, in addition to providing separate multiband processing for two supplementary audio channels. The unit also provides 5.1-channel surround-sound encoding via built-in SRS Labs Circle Surround technology. The unit's front panel display features a spectrum analyzer and a digital oscilloscope display.
fax 717-735-3612


Streaming service
Liquid Compass
Internet Streaming:
Serving more than 250 radio stations around the world including Clear Channel Radio and WOXY, Liquid Compass offers streaming media services. Clients receive audio and video services and 24/7 tech support. Customized player skins are available for enhanced branding.
fax 303-839-9401

Digital console surface
A control surface for the Logitek Audio Engine digital router, the Mosaic can be configured for a range of two to 24 faders with a variety of control and soft-key capabilities. The consoles provide multiple, full-color LCD screens that can display clocks, meters, timers, delay information, text or graphics; single-button access to multiple functions; timer controls; extensive GPI/GPO control; and display 16-character source names.
fax 713-664-4479

Studio furniture
Mager Systems
Sound Choice Furniture:
This series of stock studio furniture offers vented cabinets with curved corners and countertop edges that are rounded. A standard color choice is available. Various riser heights are available for the rack turret. The cabinets are 19-ply, 1" thick plywood and do not use particleboard or melamine. The countertops are solid-surface Avonite. No cabinet assembly is required. All surfaces are fully sealed with no laminate to crack, chip or peel.
fax 623-780-9860

Portable recorder
Featuring a built-in condenser microphone with automatic level control, one-touch digital recording to Compact Flash cards, on-board editing with mark segment, a virtual track mode for playback and instant audio access to the preset marked points, the recorder is a solid-state media recorder with one-touch digital recording. It can record for four hours running on four standard AA batteries. Uncompressed WAV files can be recorded at 44.1kHz or 48kHz, and MP3 files can be recorded in mono at 64kb/s or in stereo at 128kb/s.
fax 630-741-0652

Time code reference
Features of this system are NTP reference for Ethernet LANs in a compact, self-contained box; NTP time synchronization to existing time code source; NTP query or broadcast mode; and assignable network configuration. Telnet or serial interface discovery tools are included. The unit is rackmountable in a RM4 or stand-alone. It offers 115/220Vac or 9 to 28Vdc operation. When synchronized to external time code source long-term accuracy is the same as the external source. After initial synchronization and on loss of time code signal, the unit will revert to an internal calibrated oscillator and maintain accuracy within 165ms per day.
fax 636-724-3776


DAW remote control
Merging Technologies
Isis Remote Controller, Isis Fader Expansion:
The main controller features large dedicated machine control keys, high-resolution jog/shuttle/scrub functionality and jog-wheel editing capabilities. A range of user-assignable keys positioned around a large LCD screen enables multi-functional key operation, also allowing the user to custom define the key labeling. The main unit offers a master fader section and 24 additional user-definable keys across two layers that can be used as 48 direct access solo/mute/track arming keys, locators, cue triggers or any other chosen function. There is a separate and optional eight-fader expansion unit with eight rotary encoders, and both units use 100mm touch sensitive moving faders with dedicated solo, mute, read and write automation keys.
fax 847-272-0597


MGE UPS Systems
Power over Ethernet:
The PoE midspan products provide continuous power to remotely connected IP telephones, wireless LANs, Bluetooth access points and IP-powered video surveillance and security systems, when used in conjunction with an uninterruptible power supply. This product integrates power and data onto a single CAT-5/5e and 6 cabling infrastructure. The 24-port, 10/100 Mb/s midspan resides between the Ethernet switch and the connected equipment to provide 15.4W of 48V dc power per port. The 1RU midspan features auto-sensing algorithms for non-powered device protection. The remote management provides immediate alerts, responds to changes to the IP phones in the field and enables remote devices to reset. The units feature front-panel LEDs to indicate system status and power supply to RJ45 ports.
fax 714-557-9788;

Surround sound analyzer
Modulation Sciences
Unlike the Lissajous and other level and phase displays, Spidervision images the entire soundfield. It delivers a picture of the direction and amplitude of the dominant sound sources, and allows compatibility analysis of all audio-including monoaural, stereo, Pro Logic, two-channel encoded surround and discrete 5.1 surround.
fax 732-302-0206


