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September 2, 2008

Acoustics First Block Aid

Vinyl sound barrier
Acoustics First
Block Aid: Also known as mass-loaded vinyl, Block Aid is used to block unwanted noise and reduces sound transmission without reducing space. 1/8" of vinyl barrier yields STC=27. Constructed of non-reinforced high temperature vinyl with no lead fillers, this material is as heavy as lead, yet easily cuts with a utility knife. Block Aid vinyl sound barrier is tough and durable. Originally designed to block transmission of sound through walls, it is available as a backer for Cloudscape Ceiling Tiles to limit sound flanking over office walls. Block Aid is available in 20', 30' or 60' rolls.

Compact subwoofer
Adam Professional Audio
Sub 7: The Sub 7, a new compact subwoofer designed to complement the A5. Despite its small footprint, it is capable of extending the frequency reproduction of the A5 down to 30Hz. Multiple inputs (both XLR and RCA) and controls that allow the system to be fine-tuned to any listening environment make the Sub 7 the ideal partner for the A5. A wireless remote control for adjusting the volume and crossover frequency from the listening position is also provided.

AETA Audio Systems Scoop 4+

Stereo codec
AETA Audio Systems
Scoop 4+: Scoop 4+ is a stereo studio codec for high quality audio transmission. It features contribution links via IP connections, public or private networks, Inmarsat BGAN service, ISDN lines, distribution of audio programs from studio to transmitters, using leased lines or IP connections and live broadcasts from OB vans. Scoop 4+ has a compact 1 RU design, is silent with low consumption, is compatible with SIP phones, has dual mono codec mode available for two independent links over leased lines or ISDN, full remote control supervision, 5AS for easy connections over ISDN, auxiliary data channel and relay transmission, optional voice coordination channel and a new low power platform on a Linux architecture. The SIP protocol is a standard developed for VoIP applications and supported by telecommunications companies and many professional associations. SIP solves problems of compatibility and interoperation.
+33 1 41 36 12 00

Altronic Research Omegaline 6606 and 6612

RF terminators
Altronic Research
Omegaline 6606 and 6612: These are convection-cooled terminators for 50 ohm coaxial transmission line systems. Manufacturers of transmitters, microwave components and power tubes, as well as transmitting stations can be assured of ideal dummy load conditions during designing, testing, adjusting and aligning of transmitters or components. The rugged, precision-designed configuration of the 6600 series provides reliability, serviceability, safety, convenience and economy well-suited for today's modern RF application. The terminators are useful for IBOC applications, ac power is not required and silver contacts on special film resistors eliminate resistor failure.

APC/MGE UPS Systems Pulsar

UPS family
Pulsar: The Pulsar 700, 1000, and 1500VA units feature multiple-form factors. Tower and rack options are available in various sizes to accommodate a variety of networking and telecommunication enclosures. All Pulsar models accommodate a multi-position power distribution unit (FlexPDU) that saves space by adding receptacles to the back, side or top of the UPS - freeing up space in dense rack environments. In addition, a universal HotSwap Maintenance By-Pass module is designed to assure power continuity by allowing the UPS to be replaced without interrupting the power supply.During a power outage, the Pulsar can protect connected equipment for up to five hours with optional external battery modules. For increased continuity, the Pulsar's internal battery can be hot-swapped from the front panel while the UPS remains in the rack. In addition, the Pulsar features a wide input voltage tolerance that allows the UPS to accept wide voltage fluctuations. This feature minimizes the frequent transfer to batteries - thus saving battery life. To maximize backup time for critical devices connected to the UPS, Powershare technology enables users to remotely reboot systems and gracefully turn off less critical equipment.

Applied Research and Technology Voice Channel

Stereo mic preamp
Applied Research & Technology
Voice Channel: Built to provide the idea all-in-one input for analog or digital recording, the ART Voice Channel is a true second-generation discrete Class-A microphone preamp capable of providing clean, quiet gain while maintaining transparency. An integrated, fuly variable powerful dynamics processor subtly controls transients and noise of the most demanding sources while the Voice Channel's semi-marametric EQ offers wide tune-ability. The EQ can be patched before or after the dynamics processor while separate insertion jacks allow quiet in-line connectivity to external signal processing gear immediately after the mic pream, before the EQ and dynamics processor in the signal path.

APT Worldnet Oslo

Linear/PCM audio option
Worldnet Oslo Module: The Worldnet Oslo is now available with a linear audio module offering uncompressed audio quality over both IP and T1 links. The Linear/PCM audio option is in addition to the existing MPEG L2 option and the pro-grade, low delay Enhanced apt-X coding utilized in hundreds of STLs and studio links throughout the country. Also, APT's codecs now fully support SIP and SDP protocols. SIP ensures interoperability between audio codecs from different manufacturers and enables the negotiation of traffic across firewalls and external networks. With SIP and SDP on all the Worldnet Oslo audio multiplexers, APT's product range is now fully compliant to the N/ACIP standard set out by the European Broadcast Union.

