2006 Product Source: D to H

September 1, 2006

Data collection system
Day Sequerra
A Radio magazine Pick Hit of NAB2006
Market Area Monitor: Designed for HD Radio, analog and Internet broadcasts, this data collection system offers radio broadcasters a set of resources for local, regional and national HD Radio confidence monitoring and competitive analysis. The MAM system offers diagnostic measurements for any HD Radio station (AM or FM), whether an independent operation or part of a national multi-station group. Using 1RU of space, the MAM receiver records a complete snapshot of any station's HD Radio output including audio S/N ratio, level and time alignment as well as audio program samples, along with cataloging that station's full HD Radio data payload. The system also provides monitoring, cataloging and sampling of legacy analog AM and FM radio and Internet-streaming broadcasts.

Weather receiver
Dayton Industrial
AF630: A NOAA weather receiver housed in a 1RU panel-mount chassis, this receiver offers a front panel featuring a built-in monitor speaker with volume control. There are two 10-segment LED indicators: one for the modulation level indication and the other to indicate received signal level. The receiver features tone detector circuitry for the alarm circuit with front panel indicator, test and reset controls. Rear panel outputs are Line (RCA), SPKR (RCA), Relay (DIN) and balanced output (DIN). Input power is derived from a 12Vdc wall mount converter. The receiver is phase lock loop controlled with the frequency of operation selected using an internal three-position DIP switch. A continuous receiver line audio output is provided. The speaker output audio is controlled automatically by a tone detector circuit that monitors the receiver audio for the presence of a 1,050Hz tone signal.

Cable management
Delta 9
Ultimate Cord Organizer Clip: This clip allows the user to audit, isolate, sort and track cords, cables and wires. Each locking slot has a letter of the alphabet next to it. The product will separate, organize and track more than 19 cables and wires.

Sounds cards
VX222HR, VX222HR-mic, PCX22HR, PCX924HR, PCX924HR-mic: These cards offer the same benefits as the multichannel HR Series of PCX and VX sound cards including low latency WDM Direct Sound, ASIO and Wave drivers, as well as support for Digigram's SDK through one driver. Other functions include 24-bit/192kHz A/D-D/A and sample rate conversion. The PCX924HR-mic and VX222HR-mic also feature AES42 support for recording AES42 digital microphones, along with one professional grade analog mic preamp.

FM digital subcarrier system
Digital Radio Express
FM Extra X1: The encoder combines an industrial grade 2RU PC server with digital audio hardware from Lynx Studio Technologies and DRE's FM Extra hardware and software to provide a multicasting digital radio broadcasting system. Connect digital audio sources to the X1 encoder via the built-in AES/EBU digital audio interface and connect the analog SCA output to the existing SCA input of the FM exciter, and it's on the air. The encoder combines all input data sources and generates the FM subcarrier signal. The occupied bandwidth, peak injection and data throughput characteristics of the generated SCA signal are determined by a user-created descriptor file. Data sources may include uncompressed AES/EBU digital audio, pre-encoded digital audio streams and generic packet data. The encoder accepts all sources and schedules bits depending on the SCA spectrum bandwidth occupancy. The encoder features built-in multi-instance digital audio compression using AAC Plus including the new parametric stereo enhancement.

Test signal generator
DK Technologies
PT8612 HD-SD: The test signal generator is a new option for the PT5300 HD-SD Varitime Sync Generator, which offers a test pattern to check Lip-Sync. The test pattern is based on the EBU Tech 3305 standard and extended to all common HD formats. The HD formats include 1,080 and 720 lines progressive and interlaced as well as frame rates of 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60Hz. The generator outputs four independent test signals in 270 and 1,485Mb/sec SDI formats with individual formats and timing. Besides the Lip-Sync test pattern, which contains moving elements to detect frozen pictures, the generator board also includes common test signals such as color bars, monitor test signals, PLUGE and SDI check field. The test signals may be superimposed with text for identification and contain embedded audio signal.
+45 4485 0255

Digital audio hard-disk storage system
Dmarc Broadcasting
Maestro: Maestro 2.5, the latest version of the Windows NT-based digital audio hard-disk storage system, provides multiple record/play audio channels, an easy-to-read display with on-screen countdown, and full integration of all digital and audio operations. Enhanced graphics and user-friendly options are features in this version.