Digital audio codec
Musicam USA
This codec allows users to send and receive real-time audio, contact closures and ancillary data via IP, ISDN and all types of dedicated data circuits. The codec is self-contained in a 2RU chassis. Stereo analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs are standard. This product contains G.711, G.722, MPEG 1 and 2 Layer II, and MPEG 1 and 2 Layer III coding algorithms for compatibility with older codecs. It provides MPEG 2 AAC and MPEG 4 AAC low-delay encoding for high audio performance at lower bit-rates. Featuring four LED VU meters and a large menu display, this codec has a flexible headphone monitoring system that allows users monitor send audio, receive audio or a blend of the two.
fax 732-739-1818


Digital transmitter
As the fourth generation of Nautel 12kW AM transmitters, this modular HD Radio/DRM digital transmitter features reserve power for signal processing and 155 percent positive peak program modulation at 10kW to produce more sideband energy and a stronger signal. With two power modules and one standby module, full power will automatically be maintained even under fault conditions. Power modules are hot-pluggable and can be removed and replaced. For greater redundancy, the transmitter comes with a standby DDS exciter section including a modulation encoder with automatic changeover. Operation, diagnostics and status are performed on a 240 x 60 LCD graphical user interface with an on-board real time clock and 128-event time-stamped log.
fax 207-947-3693


Near/mid-field monitor
This DEQX-calibrated speaker system features DSP speaker correction. The near/midfield monitor offers a XDA DSP processor and amplifier that features DEQX-calibrated DSP speaker correction for a wide soundfield that remains accurate, even when listening from a far-off axis. Each system uses amplification courtesy of Power Physic's patented Class D One Cycle Sound design.
fax 707-748-5945

Power strips
North American Cable Equipment
The CT-PCHRM9 is a 19" EIA rack-mountable, nine-outlet power strip, while the CT-PCVRM24 is a vertical, 24-outlet EIA rack-mountable unit. The CT-PCHRM9 features a 15A circuit distributed over eight outlets on the back and one outlet on the front. It is equipped with a 10' power cord, EMI filtering, and surge and spike protection. A backlit combination circuit breaker and power switch allows for all nine outlets to be shut off or turned on simultaneously. The CT-PCVRM24 is a vertically rack-mountable power strip with a 15A circuit distributed over all 24 outlets. Eleven outlets are spaced for power supplies. The CT-PCVRM24 is housed in black plastic, equipped with a 10' power cord, circuit breaker and mounting brackets.

Solid-state transmitter
OMB America
EM 2000:
This 2kW FM transmitter includes four 600W high-efficiency MOSFET amplifier modules fed by two independent switching power supplies. The amplifier modules work independently through an isolated, power-combining structure. The unit features a low-pass filter at the antenna output, EMI filters at the utility connection and an internal transient suppressor. The LCD display provides the amplifier parameters: supply voltages, eight module currents, direct, reflected and input power, power loss in the internal unbalance load and three temperature sensors.
fax 305-477-0611


HD Radio on-air processor
Omnia Audio
EXI Series:
Three units are part of the new line of processors designed for hybrid analog and digital broadcasting: the Omnia-6 EXI for FM, and Omnia-5 EXI for AM and FM broadcasters. The EXI processors add new tools for HD Radio broadcasts. Most notably is an onboard diversity delay method and an advanced clipper design engineered to help eliminate intermodulation distortion (IMD). The diversity delay capability moves the audio delay required to match the analog and HD Radio signal paths from the exciter to the audio processor. This simplifies the audio path and eliminates a failure point in the audio chain. The Lo IMD Clipper featured in the processor reduces the IMD that is created when using moderate to aggressive clipping to create competitive loudness. Existing Omnia-6, Omnia-5 and Omnia-4.5 processors can purchase an upgrade to add EXI capabilities.
fax 216-241-4103

Broadcast furniture
CAD/CAM manufacturing processes are used in the furniture line to ensure precision fit and finish, repeatability and ease of modification. Layouts are fit tested and photo-documented prior to shipment. Surfaces are typically high-pressure laminate with a variety of substrates. Other options include solid surface and Marmoleum for countertops. Edges are finished with matching or contrasting tee-molding for comfort and durability.
800-332-3393; fax 415-332-2607

Optical wiring system
This system features 64 channels of 24-bit/96kHz audio signals and accepts external word clock signals at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz. The optical fiber cables between two units can be extended 1.5km and the transmission length can be extended to 22.5km with a maximum of 16 units connected. The system's units are connected by dual transmission lines and each unit has dual power supplies for fault-tolerant and redundant operation. The system offers eight slots for signal processing modules.
fax 615-255-9070


