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September 2, 2008

Customizable online tool
Radiofrequency Safety International
RF Safety Plan: OSHA cites tower climbing with the highest death rate per capita for any occupation in the country. Due to high customer demand, and the ever present need for a complete RF safety program, RSI has developed and is introducing to clients, an answer to this need. The new online RF Safety Plan is a customizable solution that helps organizations achieve OSHA compliance by formulating a company specific RF Safety plan which can be saved or printed for organizational use. This plan will act as the base of an RF safety program. OSHA requires a comprehensive RF program, to include training, and this easy to formulate customized document will provide you with the requirements necessary to achieve the complete program! Once you input your information, the plan will tell you exactly what you need to achieve a successful RF safety program.

RAM Broadcast Systems SPC2000

Rack-mounted PC
RAM Broadcast Systems
SPC2000: The SPC2000 has been custom manufactured to provide the broadcaster superior performance and reliability in a rack-mounted PC. Its single-rack space height and short 14" depth make it an easy fit in many brands of studio furniture. Features of the SPC2000 include: mini 1RU chassis; ultra-quiet operation; front-panel DVD/CD record/playback drive; front-panel flash card drive; two front-panel USB ports; one rear-panel USB port; Intel core 2 duo 1.8GHz processor; Seagate 80GB 7200RPM hard drive; 1GB RAM; Intel gigabyte Ethernet; Onboard XGI Volari Z7 graphics; Windows XP OS included; Digigram linear stereo sound card (optional) and three-year system warranty included.

RDL Format-A

Twisted pair products
RDL (Radio Design Labs)
Format-A: Format-A twisted pair products send, receive and distribute audio via CAT5 cable. Modules are available for mounting in walls, cabinets and racks. Sending and receiving modules are equipped with connectors and terminal blocks for standard -10dBV unbalanced and +4dBu balanced line levels, and standard microphone levels. Format-A uses one pair for power and three pairs for signals. Sending and receiving modules each use one pair, two pairs or all three pairs for audio signals. Single-pair products allow the installer to select which of the three pairs is used to send or receive the signal. Two-pair products are used for stereo audio. Three-pair products send and receive three separate signals, which may comprise three mono signals or microphone plus stereo line signals.

RF Parts Online catalog

RF components listings
RF Parts
Online catalog: A worldwide distributor for 34 years, RF Parts has released an expansion of its online catalog at www.rfparts.com. The newly expanded catalog provides an easy and efficient listing of product information, product applications and product ordering with the company's secure ordering system. The catalog lists a complete line of power tubes for broadcast, industrial and communications, including Eimac, Amperex, Taylor, Svetlana, RFP and Econco brands along with a full range of sockets through 20kW. In addition, the company stocks a large inventory of popular and hard-to-find RF transistors and power modules from Motorola, Toshiba, MA/COM, Mitsubishi and Microsemi. High-voltage doorknob capacitors and rectifiers are also stocked.

RF Software RF Investigator v3

Field strength program
RF Software
RF Investigator v3: The most obvious change in this version of the software is a new button on the tool bar. This button selects AM or FM studies from the same program without the need for additional software. Multiple monitor support allows the user to move the various windows as he likes to more efficiently display the data and control functions. Maps are resizable to a rectangle. The entire map display can be easily copied and pasted into another application, such as a word processor or graphics editor.

Rode NTG-3

Shotgun microphone
NTG-3: Using a technology known as RF-bias the Rode NTG-3 is almost completely resistant to moisture. In addition to its robust properties the NTG-3 combines very low weight (163g), a durable anti-glare finish and incredibly low handling and self-noise. When not in use, the NTG-3 can be stored away in the included weather resistant aluminum storage cylinder, providing additional protection when travelling and storing the microphone.

