2008 Product Source: B, C

September 2, 2008

Internet production systems
Barnabas Road Media
Per Performance Reporting System: BRM's Per Performance Reporting System (PPRS) was developed in-house by its software development team headed by Paul Gathard, the president and founder of Barnabas Road Media. PPRS collects the data from a radio station's automation system, integrates the output of the streaming media server files and produces a ready-to-file official report that is signed and submitted by station/network managers. The report is ready to submit to SoundExchange as you remit your royalty payments. PPRS makes per-play reporting simple, fast and reliably easy to use.

Broadcast supplier
Bay Country Broadcast Equipment
Equipment Dealer: This broadcast equipment dealer offers a 15-day return guarantee. In its fifth year of business, the company offers new and used equipment and also rents test equipment. The company's website includes a list of recent used equipment offerings as well.

Belar FMHD-1

712rad2104 Digital stereo monitor/analyzer
FMHD-1: The unit features RJ-45 10/100BaseT Ethernet and RS-232 computer interfaces. When used in conjunction with the Wizard for Windows software, the analyzer can be viewed remotely with various PC graphing and logging functions. The unit also provides four user assignable relay closures used to indicate alarm conditions. The monitor provides two filtered analog composite outputs for driving wideband analog FM monitors. Besides an antenna input for monitoring off the air, the monitor features two RF inputs for transmitter site operation. The dual RF inputs allow for monitoring at installations using two transmitters to generate the combined analog HD Radio signal. The monitor decodes the HD Radio signal and analog FM signal simultaneously displaying HD Radio status, data, time alignment and configuration information, as well as audio metering and RF/audio spectrums. The 2RU system with 640x240 color LCD display and rotary encoder provides a detailed clean and simple user interface.

Bext XL Series

813rad2074 Transmitters
XL Series: The XL 2000 and XL 3500 can supply, respectively, up to 2000W and up to 3500W in a rack-mountable, ultra-compact enclosure just four rack spaces high (7"). Among their features: Direct/remote frequency programmability; fast access to all functions and readings via menu display; proportional auto-foldback for excessive VSWR; adjustable power output with soft-start; automatic power control at pre-set level; optional AES-EBU digital audio input; built-in low pass/harmonic filter; 70 percent energy efficiency overall; remote controllability by traditional analog contacts and PC or modem connection via RS 232, with Web browser access coming soon.

Blastwave FX Micro-Waves

813rad2017 Downloadable Web sound effects
Blastwave FX
Micro-Waves: Webtones is a multimedia sound effects library consisting of 1,000 fresh and unique buttons, clicks, rollovers and other imaging elements specific to multimedia applications. This collection will provide you with the tools you need to add sonic life to your virtual creations.

Broadcast Bionics Phone Box Solo

706rad1122 Audio router, interface
Broadcast Bionics
Phone Box Solo: This system is purely software driven, using SIP, VoIP or ISDN technology to digitally route calls to air via a standard windows PC and soundcard. The interface features call recording, editing and playback, advanced visual talk back, database logging, caller ID and black listing. Users can have as many as eight lines for a single hybrid studio system, with options to add call screening, remote control and extra hybrids.
+44 1444 473999

Broadcast Devices ATB-300

806rad2405 Audio toolbox
Broadcast Devices
ATB-300: Designed to cure audio problems aotmatically, the ATB-300 occupies 1RU and offers front-panel programmable functions. Audio feeds that are unbalanced, over/under driven, phase flipped, channel reversed or in an incorrect mode can be fixed with the touch of a few buttons. The ATB-300 accepts analog and digital inputs to manipulate audio in the analog or digital domain quickly without the need to go off to the console first. It allows switching between any two channels, mixing two or more channels together, turning channels on and off to create a mixer on the fly and switches to programmed sequence of channels upon failure of active channel with look back.

Broadcast Electronics >FXi 60/250esp

813rad2018 Digital exciter
Broadcast Electronics
FXi 60/250esp: The FXi 60/250esp exciter is the BE's latest FM exciter with direct-to-channel FM carrier generation. It includes features such as digital adaptive correction, dual RF outputs for redundancy, Ethernet IP control and more. Broadcast Electronics' new exciter, available in 60W and 250W versions, will come standard in its FMi T and FMi HD Radio transmitter lines and as an upgrade option for its FM T, C and S Series transmitters. New features and functions of the FXi 60/250esp exciter include: New ESP digital adaptive correction provides for greater efficiency and overall best RF output mask compliance. ESP corrects any linear and nonlinear distortions for the transmission system, providing adaptive correction for FM + HD and HD Radio, and corrects for group delay in a multi-station, combined antenna application. Dual RF outputs - one exciter can drive two transmitters, a separate HD Radio transmitter and an FM transmitter or a backup and main transmitter. Plus, the new FXi 60/250esp offers dual AES/EBU inputs with True Silence Sense for primary and backup audio inputs.

Studio automation system
Broadcast Software International
Op-X: Op-X was built from the ground up and has been designed for both intuitive operator interface and ease of maintenance for the IT or engineering professional. The system has been in fulltime operation at more than 30 stations nationwide for the past 18 months, as product features have been enhanced and real-life testing has proven successful. The system features clock-builder and time-bending functions, as well as a satellite interface.