Compact mixer
Peavey Electronics
Sanctuary S-4:
The S-4 works as a stand-alone four-channel rack-mounted mini mixer or can be linked with other S-4s for more channels. The mixer features Peavey's Automix technology, an automatic priority/ducking scheme for minimizing off-channel noise and interference. The S-4 also offers Mid Morph, a dual function cut and boost EQ designed for simplifying equalization settings.
fax 601-486-1486

Performer series:
Performer 225 is the smallest wireless 12" 90W active speaker in the series and the Performer A540 is the largest wireless 15" 400W active speaker. The two passive models feature a 1" tweeter with HF driver protection and come equipped with a 24dB crossover. The Performer 535 features a 15" woofer with an output of 350W RMS. The 225 offers a 12" woofer with 250W RMS. This series of speakers has the option of wired or wireless operation and they can be used with a wireless microphone with little setup and no audio cables required. A wireless mixer module can be used to wirelessly transmit the signal from the mixer to the active speakers in mono or stereo.

Pomona Electronics
XLR/Triple Binding Post/RJ11:
The adapter simplifies connections to phone lines for ring down tests of audio lines or for phone communications across audio cables. The adapter features gold-plated pins and binding posts for connectivity. The three color-coded, five-way binding posts (for high, low and ground terminals) accept bare wires via the through-holes, alligator clips, spade lugs and single, dual or triple banana plugs connected vertically or horizontally. The connector is available in four configurations: models 7288 (male) and 7289 (female) XLR/triple binding post to RJ11 connectors and 7286 (male) and 7287 (female) XLR/triple binding post connectors.
fax 425-446-6070;

AM field intensity meter
Potomac Instruments
PI 4100:
This meter measures electromagnetic field strength in the 520kHz to 5.1MHz frequency spectrum. This instrument combines a radio frequency voltmeter, a calibrated, shielded loop antenna, an internal GPS receiver, an internal calibration source and data acquisition hardware and software in a package weighing less than 3kg. Features of the meter include 116dB dynamic range RF voltmeter, digitally synthesized tuning in 1.0kHz increments and spectrum display to facilitate various compliance measurements (field strength, harmonic level and spectrum occupancy). The unit's data acquisition software and PC interface enable the collection, analysis and e-distribution of current field measurements.
fax 301-589-2665


Prism Sound
Providing eight channels of 24-bit/192kHz A/D-D/A conversion, this converter offers flexible digital interfacing options: AES3, two-speed or two-wire, and also handles S/PDIF. Firewire is provided for direct connection to DAW software on a PC or a Mac. Other features of this product include direct connection of 32 inputs and outputs per card to Pro Tools|HD; built-in signal-to-noise shapers for 16-bit and 20-bit reductions; built-in MR-X word-mapping for lossless recording up to 24-bit/96kHz on standard DA-88 or ADAT MDMs or other 16- or 20-bit media; and stereo monitor, with headphones and analog and digital line outputs, can monitor any input or output pair, or a panned stereo mix of all eight channels.
fax 973-983-9588


Automation software
Program Orange
Designed for small- and medium-scale radio stations, this software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP-based machine and requires no proprietary hardware. The system offers three automation types: satellite mode, full walk-away mode and live assist mode. It features built-in music scheduling, voice tracking and on-screen weather updates. Its interface provides an on-screen cart stack as well as instant-fire push-button carts. MP3, MP2, WAV and OGG files are supported. Full automation, live assist or satellite on-air system modes are available. Instabuttons allow users to define 210 audio cuts, playable at any time.

Outlet power control
Pulizzi Engineering
IPC36XX and IPV42:
Available in rack mount and a 42” vertical strip, these power distribution products provide individual on and off control of eight outlets. Power is controlled remotely via Ethernet (TCP/IP) or serial (RS-232) connections. The network interface can be accessed with a Web browser, telnet client or with SNMP management software. The system login provides two access levels, allowing administrator and outlet user access. The software is configurable for outlet names, unit names, network settings, sequence times and reboot times. The IPC36xx Series fits in 1RU. The IPC3601 is rated for 85-264V, 20A input and features right IEC C13 computer-style receptacles. The IPC3602 is rated for 120V, 20A input and features eight NEMA 5-15R standard three-prong receptacles. Both are a 42” L x 2” W x 2” D vertical strip.
800-870-2248; fax 714-641-9062

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