2007 Product Source: C to D

October 1, 2007

Optical converter
EO-500A, OE-501: The EO-500A is an AES-3ID optical converter TX and the OE-501 is an AES-3ID optical converter RX. Long distance transmission is possible by converting AES signals, eight ports (16 audio channels) into multiple/optical signal. There are eight types of TX by emission wavelength. Therefore, only one optical fiber enables to transmit total 64 ports (128 audio channels) by using wavelength multiplexing. It features asynchronous multiplexing, world clock transmission and is Dolby E signal transmission-capable.

Audio interfaces
Central Music Company (CME)
U2GKB, U2midi: The U2 USB Cable Interface Series is a series of USB cables with built-in computer interfaces for plug-and-play connection of line- and mic-level audio sources and MIDI keyboards and controllers. The U2GKB is for line-level sources; the U2MIC is for microphone inputs and features +48v phantom power via USB; and the U2MIDI carries 16 channels of MIDI to and from a computer. With a self-contained preamp and real-time monitoring, the U2GKB is designed for easy connection of an instrument to a computer for recording. It features a built-in audio interface with high quality A/D and D/A converters and is USB 2.0 compliant for fast transmission and low-latency recording. The U2GKB has a 1/4” input and a USB output.

Dummy loads
Coaxial Dynamics
4000 Series: Coaxial Dynamics'' series of low VSWR, High Peak Power terminations run from 5 to 150W with a frequency range to 4GHz. The VSWR is 1.05:1 maximum to 1GHz and 1.10:1 maximum to 4GHz. The Peak Power handling capabilities are from 5 to 25kW with a 1-microsecond pulse width, depending on the model selected. These terminations come with a standard 2-year warranty and detachable N Female connectors. There are 26 different Quick Match connector types for this series including male or female SMA, BNC, LC, TNC, SMA, 7/16 and many others.

Overhauling a system
Creative Studio Solutions
Documentation Overhauls: Creative Studio Solutions will send a team of its engineers to a broadcasting facility, where they will trace, re-label and document every wire, connection and piece of equipment. This information will then be entered into studio documentation software, of which the client will receive both a hard copy and CD version. In addition, CSS will make any recommendations regarding the system infrastructure based on their analysis. CSS uses Stardraw Studio documentation software, and a copy of the software is provided to each client at the end of the project.

Crown Broadcast
FM600E, FM600R, FM600T: The FM150 broadcast transmitter offers a frequency agile front panel, SWR metering from remote control and the ability to control output power from a remote control. The FM600 is available in three configurations: The FM600E is a basic exciter with composite input only. The FM600T is a good choice for the lower power broadcaster, with its built-in audio processor and stereo generator. The 20 percent upgrade in power over the company''s previous FM500 allows the end user to accommodate date line loss without upgrading to the next higher power Crown unit. The FM600R is the translator option with built-in receiver. With low-loss circuit boards and copper heat spreaders in the RF chain, the unit functions with less heat and improved life span. A robust power supply with switching voltage and power regulators for ac or dc operation allows the FM600 to be used anywhere power can be generated.

Digital/analog silence sensor
Danagger Audio Works
Plan B Classic: Danagger Audio Works has announced a new midrange model of the Plan B dead-air prevention device. The Plan B Classic has special features for network repeater applications. It accepts an external closure to inject local audio from the system''s internal DVD drive or Compact Flash card and automatically rejoins the network after a break. Like all Plan B models, the Classic will also detect digital or analog program feed failures and provide continuous replacement audio while notifying station personnel via voice remote control. Users can also call the Plan B Classic to monitor program and backup audio, manipulate relays, monitor status inputs, or make emergency phone-to-air announcements. Danagger has included a monitor amplifier with stereo speakers and a headphone jack in the Plan B Classic''s sleek 2RU aluminum rack-mount chassis.

Mid-size PA speakers
D.A.S. Audio
Reference Series: Consisting of six two-way systems and three subwoofer systems, the Reference series is very versatile. The systems consist of two 12-inch models, two 15-inch models and two double 15-inch models available with 1- and 1.5-inch compression drivers equipped with titanium diaphragms. Included in the range of externally powered products are two subwoofer systems with a single 18-inch bass-reflex configuration and a high power double 18-inch system for use in applications requiring the extra low-frequency power, such as dance clubs and discos. Each cabinet has 12 M10 rigging points so that they can be easily installed using forged steel eyebolts. The rigging points can also be used with the two-piece wall or ceiling “L” brackets as well as the newly incorporated array frame, which permits a horizontal array of up to three RF-12 or RF 15 models. For mobile use, the 12- and 15-inch cabinets include a standard speaker stand/pole


Upgrade to remote control system
Davicom/Comlab Telecommunications
Next Generation Mini-Mac: The newest unit shares many features with its big brother, the MAC, but has a limited number of inputs/outputs (eight metering inputs, 16 status inputs, two audio inputs, eight physical relays and one reach-through serial port), and cannot be expanded. Version 5 of the firmware is daylight-saving time ready for North America, offers bilingual voice and screen capability (supporting Unicode character sets), multiple alarm-call lists (for day/night workshifts, weekends or specific events) and a user-defined log. Configuration and control of Mini-MAC and MAC units is ensured by the included Mac Comm software version 5, which allows customized view screens for each user and site.