Cascade Technology Corporation IPM-1 EAS Watch

813rad2019 EAS monitor
Cascade Technology Corporation
IPM-1 EAS Watch: EAS Watch continuously monitors the actual transmitted signal from broadcast stations. The system detects Emergency Alerts and conveys the data collected via Internet to a high definition TV Situation Display located in a state or regional Emergency Management Center. When an Alert is initiated, the audio from the alert is decoded by the on-site server. Through access to a relational database and decoding of the EAS FIPS codes the relevant stations are shown on a state or regional map. If the station successfully broadcasts the EAS, its icon turns green; if not, the icon turns red after a user adjustable time interval has elapsed. The system also performs a technical analysis of the signal in order to confirm that it meets the FCC regulations relating to bit rate, tone frequencies, pauses and audio levels. If the signal does not conform, a warning is provided. A full report on the technical deficiencies can be printed. EAS Watch also addresses spurious EAS transmissions. Currently there is no way for authorities to know that a station has accidentally sent out an EAS. With EAS Watch, any spurious EAS will result in generation of a new regional map on the Situation Display that will also allow tracking of any propagation of the EAS through other broadcasters.

Cedar DNS3000

807rad1104 Dynamic noice suppressor
DNS3000: The DNS3000 is the latest generation of Cedar's Dialogue Noise Suppression technology, combining the tactile control service of the original DNS1000 with the Pro Tools integration of the DNS2000, plus much more. Additional features include on-board scenes with a simple and intuitive recall system, automation to timecode, flying faders and sample rates up to 96kHz. As before, the hardware provides the processing power and audio I/O, and near-zero latency continues to ensure that there is no loss of lip-sync.

Chris Scott & Associates LP-3

813rad2020 H-field antenna
Chris Scott & Associates
LP-3: The LP-3 series standard H-field antenna is specifically designed for emission measurement of AM broadcast stations using a spectrum analyzer or other calibrated receiver. The electrostatically shielded loop provides unmatched E-field rejection, greatly reducing electrical noise pickup normally associated with practical measurement environments. The bi-directional null pattern allows greater than 25dB reduction in interference from other carriers as well as attribution of subject emissions. Optimal broadband design permits accurate bandwidth and harmonic measurement.

Coaxial Dynamics 81030

813rad2021 Average reading wattmeter
Coaxial Dynamics
81030: The new Model 81030 average reading wattmeter incorporates a large, robust LCD display, a state-of-the-art microcontroller that computes forward or reflected RF power and presents the reading in either Watts or dBm scale. The digital display allows the quickest and most accurate way to read RF Power from up to several feet away. No more confusing crossed needles or tiny print on small meter faces, which can be read inaccurately if viewed from an angle or distance. The Model 81030 is able to accurately measure RF power from 100mW to 10kW over a frequency range of 2MHz to 2.3GHz using standard 7/8" elements.

Traversal server
BRIC TS: Bric TS is designed to make Access IP connections simple. Users can log in to the Bric TS server using a standard Web browser and create an account. A User Group is created and Access units are added to the account. After the account has been configured, Access units will automatically synchronize with Bric TS. A Buddy List is added to each Access unit's address book, which shows all users in the specified group as well as each codec's connection status and IP address. Connection between Access units is a simple point and click regardless of each unit's IP address and location behind firewalls or routers.

Continental Electronics 802Ex

813rad2022 Digital FM/HD exciter
Continental Electronics
802Ex: This new next generation exciter is a on-box HD Radio product incorporating embedded exporter and exciter technology. The 802EX is based on future-focused digital technology that advances performance beyond other FM digital exciters, makes HD Radio much simpler to install and configure, and enhances the FM/HD experience through the innovative application of soft updates and firmware plug-ins. Standard in all 802EX exciters are: Continental's fully-adaptive, real-time, forward precorrection, allowing changes in transmitter or RF system performance to be automatically sensed and corrected; software-selectable HD Radio power levels of -20dB, -10dB or any power level in between; Hi-res color LCD screen for maximum clarity and accuracy; built-in stereo generator; built-in audio delay (up to 16.4 seconds); synchronization, using GPS 10MHz signal; multiple AES3 digital audio inputs; AES3 audio output; standard composite input and two baseband SCA inputs.

Crane Song Phoenix

413br2010 TDM plug-in
Crane Song
Phoenix: This TDM Plug-In for Pro Tools emulates the unique properties of a magnetic tape machine. The plug-in process not only incorporates the nonlinear saturation characteristics created by magnetic the tape itself, but also includes the interrelation of an analog tape recorder's record/reproduce electronics and equalization curves. Five TDM plug-ins emulate tape characteristics, each one incorporating a color change button allowing three choices to modify the process. A level control determines the amount of the process integrated into the audio signal.

Crown Broadcast FM600E, FM600R, FM600T

713rad2050 Transmitter
Crown Broadcast
FM600E, FM600R, FM600T: The FM150 broadcast transmitter offers a frequency agile front panel, SWR metering from remote control and the ability to control output power from a remote control. The FM600 is available in three configurations: The FM600E is a basic exciter with composite input only. The FM600T is a good cohice for the lower power broadcaster, with its built-in audio processor and stereo generator. The 20 percent upgrade in power over the company's previous FM500 allows the end user to accommodate date line loss without upgrading to the next higher power Crown unit. The FM600R is the translator option with built-in receiver. With low loss circuit boards and copper heat spreaders in the RF chain, the unit functions with less heat and improved life span. A robust power supply with switching voltage and power regulators for ac or dc operation allow the FM600 to be used anywhere power can be generated.

Real-time web page launches
DJ Cynocaster: DJ CynoCaster, is designed to work with both terrestrial and Internet radio stations. DJ CynoCaster's Launch List allows radio stations to deliver any of type of digital media in real-time to listeners. DJs can instantly provide polls, poll results, song lyrics, traffic maps, news articles, blogs, weather maps and sports scores on the listener's computer. A single mouse click can launch any URL on the Web. Any radio station format can benefit from using the technology, especially Talk Radio.

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