RVR Elettronica URPT

RPU transmitter
Elettronica URPT: Elettronica URPT: The RVR URPT is a wide-band, high-power, RPU transmitter designed for reliable high-quality remote broadcast links and TSL applications. URPT, which takes advantage of synthesizer and RF power amplifier technology found in RVR's popular STL transmitters, features front panel controls and an LCD display allowing for frequency-agile tuning from 210 to 350MHz, 430 to 480MHz, or 915 to 965MHz. The LCD display also indicates high VSWR, forward/reverse power, PA current, power supply voltage and audio compression. It is a lightweight and portable, yet powerful and full-featured, remote broadcast transmitter that can operate on available ac power, rechargeable battery packs or solar power panels.

Sage Alerting Sage Endec-HD

EAS encoder/decoder
Sage Alerting
Sage Endec-HD: The new version handles analog and digital signals for EAS distribution and adds remote control capabilities for studio-to-transmitter communications. IP connectivity is also added to allow broadcasters to use standard network components for log printing. This eliminates the need to buy thermal paper required for traditional EAS systems with built-in printers. The system uses an internal AES/EBU interface, LAN support, and a Web browser-based interface to support a new generation of EAS users. New hardware features include 10/100 Base-T LAN support, two USB connectors for printers, additional serial ports, future expansion, and four new GPIO inputs for expanded control.

Samson Technologies Airline Synth

Wireless mic systems
Samson Technologies
Airline Synth: Samson's new Air Line Synth true diversity system is a frequency selectable system that can operate on any of 320 frequencies over U and E bands with up to 11 simultaneous channels. It features automatic scanning and infrared programming, balanced and unbalanced outputs as well as front or rear mountable antennae. The Air Line Synth AR300 Receiver can be rack-mounted with up to four receivers in a rack space. And, its LED front panel displays AF/RF levels, frequency, audio output level and channel mix setting for easy production configuration on the fly. Samson's new system also features an innovative set of miniature transmitters.

Sandies MX18EW

Modular console
MX18EW: The MX Series of on-air audio consoles ranges in size from 6-18 channels in frame sizes of 24" and 36". The MX18EW is a modular console allowing easy service and maintenance. VCAs are used for audio level control which eliminates routing of audio throughout the console. This feature greatly improves the resistance to RF interference. All versions have two stereo inputs per channel and four separate output busses (two stereo-two mono) as well as a cue bus. Constructed of plated steel and covered with reverse screened Lexan, the MX18EW is built for years of 24/7 operation.

Audio analyzer
Sencore Electronics
SP495 Sound Pro-EX: The SP495 Sound Pro-Extreme is an update to the SP495 Sound Pro. Improvements include a 1/30th octave FFT analyzer, doubling the ETG resolution, an early decay time (EDT) measurement, noise criterion curves overlay on the RTA, improved speech intelligibility STIPA with memory to store test results, improved multi-band decay test performance with memory to store test results, the addition of noise criteria computation per-band, 140V and 200V computation to the impedance meter and LEQ measurements to the TDA. New functions include the auto home theater (Auto HT), auto time delay, macro, card memory logger, and clear memories/macro functions.

Shively Labs 2700 Series

Combo line
Shively Labs
2700 Series: Shively Labs offers its new 2700-Series comb-line, band pass filter offering 4-pole response in a 3-pole package. The 5kW balanced combiner shown uses these filters, and the new compact hybrids will fit in tight spaces. Higher power versions of these filters will provide balanced combiner modules rated at 10kW+ with only a slight increase in footprint.

Facility design
Sierra Multimedia
Sytem integrator: Operated by radio veteran Ray Klotz, Sierra Multimedia can assist stations with maintenance and repair of studio equipment and installations, including specialist services with Maestro, and design and installation of radio studios. Services also include maintenance, repair and installation all types of broadcast transmitter systems including AM, FM, two-way radio, RPU, STL, TRL and AM directional antenna systems. A measurement and compliance program helps station ensure they are meeting FCC regulations. Other services include Web, network and media services.