Armstrong Transmitter TRX-HD series

Analog, digital translator
Armstrong Transmitter
TRX-HD series: Designed to transition a translator station from analog-only broadcasting to digital, the TRX-HD receives an FM station's entire signal payload over the air, including its HD Radio digital component. The signal content is transferred to the TRX-HD transmit side for retransmission on the translator frequency. The TRX-HD10 provides 10W in the hybrid digital mode, the TRX-HD50 provides 50W hybrid digital, and the TRX-HD100 is a 100W hybrid digital translator. Higher hybrid power levels are achieved by adding an Armstrong solid-state amplifier.

Arrakis ARC-10

Radio console familiy
ARC-10: The ARC-10 series of radio consoles are general purpose consoles that meet the needs for most on-air radio and radio production studio applications. Channels One and Two are high-performance mic channels for on-air talent with a guest. Channel 10 is an advanced telephone interface to an external hybrid for live callers or an off-line contest call. Seven stereo line input channels easily handle the other audio sources, such as CD players, found in most studios. Channel nine can even be optionally configured with a Windows PC USB interface for use with live on-air, automation and production software. With LED-lighted switches, long life faders and electronic switching of all audio signal paths, the ARC-10 is a rugged, reliable and versatile console for professional Radio studio applications.

Atlas Sound Rack Accessories

Rack accessories
Atlas Sound
Rack Accessories: Making their debut within the SD Series, two, three, four and six RU pullout drawers come equipped with a standard 14-inch drawer slide and overall drawer depth of 14.75 inches. Employing a recessed design and reversed hanger that keeps contents inside from falling out if the rack enclosure is moved, each drawer is available with an optional key lock. Built in full compliance with EIA310x and IEC-3 specifications, the new model MMK15-RM rackmount keyboard/monitor drawer can also be found among products being unveiled by Atlas. Shipped to end-users with its own built-in 105 character keyboard, touchpad, and flip-up 15-inch LCD monitor with 1024x768 resolution and anti-glare/tempered glass, the MMK15-RM additionally features heavy-duty steel construction and an integral, self-locking slide rail facilitating easy installation. An auto-switching 100Vac/240Vac power supply unit is also offered as part of the package. Last among the new Atlas rack accessories is the ECS3 rackmount power conditioner and sequencer. Providing comprehensive surge and spike protection, the ECS3 is equipped with nine outlets, seven on the rear panel, and two on the front.

Audioarts Engineering W-12

Audioarts Engineering
W-12: The W-12 Console targets small- to mid-market radio stations and offers high-end features such as: three stereo main busses, 12 A/B dual source stereo line inputs (analog or digital), two microphone preamps, uncompressed 24-bit operation (44.1 or 48kHz), switched VU meters, built-in cue speaker with level control and headphone jack with built-in amp.

Audio-Technica AT-LP2D-USB

LP to digital recording system
AT-LP2D-USB: The AT-LP2D-USB includes a turntable and phono cartridge, PC- and Mac-compatible software, a USB cable that connects the turntable directly to a computer and other accessories. The turntable, designed to deliver high-quality sound, features fully automatic operation and a 33-1/3 and 45 RPM speed selector to play vinyl formats from LP albums to 12" and 7" singles. The turntable's supplied USB cable enables plug-and-play connection to a desktop or laptop computer. Its built-in switchable, phono preamp, RCA output cables and adapter cables allow connection to a wide variety of music and home entertainment systems, and to A/V receivers that do not include a dedicated phono input.

Auralex Acoustics Studio Foam

Eco-friendly acoustic studio foam
Auralex Acoustics
Studio Foam: Studio Foam brand products now include soy components, reducing petroleum-based chemical usage by up to 60 percent and lessening dependence on fossil fuels, including foreign crude oil. This greener formula helps reduce global warming emissions. Studio Foam is manufactured without harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's), which have been implicated in the depletion of the ozone layer. In making the conversion over to the new Soy-based hybrid formula, these products now boast an improved performance and durability over conventional petroleum-based foams.

Avlex Superlux D108A

Dynamic vocal microphone
Superlux D108A: The Superlux D108A dynamic vocal microphone features a super cardioid capsule residing in an all-metal, shock resistant housing with a foam mesh grille. The microphone's modular capsule exhibits excellent off-axis rejection and high gain before feedback. Featuring exceptionally flat frequency response, the new Superlux D108A provides extremely smooth, natural output quality. With a frequency response of 50Hz to 16kHz, the new D108A has a broad frequency range to ensure natural sounding, pristine audio quality. To ensure against unintended movement of the on/off switch, the D108A offers a built in locking plate.

Axia Audio Pathfinder Pro

Router control software
Axia Audio
Pathfinder Pro: An enterprise-class version of Axia's popular Pathfinder PC software, Pathfinder Pro retains all the graphical features and route-building tools users have praised, while adding powerful virtual mixer control, serial data routing, and built-in server clustering capabilities designed specifically for mission-critical, 24/7 broadcast operations. Pathfinder Pro lets broadcasters easily create sophisticated audio routing applications - from simple point-to-point routes to complex, multi-point scene changes that can reconfigure an entire facility at the click of a mouse, automatically at specified times, or in response to pre-programmed events. Upon installation, it automatically scans the network, gathering information about audio sources and destinations. Administrators can then point and click to send audio from one place to another, creating single route points, or Snapshots that change multiple routes, all lockable to prevent inadvertent changes.

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