2009 NAB Radio Show New Products

September 1, 2009

Day Sequerra M2HDSP

Modulation monitor for HD Radio
Day Sequerra
M2HDSP: The M2HDSP, Day Sequerra's newest modulation monitor for HD Radio employs the company's recently developed digital signal processing (DSP) architecture, first introduced in its M4DDM. The M2HDSP runs Day Sequerra's new proprietary Time Lock algorithm to automatically maintain perfect alignment of the HD Radio main program signal (MPS) analog and HD-1 digital audio. Using its selective off-air tuner, the M2HDSP measures the MPS analog and HD-1 digital audio diversity and generates a continuous stream of correction vectors to keep the analog and digital audio perfectly time and level aligned. These correction vectors are then sent via Ethernet to an HD Radio embedded exporter or compatible audio processor to provide the necessary adjustments to the analog audio delay.

Nautel Importer Plus

Enhanced HD Radio importer
Importer Plus: Importer Plus can be used by broadcasters to add up to two additional programming channels and other supplemental audio and data services to Nautel's HD Radio transmission. It codes the secondary program services of an IBOC transmission including digital channels two and three. A user interface permits the selection of IBOC service modes and partitioning of IBOC signal bandwidth for a variety of audio and data services including multicasting. The Importer Plus is housed in a 1RU enclosure and is the first implementation of an HD Radio Importer to use solid-state storage instead of a traditional hard drive.

Wheatstone Sideboard

Console control surface
Sideboard: Wheatstone's Sideboard is for edit booths, voice tracking and hands-on hosts. A true console control surface, it integrates with the Wheatstone Wheatnet-IP audio-over-IP system. Sideboard's input fader strips can access any source in the entire network, with dial-up and talkback on every fader. An additional four-bank fader module can be added for a complete eight-fader mixer. Two output buses -- PGM and AUX -- allow for simultaneous audio-to-air and cue/mix-minus. Eight programmable pushbuttons can be used for quick monitor select or to trigger virtually any system operation.

Codec addition
Bric Remote Control: Bric Remote Control software controls multiple Access and Bric-Link codecs from a simple Windows-based interface. It allows creation of an address book that can be shared among a list of codecs. The software also creates unified connection profiles that can be shared among the codecs. Bric Remote Control software is available as a free download from the Comrex website.

Ethersound stagebox
Aqonda: In essence, a remotely-controllable Ether Sound stagebox, Aqonda is capable of transforming up to 16 analog audio signals into as many Ethersound channels, and injecting them into an Ethersound network. The device is available in two formats: Aqonda-8 which is 8-in/8-out, and Aqonda-16 which is the 16-in/16-out version. The inputs are switchable between microphone and line level. The preamps may be remotely controlled from any digital console with Ethersound compatibility. Finally, Aqonda is the very first device to be compatible with both ES-100 and ES-Giga. A switch located on the unit allows users to select which protocol they wish to use.

AEQ Opera

Analog on-air console
Opera: Based on the BC-500 audio console, AEQ is now launching its replacement, the Opera. Opera has the same basic features as the BC-500. The modular design of Opera offers the possibility of configuring the console according to specific requirements. There are equalized microphone/line modules, stereo dual line modules, input-output modules and output modules. Using the standard configuration, Opera can be easily upgraded by adding new modules. Outstanding among the modules is the digital telephone hybrid with frequency extension and multiplex option. This modular design permits the extraction for repair or replacement of each module in minutes without influence in the on-air signal.

Recording software
Vericorder Technology
Poddio: Poddio software transforms a smart phone into a full-featured sound editing suite. The first version was released on Iphone in February 2009. That version allowed users to record and edit news stories or music, and upload the finished audio file to a computer. The new version allows reporters to also send their completed stories wirelessly, either by FTP or by e-mail.

Broadcast database
BIA Financial Network
Media Access Pro v4.3: MAPro Version 4.3 now delivers details on individual multicast/digital stations, Arbitron Portable People Meter data for available markets, and detailed band ID information. Another added feature is the ability to export counties per market and across various media. Other enhancements to MAPro 4.3 include the addition of detailed information for Low Power FMs and their unique programming. Users can single out these stations via a special search criterion. MAPro 4.3 also includes information on additional station programming (HD2 and HD3), such as formats being provided and detailed contact information at each multicast program stream. It also offers an enhanced way of viewing multiple markets simultaneously via new saved searches, making it easy to view information across markets.