Remote control
Sine Systems
Hawk Remote: The Hawk Remote Control takes the Plus Sine to the next level; by upgrading from Plus Sine users can manage multiple sites from a single control point. Channels can be switched on the satellite receiver, the frequency changed on the exciter and audio channels routed. The Hawk Remote Control also allows monitoring of EAS systems, sending of selected incoming EAS messages as text messages, e-mails or pages, logging of EAS data, displaying EAS messages on message boards, and controlling as many as 10 Sine Systems RFC units. The Hawk Remote was designed by broadcast engineers more than 15 years ago to meet the ever-changing requirements of the broadcast industry. The PC-based approach of The Hawk Remote allows for endless possibilities. Besides being able to remotely monitor and control a facility, The Hawk Remote is an engineer in a box.

Sonifex RB-PD2

Stereo Profanity Delay
RB-PD2: The Redbox RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted. It features both analog and digital I/O and an automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows between two and 55 seconds of delay to be built up live on-air while maintaining the correct pitch. When the program is complete, the audio stretch algorithm seamlessly reduces the delay to zero. The delay can also be acquired while playing a preselected audio file on a Compact Flash memory card, and because playback from a Compact Flash card can be triggered remotely, the RB-PD2 can also be used at transmitter sites to play an emergency audio file via GPI in the event of silence detection.
+44 1933 650 700

Staco Energy Products Unistar P

Single-phase UPS
Staco Energy Products
Unistar P: This single-phase online uninterruptible power supply features protection over a wide input voltage range. This true double-conversion UPS is available in 6, 8 and 10kVac models, to protect from outages and irregularities in incoming line voltages from 160 to 280Vac at 45-65Hz. Up to four Unistar P modules can be installed in parallel for redundancy or additional capacity. A constant, clean, steady sine wave protects downstream equipment even without going to battery mode. Each Unistar P features high-overload handling, without transfer to the bypass, and protection against short circuit and over-temperature conditions.

Strobe Tech Tower Lighting

Tower lighting service
Strobe Tech
Tower Lighting: Strobe Tech has been repairing, maintaining and installing structural lighting since 1988. The company has extensive experience with all makes and models of obstruction lighting. Its focus lies not only with the technical aspects, but also with the safety of its employees. All of its technicians are RF and fall-safety trained. Strobe Tech services all makes and models of structural lighting. The company can install any type of system, using any manufacturer of lighting, on any structure, and is OSHA compliant.

Studio Technologies Model 46

Studio intercom interface
Studio Technologies
Model 46: The Model 46 is designed to interface two-wire full-duplex party-line intercom circuits with four-wire audio circuits associated with matrix intercom systems. Other specialized audio system interfacing applications can also be supported. The Model 46 provides two independent full-featured two-channel interfaces. Each interface contains two hybrid circuits that include automatic nulling capability. The analog circuitry, under software control, provides excellent audio quality and high return-loss. The interfaces are compatible with powered and unpowered two-wire party-line circuits. They are capable of supplying dc power, allowing direct operation of devices such as user belt packs. Configuration settings allow the two- and four-wire interface circuitry to be compatible with a range of nominal signal levels. Audio level meters provide user confirmation of system performance during setup and operation. Applications for the Model 46 include television sports and special event broadcasting, theme park and theater installations, corporate events, and industrial testing environments. Standard audio connectors are used for all input and output signals. The Model 46 mounts in one space of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure and requires 100-240 V, 50/60Hz for operation.

Superior Electric Stabiline SLF

Superior Electric
Stabiline SLF: All SLF series UPS are equipped with a front-panel LCD status display. More than 20 UPS statuses and conditions can be displayed. The system produces a true sine wave output voltage waveform. All models are microprocessor controlled and feature a two-stage automatic voltage regulation capability. All models have surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering circuitry to prevent damaging power line transients and noise from reaching your equipment. RF11 telephone jacks are provided on the UPS rear panel for fax/modem use. A RS-232 port is also provided. Other features include 120Vac, 50/60Hz operation, and 500VA, 700VA and 1kVA models.

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