Modulation monitor
Day Sequerra
M2.2R: Based on the popular M2.0, the M2.2R gives broadcasters additional tools to monitor and alarm their HD Radio broadcast transmissions. In addition to the original M2.0 model''s basic capabilities, the M2.2R includes six programmable dry, floating alarm relays, RBDS and RF Multipath displays, full FM analog component monitoring including SCA and pilot injection levels and AM noise, a multiplex output for external SCA decoders, Ethernet interface for streaming PAD data or remote control, and Day Sequerra''s Remote Dashboard software program, which lets broadcasters remotely tune the unit, alarm key signal parameters and log their data. The new M2.2R also features full time digital audio output, even when tuned to an analog station. The company has rolled their PLM (Performance Loss Module) Option into the M2.2R. This technology employs proprietary heuristic algorithms, which cannot be fooled by pink noise or tones, and will generate alarms when real program silence is detected in HD Radio or analog broadcasts. The M2.2R can also trigger an alarm on loss of RF Carrier, Audio, OFDM Lock, RBDS Stream, PAD Stream,

HD Radio monitor
Day Sequerra
M3: The 2RU monitor provides three frequency-agile AM, FM and HD Radio multicast tuners, each equipped with analog and digital balanced outputs, streaming RS-232 PAD data outputs and six programmable dry, floating contact alarm relays-18 relays, total. Each tuner stores 20 AM and 20 FM presets, decodes HD-1 through HD-8 multicast channels and displays signal strength, multipath, HD Radio PAD data and analog RBDS data. Indicators report HD locked, multicast present, delay bit set and tuner alarm. Audio output is uncompromised with an over-sampled D/A converter driving Class-A biased audio outputs. HD Radio stereo separation is better than 90dB, and THD+N is less than 0.005 percent.


Retrofit adapter
D264: The D264 Series retrofit adapter allows for simple retrofit of a new LED beacon to an existing incandescent base, eliminating the need to fully dismantle the old fixture. Remove the top half of the existing incandescent light and the retrofit adapter securely mounts to the existing hinge. Uses a socket-based electrical interface. Other features include rugged cast design, interfaces with most existing fixtures and reduces retrofit time for an LED beacon to a small fraction of what would be required for a complete fixture removal.


Sound card
LX6464ES: The LX6464ES combines Digigram''s sound card expertise with Ethersound technology. With up to 64 bi-directional PCM linear channels, the LX6464ES is a versatile PCI board that provides an effective way to bridge a wide range of computer audio applications to all channels of a 100Mb/s Ethersound network.

Internet satellite receiver
Digital Juke Box

Intersat Receiver: The Internet Satellite Receiver will allow radio stations and private air talent to create their own satellite music format with all legal IDs, magic calls, liners, stopsets and more to be fired at the local station level without a satellite receiver or an audio switcher. CD-quality audio and control signals are received over the Internet, which is played back by the Intersat Receiver software on any Windows XP computer. In addition, if the station should loose its Internet connection, the Intersat Receiver will play music from the local hard drive on that station until the Internet connection is reestablished. No spots will be missed, as the computer will play all scheduled spots as well as liners and the legal ID when called for.

Utility software
DK Technologies
DK-Matrix: DK-Matrix is a PC software package for DK Technologies'' MSD600M and PT0660 series of audiometers that allows engineers to set up their meters to suit their needs. Although the audiometers can be configured from the front plate, this new utility software option allows various aspects of the meter to be easily configured from a PC.
+45 4485 0255

FM Extra radio receiver
Digital Radio Express
Aruba: The FM Extra Radio Receiver Model Aruba features a new design with a wooden cabinet, built-in hi-fi speaker, tuned port for bass enhancement, improved RF reception specifications, connection for external speaker to use in stereo mode, Headphone output, Digital Optical Output, programmable for Conditional Access and a USB connection.


EAS station multiplexer
DM Engineering
Multi Station Relay Adapter: The Multi Station Relay Adapter (MSRA & MSRA-RM) expands the allowable controlled number of stations from a single Endec to a total of four. It is a microprocessor-based, three-stereo-channel accessory for the Sage-Endec EAS encoder-decoder. All digital commands and EAS audio is supplied by the Endec, and the MSRA interprets these commands to select the appropriate station or stations for EAS broadcast. The MSRA digital communication with the Endec is via RS232 and the EAS audio for the MSRA is derived from the speaker line output connection of the Endec. A multi-turn, recessed front panel input gain trim potentiometer and individual multi-turn station gain controls are provided for controlling the active stereo distribution amplifier sections having balanced output levels capable of of greater than +12dBm into a 600 ohm load impedance.


Status reminder
DM Engineering
Don''t Forget: Don''t Forget monitors tasks such as switching the local-remote switch or shutting the door on the aux transmitter, and remind the user if the selected action is forgotten before he leaves the site. Don''t Forget features six jumper selectable inputs for either N.O. or N.C. conditions, three Opto-Probe LED and visible light sensor inputs, LEDs for each monitored input. One Opto-Probe may be used to monitor a selected LED or light source for applications such as local-remote switches, over modulation LEDs or any other light source desired. Magnetic contact switches are also included for doors or panels that must be closed. Don''t Forget can also be used as a fault-alerting system and is easily interfaced with a remote control.

Nearfield monitor
Dynaudio Acoustics
BM5P: The BM 5P is a passive nearfield monitor that operates within a frequency response of 50Hz to 21kHz, and is equipped with a 170mm (6.9”) woofer and 26mm (1”) soft dome tweeter. BM 5P uses pure aluminum for the voice.
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