Audemat Navigator HD AM/FM

AM mobile measurement for IBOC
Navigator HD AM/FM: Audemat engineers have added AM analog and HD Radio measurement capability to this unit. This is a free release that requires the unit to be sent back to the factory. Any new unit purchased from now on will include AM/FM/HD Radio capabilities as standard. The AM module allows AM RF measurements with the display of the RF level in graphic form, AM HD Radio coverage measurements (with GPS position data) and the decoding and display of AM IBOC data (extended HD Radio panel). The Audemat meter is for easy field surveys as well as on site/studio monitoring of all aspects of a station's analog FM and HD Radio FM/AM signals. The meter is frequency agile. It combines an FM monitor and an HD Radio monitor that works for FM and AM HD Radio signals.

Larcan Encore Series

IBOC FM translator
Encore Series: Incorporating TV transmitter amplifier designs and applying them to digital radio, the Encore IBOC FM Translator delivers a high-quality digital FM radio quality sound. Highly linear amplifiers and custom designed IF filtering enable optimum reception and output power in digital operation. Integrating filtering and new linear conversion technologies, the Encore Series of translators takes the digital FM signal and translates/repeats it, keeping the IBOC digital signal intact. The result is an IBOC FM translator that delivers the original analog FM signal and the digital portion of the signal together to an audience. The Encore Series is available from 25W to 250W.

Harris Intraplex Netxpress LX

Networking platform
Intraplex Netxpress LX: NetXpress LX is suitable as an edge device working together with NetXpress in large, multi-site networks. Features include: flexible configuration for audio and data (choice of MPEG II layers 2 and 3, enhanced apt-X or J.41 compression, XLR AES/EBU digital and L/R analog input/output connectors), reliable IP audio transport (low processing delay, adjustable packet size) and convenient provisioning and management (SNMP network management, network statistics monitoring, event logging).

Audio Science ASI54xx Series

PCI Cobranet sound cards
Audio Science
ASI54xx Series: The ASI5402, ASI5408 and ASI5416 are professional PCI sound cards designed for use in the installed sound and entertainment markets. Using Cirrus Logic's Cobranet technology for streaming audio over Ethernet, the ASI5402 provides two channels of Cobranet receive and transmit, the ASI5408 provides eight channels of Cobranet receive and transmit, and the ASI5416 provides 16 channels of Cobranet receive and transmit. These sound cards can be connected to any Cobranet-compliant device.

Song data embedding
Broadcast Electronics
TRE Message Manager 2.0: BE's TRE Message Manager with Jump2Go service embeds the correct Apple tags and provides the synchronization required for earmarking songs in real-time as they're played over the air.

Sierra Automated Systems
M Class: The M Class console was engineered to have the same design and ease-of-use as the Rubicon family of consoles, but costs thousands less. Its feature set eclipses most analog consoles. M Class is powered by Rio Link, the unit running SAS Rubicon consoles in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. These boards are suited to be used as drop-in replacements for analog mixers. The optional Flex2 module will allow SAS 64000, Rio Link or 32KD owners instant connectivity to their existing routers. M Class includes A/B inputs for faders, three user-configurable output buses, an unlimited number of auto-configuring mix minus buses, dual ¼" and ⅛" headphone jacks, full fidelity cue speaker, meters, built-in up-timer, IFB functionality, intercom capability and eight custom programmable buttons.

Audio codec software
Apt-x Scalable: This is the latest addition to the Apt-x series of low-latency audio compression algorithms for high-definition audio in broadcast, professional and consumer applications, and offers sampling rates up to 96kHz and sample resolutions up to 24 bits. Potential applications in high-definition audio for Apt-x Scalable include extended battery life in portable media players; improved streaming to wireless peripherals; optimal use of network bandwidth for dynamic mix of audio traffic in VoIP; Internet audio services such as surround-sound radio and interactive gaming; broadcast audio; and digital wireless microphones.

Logitek Pilot

Mixing control surface
Pilot: Available in multiples of six faders (from 6 to 24), the Pilot offers full access to the sources available on a Jetstream or Audio Engine router along with simple bus selection and intuitive monitor controls. The Pilot, combined with the Jetstream Mini, provides a cost-effective way for facilities to implement IP audio routing and mixing. Features include: cue switch over every fader with built-in cue speaker; room for 16 character source names on bright, wide-angle displays; change button over every channel and central select knob for easy access to new sources; 12 user-configurable soft keys; quick route button for selection of program, auxiliary and two user-defined sources for monitoring; buckets full of mix-minus; four GPI inputs and eight GPI outputs on back of surface along with RJ-45 for connection to audio engine; simple tabletop mounting and 20W power consumption.

Sales management software
Wide Orbit
WO Sales: WO Sales, sales management software, makes Media sales operations smarter from forecasting, to account management, to proposal, to post-buy analysis. WO Sales was built specifically to meet the needs of media sales professionals and includes WO CRM for sales and account management, WO Proposal for sales proposals and research, and WO Yield for pricing and inventory optimization. With WO Sales, media companies will improve their bottom line by reducing costs and errors, drive operational efficiencies, optimize the value of advertising inventory and, ultimately, close more business.

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