2008 Product Source: D-H

September 2, 2008

Davicom Micro MAC

Remote control system
Davicom/Comlab Telecommunications
Micro MAC: Micro MAC is designed to handle the remote-control and monitoring needs of small repeater or booster sites. I/O capability includes eight metering, eight status and eight relays, and communications is achieved over dial-up or IP networks. The Micro MAC operates with the same Graphical User Interface as other MAC products, so personnel can easily control all sites, from the smallest to the largest, with a unit from the Davicom MAC family. The Micro MAC is just as intelligent as other MAC units with extensive condition-driven and event-driven programming capabilities. It boasts the industry's widest choice of communication means, including: voice/DTMF, PC, fax, e-mail, pager, text messaging, SNMP and Web browser. It also allows easy access via a Blackberry or smart phones.

Day Sequerra M2A-FM

FM modulation monitor
Day Sequerra
M2A-FM: The M2A-FM provides full off-air and direct monitoring capabilities for analog FM, including demodulated audio level, carrier modulation level, pilot and SCA injection level, incidental AM noise and RBDS decoding and display. The unit includes programmable opto-isolated alarms for audio peak, audio program, carrier loss and RBDS data loss. The M2A-FM includes adjustable channel spacing, de-emphasis and operating voltage selection for worldwide operation. It can be equipped with an optional Ethernet remote control package including Day Sequerra's Remote Dashboard, a proprietary PC-based application that includes monitoring, logging, alarms via e-mail and scanning of up to 100 preset stations.

Dayton Industrial AFC3

EAS receiver
Dayton Industrial Corp
AFC3: The company's line of receivers is designed for professional or EAS monitoring. Three receivers for NOAA, AM, FM or public service band are housed in a 1RU case. The AFC3 contains a front-panel audio selector switch, mounted small speaker and headset outputs controlled by a volume control. Also mounted on the front panel are LED indicators that indicate carrier and modulation activity for each receiver. An alert indicator and test/reset switch is mounted on the front panel for those receivers that use alert tone detectors, such as the weather and public-service monitors. The rear panel contains outputs for the receivers. The receiver uses a 12V power source.

Deva Broadcast Band Scanner Pro

USB FM-scanning receiver modulation/RDS analyzer
Deva Broadcast
Band Scanner Pro: This is a tool to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion and to log station identification parameters. The Band Scanner Pro can measure RF level, MPX deviation, left and right audio levels, RDS and Pilot injection levels. The system is powered by the USB port of any Windows PC. Supplied free of charge, Windows software sweeps the receiver across the FM band, logging every carrier and generating a spectrum display of carrier level versus frequency. It then analyzes each carrier and creates a station list. Stations with an RDS presence are further refined to show all the radio data groups being transmitted. Its interface is like a portable radio: It may be tuned manually through the receiver screen or by double-clicking a point on the spectrum plot or an entry on the station list. Spectrum plots may be saved as JPG or BMP files. The RDS data error level is graphed in a separate window on the receiver screen. The program can be monitored with headphones plugged into a standard 1/8" jack.
+359 56 820027

DM Engineering Mic Pro 2

Switching module
DM Engineering
Mic Pro 2: This lighted silent-switching module will upgrade a low cost production mixing board to have the microphone switching features of a professional broadcast console. The on/off buttons enable and disable the mic channel. Microphone channels can now be individually controlled by their own module. The unit is powered by a dc power supply module, the Studio Slave Relay Pack or Superelay. As many as five switching modules can be powered by one power supply module. The unit requires 9-12 Vdc at 45ma input power.

Eddystone Broadcast S79005

500W FM Transmitter
Eddystone Broadcast
S79005: The new S7900 series of FM amplifiers provides the same Eddystone modularity in a more compact package. The use of the E2021 300W hot-pluggable power amplifier modules means that removal of amplifiers can be carried out with minimal reduction in output power and it retains complete compatibility with its predecessor the S7600 series amplifiers. The design also features the newly updated single or dual redundant highly efficient hot-pluggable switched mode power supplies. Both PA and SMPSU modules are common to the entire 7900 and 7600 series from 500W to 20kW, resulting in greatly reduced spares holding costs for networks and groups.
+44 1789 768878

ERI-Electronics Research Model CF103

Low-power group delay equalizer
ERI-Electronics Research
Model CF103: The Model CF103 Low Power Group Delay Equalizer provides group delay pre-correction for FM transmitters at low level, usually between the FM transmitter's exciter and intermediate power amplifier. The pre-correction applied offsets excess group delay variation and asymmetry that is unavoidable in FM combiner systems that include closely spaced frequencies, of 1.0MHz or less. The CF103 has a power rating of 150W and provides up to one microsecond of correction across a single FM broadcast channel. ERI also has available group delay equalizers that operate at high power, which offer greater correction range and are located directly before each individual station's combining module. This means that the proper correction is applied regardless of whether the main or auxiliary transmitter is online and it is not affected by transmitter supply voltage variations or changes in output amplifier tuning.

