2009 NAB Show Technology Spotlight: IP Codecs

June 1, 2009

Audio-over-IP was easily the most frequently talked about technology at the convention. In-studio is one use of the technology (covered elsewhere in our wrap-up), but transmitting audio from the field to the studio or between facilities is the job for an IP codec. The evolution of IP codecs starts with ISDN and T-1 hardware, but the distinction between the two has almost been completely lost. As long as an IP connection can be made, these highly versatile performers can bridge the distance.

New systems shown this year include the Aeta Audio Scoopy+, AEQ Phoenix, APT Worldcast Equinox, Musicam Road Warrior LC, Tieline G5 and Bridge-It, and the Telos Zephyr Z/IP. All of these perform the classic codec functions via almost any path. Tieline, AEQ and Musicam have enhanced their mixer functions. The Aeta and Tieline also sport SD slots.

Expanding their roles beyond broadcast remotes, IP codecs are also finding practical use as STL systems, and the units from APT, Telos and Tieline are targeted at that application, as are the Barix Exstreamer 1000 and Comrex Bric-Link.


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