2008 Product Source: N-P

September 2, 2008

Neumann TLM 67

TLM 67: Like the U 67, the TLM 67 incorporates the K 67 capsule. In addition, the special new circuit design closely reproduces the sound characteristics of the classic U 67, without the use of tubes. The TLM 67 is extremely versatile. Its three switchable directional characteristics (omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8), selectable 10dB pre-attenuation, and high-pass filter permit detailed adjustments to be made depending upon the specific recording situation. The TLM 67 introduces a novel Neumann dual-color design. The pearl-gray of the microphone body combined with the classic 'Neumann nickel' lends the microphone a touch of distinctive individuality.

NKK Switches GB Series

Illuminated pushbutton switches
NKK Switches
GB Series: The GB Series' fully illuminated clear polyamide plunger is designed to produce a high visibility of status indication and is available with red, green or amber LED illumination. The series' miniature size allows for high-density mounting and their light weight makes them ideal for handheld devices. Featuring a completely sealed body construction to prevent contact contamination, the GB Series of switches also allow for better use of time. The insert-molded terminals lock out flux, solvents and other contaminants, guaranteeing a long mechanical and electrical life of 50,000 operations minimum. NKK has also incorporated its award-winning STC contact mechanism into these switches, which provides them with a smooth, positive detent mechanism, increased contact stability and unparalleled logic-level reliability.

Nott Ltd. Copperweld

Grounding wire
Nott Ltd.
Copperweld: Nott now distributes Copperweld grounding wire. This wire has been used by the electric utility industry for many years and just now comes to broadcasting. Standard Copperweld wire is not annealed, making it very springy. However, their ground wire is annealed and handles just like pure copper wire. It can also be silver soldered like pure copper. Tests indicate erosion may occur at the ends of buried wires, but will go no more than two wire diameters into the metal. In the case of #10 wire, this is less than 1/4". RF current travels only on the outer surface of a wire due to skin effect, so most of the current will be flowing in the copper skin. Bending it into a sharp radius does not cause the copper skin to crack. Wrap it as tightly as needed, then silver-solder it.

Solid-state transmitter
OMB America
EM 2000: A a 2,000W FM transmitter, this product includes 8,300W high-efficiency MOSFET technology amplifying modules, fed by two independent switching power supplies. The amplifying modules work independently thanks to a power combining structure that provides high isolation between them. The unit features a low pass filter at the antenna output, EMI filters at the utility connection and an internal transient suppressor. The LCD display displays the amplifier parameters: supply voltages, eight module currents, direct, reflected and input power, power loss in the internal unbalance load and three temperature sensors.

Omnirax Custom Furniture

Studio furniture
Custom Furniture: Omnirax can provide prefabricated, modular, semi-custom and custom furniture designs for any project. The company's design goal is to blend ergonomics, style, function and solid construction to be an integral part of a studio design. Equipment racks, rack modules and roll-around stands are also available. The company recently completed its first large-scale design for Clear Channel New York. This five-station, 30-studio project include with Corian solid-surface countertops that can accommodate a host and up to six guests. Shown here is the WKTU air studio.

Digital logging software
OMT Technologies
Imedialogger v3: Imedialogger v3 includes a number of client-driven features in addition to enhancements made to further improve overall usability and performance. Some of the key features of Imedialogger v3 are: The ability to pause recordings while mic skimming; adjustable delay feature for skimming off air in a digital air chain; a user pre-set maximum for record durations when starting on closure and ending on time; cart chunk metadata encoding of recorded files for universal compatibility with external audio sources; id3 metadata tagging of recorded files for consumer applications; the ability to export an XML file with recordings.

Orban Optimod 8585

Digital surround audio processor
Optimod 8585: Starting with the technology of Orban's Optimod 6300 two-channel processor for digital transmission media, the 8585 incorporates multichannel processing that reflects the latest psychoacoustic research into loudness perception. The 8585 features Optimod-quality two- and five-band audio processing for surround sound broadcasting, netcasting and mastering. Thanks to versatile compression ratio controls and a mastering-quality look-ahead peak limiter, the 8585 is ideal for mastering audio in broadcast productions. The 8585 is built on Orban's flagship hardware platform. This features a GUI displayed on a quarter-VGA active matrix color LCD, making it easy to do all setup and adjustment from the 8585's front panel. A new third-generation CBS Loudness Controller helps retain audiences by controlling both subjective loudness and annoyance. The multichannel and 2.0 processors can operate with separate audio processing parameters like release times.

P.I. Engineering X-Keys Desktop

Computer shortcut keys
P.I. Engineering
X-Keys Desktop: Like a speed dialer for a computer, the 20 user-reprogrammable keys and one-button access to shortcuts allows users to easily create macros. Keyboard macros and hot keys offer the shortest path to action, and the X-keys provides a clearly labeled, physical location for these complex or redundant functions so the user doesn't have to think about them. X-keys desktop connects to a USB port, includes Macro Works II or iKey software and a hardwired 52" cord. Clear keycaps protect legends and allow shortcuts and macros to be found with a glance.

Radio automation
Paravel Systems
Rivendell 1.0: Every Rivendell workstation comes with the complete Rivendell software package pre-installed. You never have to purchase expensive add-on software to interface with your traffic or music scheduling software, for voice tracking, etc. Every function is available on every Rivendell workstation in your system. The software package includes RDAirplay, RD Library, RD Catch, RDLog Manager, RDLog Edit, RDCast Manager, RDLogin and RDAdmin. The workstation features interfacing directly with traffic and music scheduling software, immunity to PC viruses, time scaling of playback without pitch change, and seamless integration with Axia and dozens of third party switchers and routers.

Pearl Microphone Labs ELM-A

Dual-output mic
Pearl Microphone Labs
ELM-A: With two separate outputs on a five-pin XLR connector, the two ELM-A outputs deliver independent cardioids, one from each membrane of the dual-membrane capsule. The ELM-A's rectangular, linear capsule has more than twice the surface area of large-diameter round capsules. At high frequencies, the small width provides uniformity of directional pattern laterally while usefully attenuating reflections from floors and ceilings. The ELM-A is phantom powered, and the transformerless preamp has a low noise level allowing it to deliver an accurate, uniform and consistent response pattern with a flat response, low noise and useful attenuation of nuisance reflections.
+46 42 58 810

Pinta Acoustic/Sonex Sonex Clean

Baffles, panels and ceiling tiles
Pinta Acoustic/Sonex
Sonex Clean: These products are designed for environments that require noise control with durable, washable and cleanable materials. The baffles, panels and ceiling tiles are fully encapsulated in FR taffeta vinyl for efficient cleaning and long, durable life. They offer excellent sound absorption to reduce reverberation or echo. The Sonex Clean line is made from Pinta Acoustic's Willtec melamine foam core, which is ASTM E84 Class 1 fire-rated. Products are available in 17 standard colors. The baffles and panels are 24"×48"×2" and the ceiling tiles are available in 24"×24"×2" or 24"×48"×2"

1kW Transmitter: This transmitter is a single box 1kW transmitter with drop-down front panel for easy access to two replaceable 700Wmodules The modular version will still be available.

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