Master clock time code generator
ES-160U: This crystal-based master clock/time code generator employs a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), which provides the ES-160U with an accuracy of one second per month. Six 0.56" yellow LEDs display real-time while the unit simultaneously generates several types of time code. The ES-160U features ESE, SMPTE/EBU and ASCII time code outputs; one PPS (pulse-per-second) output; 12 or 24 hour display; automatic Daylight Saving Time correction; battery backup; external time sync input; and a 1RU enclosure.

HD Radio receiver, translator
FP-TRO: With the advent of HD Radio comes the need to provide HD Radio translators and repeaters. Because of the licensing involved with HD Radio, complete demodulation and remodulation of a digital signal can be cost prohibitive. The FP-TRO maintains the signal in the RF domain and converts it to the new frequency, which eliminates the cost of licensing the HD Radio technology used in the translator. The signal is then retransmitted using a Crown Broadcast amplifier.

Broadcast supplier
Full Compass
Equipment Dealer: Since 1977, Full Compass Systems. has supported individuals and industries with products and services to fulfill their audio, video and lighting requirements. It offers complete sales, design, repair and rental services. The company represents and sells more than 600 lines of equipment for sound reinforcement, audio/video, recording, acoustical treatment, special effects lighting and video security. Design and installation capabilities range from simple paging and background music systems to applications requiring acoustical analysis and computer-assisted design and simulation. Clients include religious, commercial, musical, theatrical, institutional, governmental and residential users.

Gepco International Amphenol TAC-4, TAC-12

Cable assembly
Gepco International
Amphenol TAC-4, TAC-12: Gepco has added Amphenol TAC-4 four-channel and TAC-12 twelve-channel hermaphroditic connectors to its line-up. The TAC-4 and TAC-12 hermaphroditic connectors are industry standard, multi-channel formats designed to withstand use and abuse in harsh environments. The Amphenol assemblies are factory terminated by Gepco and feature precision machine-polished contacts which offer UPC quality to achieve -55dB return loss specifications. This process helps to attain excellent optical clarity and alignment, reducing back reflection and minimizing insertion loss. For further transmission assurance, all assemblies are 100 percent tested and verified for consistent performance and feature premium quality connectors and components.

Automation system
Google Radio Automation: Google Radio Automation is a third-generation radio automation system featuring SS32 and Maestro in a single product. The database tier is built around the SQL database. The open interface allows other systems to easily exchange data with Google Radio Automation, control it or be controlled by it. Widgets can be added, moved or removed from the screen at-will, allowing each user the ability to personalize their interface based on their individual needs and preferences. Google Radio Automation lets you add custom widgets to the automation system. Custom widgets can be used to tightly integrate other pieces of broadcasting equipment or other computer programs with the automation system.

Graham Studios Modulux Premium

Studio furniture
Graham Studios
Modulux Premium: Modulus Premium features standard solid oak trim with wider applications and on more surfaces than the Deluxe Modulux. Exotic woods are available at a modest up charge and vertical panels are available in several melamine colors. The furniture features rounded hardwood corners finished with natural oil stain and hand rubbed with solvent-based hard finish sealer. Upgraded features include screw door hatches for quick entry, touch latch versions, vented door panels, cabinet levelers and custom inside corners.

Harris HDE-200

HDE-200: The Harris HDE-200 exporter supports the delivery of multiple HD Radio program streams over a single, dedicated IP connection. The development of the new exporter is driven by the need to fortify the E2X (exporter-to-exciter) protocol in the HD Radio transmission chain while minimizing implementation costs for the radio station. The Harris Pacific Design Center has embedded new software code from Ibiquity Digital into a fully functional hardware component with no moving parts, which enables increased reliability. At only 1RU, the HDE-200 offers a drastically reduced footprint with more features and options than its predecessor. The exporter supports TCP over IP transport of the E2X protocol, as well as HD Protocol (HDP). The HDE-200 exporter also includes remote and front-panel metering and monitoring features and an internal GPS module, as well as options for profanity delay, diversity delay and an Arbitron People Meter.

Holophone D-code

Multi-channel Pro Logic II decoder
D-code: Designed for desktop use, the D-code takes the two audio channels, which are encoded using the H4's or Porta-Mic 5.1's encoder from the camera's recording medium or other two channel source, and decodes into six discrete audio channels. The recording device is connected to the D-code through two RCA inputs on the front of the device for an easy transfer from the camera to the computer. Decoded audio is delivered via six RCA analog outputs or Multi-Channel USB directly to the user's computer. The six discrete audio files can then be edited in any professional editing program such as Apple's Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere.

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