2009 NAB Show Technology Spotlight: IP Audio Systems

June 1, 2009

We used to call them audio consoles and routers. Today there are more audio-over-IP routing and mixing systems than ever before. This in-studio application has become the new backbone for an audio network, and several manufacturers have found a unique way to enter the field. Most of them are focusing on providing flexible systems with a lower cost of investment.

Wheatstone has rebranded its system as the Wheatnet-IP (previously called the E2). While the basic functions are the same, the system has added several new modules -- called Blades -- including the Mic Blade.

Logitek has begun shipping the Jetstream Mini, its IP-based engine. To complement this system, the new Pilot mixing surface provides many key features to create an economical audio system. Axia has also introduced a more economical system called Powerstation (see the Radio magazine Pick Hits on page 16.)

Rounding out the new surface offerings is SAS with the M-Class, which interfaces to the SAS family of routers.

The Harris Vistamax systems debuted several new features, as did AEQ with the BC 2000 D with T-1 and Ethernet support and new matrix features.


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