Active subwoofer
Dynaudio Acoustics
BM14S: The active subwoofer from Dynaudio Acoustics delivers detailed and powerful bass reproduction in stereo or multi-channel monitoring setups. The unit is equipped with an LFE output for daisy-chaining several subwoofers, and a high-pass filter provides bass management in a 2.1 system. The system delivers 300W of power and a frequency response of 18Hz to 250Hz.
+45 87-427000

Audio interface
UA-1EX: This new version of the UA-1 series USB audio interface adds support for ASIO drivers and 24-bit/96kHz audio. The interface continues to feature Core Audio support for Mac OSX and WDM support for Windows 2000/XP, as well as zero-latency direct monitoring. Inputs include RCA pin, input for plug-in powered electret condenser-type stereo microphones and S/PDIF optical in. Outputs include RCA pin, 1/8" headphone jack and S/PDIF optical output.

Broadcast studio
Efron Computerized Studios
Studio in a Box: This prefabricated studio fits into a 12' x 12' footprint. The ergonomic design is optimized for single-person operation. The system includes a computer, Saw Studio Lite software DAW, mixing console, 360 Systems Instant Replay, three CD players, a dual cassette deck, a Mini Disc recorder, a DAT recorder, a tuner, an ISDN codec, a six-line telephone system, four Sennheiser mics, four headsets, custom-built furniture and four executive chairs.

FM panel antenna
ERI-Electronics Research
1180: Based on the 1080 FM panel antenna, the 1180 offers improved match, isolation and pattern performance in dual input applications for combining analog, and digital FM signals in a single master FM antenna. The antenna system is designed with all elements at dc ground and the screens, transmission lines and power dividers bonded to the support structure. This eliminates static build up and protects the system from lightning. The antenna system can be supplied in configurations with omnidirectional or directional azimuth patterns. Required power gains are achieved by stacking layers of the arrangement vertically on the support structure. The antenna system provides 25kW power handling capability per element.

Broadcast logger
VR615B: The logger features Linux-based digital voice logging and archiving, as well as various control functions including optional front panel access for use as a stand-alone logger and network capabilities via password-protected PCs. The logger can record eight or 16 channels, as well as record rebroadcast quality for podcasting or repurposing content. Storage capabilities include a standard mirrored RAID-1 system with dual 250GB hard disks, which can record 323 channel/days at 44.1kHz. Also standard is a DVD-RAM offering more than six channel/days of storage, at 44.1kHz, per DVD. The logger can also function as a network server, allowing 16 users to simultaneously access the system via any Windows XP or 2000-networked PC workstations.

HD Radio exciter
A Radio magazine Pick Hit of NAB2006
Flexstar HDX-FM: This exciter provides real-time adaptive correction technology that offers noise reduction, and transmitter and antenna linearity. The unit also features adaptive group delay equalization; secondary auto-switching of AES3 and composite inputs; and hybrid/straight FM outputs for the split-level combining method, which enables implementation of FM HD Radio using a station's existing FM transmitter and antenna.

Hand-held analyzer
Fluke Networks
Etherscope Network Assistant: A hand-held device, this analyzer aids the rapid installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of 10/100/gigabit enterprise networks. Etherscope's Nearest Switch utility eliminates navigation obstacles when connecting into the network to diagnose user issues. The Switch Scan utility allows the technician to see into switches for visibility of traffic statistics, errors and connected devices on each port. Duplicate IP addresses are pinpointed along with network misconfigurations, frame errors, auto-negotiation failures, high-utilization segments and cable problems. As many as 1,000 devices can be discovered, viewed and stored in the on-board database. Etherscope is a Linux-based device. It supports Web-based access and control for remote network testing. Features such as USB and audio ports, expandable memory and expansion slots (Compact Flash and PCMCIA) allow it to address wireless and throughput testing.

