2005 Product Source - U through Z

September 19, 2005

These headphones use Ultrasone's S-Logic technology with standard EMF radiation protection up to 98 percent, detachable cables, a replacement pair of speed-switch ear pads and replaceable drivers. One of the detachable cables comes with volume control and a stereo/mono switch for use in the live performance environment. The headphones offer a frequency range of 10Hz to 22kHz with an impedance of 64Ohms.
fax 615-599-5493


Disc cutter
This vinyl recorder features vinyl cutting at 22 1/3; or 45rpm, an integrated cutting equalizer and amplifier, and a special limiter for cutting head protection. It is quartz-control or varispeed selectable. The recorder can record 14 minutes per side. It offers playback with an ASTS tonearm.
fax 516-333-9108


Multiple-source audio meter
Ward-Beck Systems
The 2RU meter accepts 24 balanced (110Ohm) AES/EBU digital audio signal inputs via three-pin pluggable screw terminations located on the rear panel. The meter provides 24 stereo LED bar graph displays. Each bar graph displays VU and peak information simultaneously. Below each meter pair is an LED illuminated push-button switch. If the input signal is lost the LED in the push-button switch turns on and the internal alarm is sounded. The LED remains lit until the signal is restored. The loss of signal threshold is adjustable. The unit houses two removable power supplies in a dual-redundant configuration. The central configuration panel is a 1RU half-width unit that sets and displays the configuration parameters of all the meters. The RS-422 control network is connected in a daisy chain through all the frames, up to 12 units, in the system.
fax 416-335-5202

Bass controller
Waves' algorithm adds bass sound without adding bass frequencies. To provide more control, a high-pass filter can be switched in, allowing the harmonics only to be passed along as an image of the original bass frequencies. The unit's maximum analog input gain is 24dBu and its input impedance, balanced input is 32kOhms at 1kHz. The frequency response is 10Hz to 24kHz from -0.1dB at 10Hz +0.01 at 24kHz. The THD + N is 0.0006 percent at 1kHz at -1dBFS.
fax 865-546-8445

Newsroom mixer
A networkable news mixer, the unit provides front- and rear-panel mic input connectors along with a front-panel headphone jack. The mixer also has a segment LED VU meter and two output busses with program and mix-minus options. The five total inputs consist of one mic, one analog input and three digital outputs (two with router selectors). A built-in Ethernet Bridge X-Y controller is standard as well as cue speaker and headphone, cue level control, monitor selector and headphone volume control.
fax 252-637-1285

Surround sound control surface
This surround sound control surface offers full 5.1 surround capabilities. A comprehensive feature set that boasts four 40-input face channels and direct mix-minus from every input channel facilitates on-air and production tasks. The surface includes eight mix-minus busses, four stereo auxiliary sends and direct input router control on every fader with compressor/limiter and four-band parametric EQ on every channel. User-programmable switches allow for easy intercom or special functions setup. LCD meter displays show the channel input meter, input source, preset source and gain reduction meter.
fax 252-637-1285

DB to screw-terminal adapters
Winford Engineering
Breakout Boards:
This series of breakout boards brings all the pins of the DB connector to screw terminal blocks. Each pin is also brought to solder pads (four per pin) at 0.1" spacing to add standard pin headers. The boards are available in DB9, DB15, DB15HD, DB25 and DB37 versions. All boards have male DB connectors, so a gender changer is required for female connections. Clips are available to mount the blocks to DIN rails.
fax 989-671-2941

Portable PA
Stagepas 300:
This system includes a powered mixer and two speakers for a self-contained PA. The speakers are two-way bass reflex cabinets. The eight-channel powered mixer includes four mic inputs, two stereo line inputs, a 150W per channel stereo power amp and digital reverb. The mixer can be mounted on a mic stand, or it can be left inside the storage compartment of one speaker during operation. The other speaker has a storage compartment for the included power cable and speaker cables. There is also room to pack a microphone.
fax 714-522-9522


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