Firewire processor
Focusrite Audio Engineering
The Liquid Mix: Liquid Mix's onboard DSP hosts 32 classic EQs and 32 vintage compressors simultaneously. Each of the 32 channels provides compressor and EQ emulations selected from a pool of vintage and modern day classics. Forty compressors and 20 EQs are available out of the box with an expanding library online. A hybrid seven-band super EQ can be built from separate classic EQ sections in each of the 32 channels. Each channel appears as a separate VST/AU/RTAS effect within the sequencer and will work within all major applications. Control each channel from the desktop control unit or from within the sequencer using a GUI that functions like a plug-in.

IP controller
Fox Electronics
QoIP: Cue over Internet Protocol is a point-to-point/point-to-multipoint system to transport six DTMF and six relay/GPI commands over IP. Relay/GPI commands can be tied to DTMF or can be transmitted separately, providing 12 switches for equipment at one or more remote sites. Multiple QoIP transmitters and receivers can be interconnected for the transport of more than 12 switching commands or for transport to multiple sites. The QoIP configures automatically once connected to the network. Special system application software and updates are downloadable from the company website. Features include: transmits refresh packets every second, automatic reboot, refresh on loss of IP link and time stamp.

Balanced isolation transformer
Furman Sound
IT-20 II: This transformer can supply 20A of balanced ac power with more than 80dB of common-mode noise reduction from a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The device includes Linear Filtering Technology that reduces transverse noise. The system also features a switchable ground isolator and a laboratory-grade digital voltmeter.
707-763-1010 www.furmansound.com

CAT-5E cable
Gepco International
CT504HDX: Similar to the CT504HD cable, this cable features double jacket construction for durability and reliability in remote and portable applications. Unique to the cable are solid conductors and an extended 350MHz bandwidth that enable full-length TIA/EIA transmission distances of as far as 295' or 328' point-to-point.

Rackmount cabinet
Xrack Pro2: This 25RU noise reduction cabinet is useful for rackmount Apple, Windows, Linux, Sun, SGI and other servers as well as RAID storage, tape and disk backup, networking and battery backup. The height of the cabinet allows some vertically standing non-rackmount equipment to fit inside the rackmount cabinet. The cabinet allows computer, audio and other equipment to be placed in areas that require low noise. The unit also comes in 4RU and 12RU.

Low-power FM transmitter
ZX: Based on Harris' Z-Series of transmitters, the ZX low-power transmitter is available in 500W, 1,000W and 2,000W power levels for analog broadcasting. Upgrades to HD Radio are achieved when driven by the Flexstar HDX-FM exciter as a hybrid analog/digital system or in digital-only mode.

USB-to-XLR codec plus mic, limiter
Henry Engineering
A Radio magazine Pick Hit of NAB2006
USB Match Plus: The USB Match Plus is a deluxe version of the USB Matchbox. It adds a peak-reading level meter to monitor recording and playback levels. There is also a reference-grade headphone amplifier for critical aural monitoring. The level meter and headphone output can be switched to monitor the input or the output signal.

USB-to-XLR codec
Henry Engineering
USB Matchbox: Replacing a computer sound card, this codec provides stereo line-level inputs and outputs at professional levels and eliminates the hum, buzz and other interface problems caused by in-PC audio cards. The Burr-Brown 8XADC/ADC provides audiophile performance with the ease of USB interface to any PC. The unit features XLR connectors and monitor output with muting. The unit occupies 1/3 rack width and is 1RU tall.

Digital recording mic
A Radio magazine Pick Hit of NAB2006
Flashmic DRM85: The Flashmic combines a Sennheiser omni-directional condenser capsule with 1GB of flash recording memory to create a portable recording device with no cables and connectors. Either WAV linear or MPEG 1 Layer 2 encoded files can then be transferred at up to 90x real-time via USB. A date/time stamp is stored along with the file, with the internal real-time clock set and synchronized automatically by the host computer. The mic is powered for more than six hours by a pair of standard AA batteries. Customizable parameters include audio mode (six settings with a maximum record time of more than 18 hours), automatic gain control on/off, record level, pre-record buffer (zero to 10 seconds) and high-pass filter on/off. Operating at the industry-standard 48kHz/16-bit, the recordings can be played back under independent level control on headphones connected via a socket on the base of the unit.

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