2009 Product Source: #-A

September 2, 2009

Social radio network
4Ever Centric Media
Pantheon: Los Angeles-based social media developers Gamecentric Media and Chicago-based media company Njs4ever Networks have entered into a joint venture to launch a social media application suite for radio broadcasters. Dubbed 4EverCentric Media, this joint venture will produce Pantheon, a social radio network that merges traditional radio properties with customizeable and extensive social networking applications to foster engaging, interactive and user-friendly brand experiences between radio listeners and stations. End users can embed their favorite radio stations on a multitude of social networking platforms, focusing on Facebook and My Space. The technology itself allows for highly interactive applications, enabling fans to communicate with each other, rate songs, highlight sponsors and view additional information as determined by the stations while driving traffic to pre-designated online destinations.


Performance reporting tool
Royalty Reporting: Abacast's Performance Reporting Tool will generate reports that meet and exceed the Sound Exchange guidelines for the Copyright Royalty Board with almost no additional work for the broadcaster. The report data is ready in real-time so there is no need to wait for the results. Alerts can also be sent to the broadcaster based on certain thresholds to keep the broadcaster informed of any audience changes. The Performance Reporting Tool can be used with any radio automation system, music selection scheduling system files, and/or manual entry of now playing data to produces consistent results. The reporting is all done automatically. The reporting tool can be used by any webcaster or broadcaster regardless of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) they use. The reports are only made available to the webcasters or broadcasters for their own uses.

Acoustics First Transfusor Model C

Art diffusor
Acoustics First
Transfusor Model C: The Transfusor Model C is a diffuser that passes light and can be used as a cover for a standard 2' x 2' light fixture, grid mounted, placed in front of windows or skylights, or mounted directly to a surface reducing both acoustical and visual glare. It is a patented series of binary array diffusers used to increase the clarity of sound while maintaining the ambient character of the room. The range is extended over other designs by its unique angled end caps to further control acoustic reflections above 4kHz. It is available in a variety of different materials including furniture grade woods and Class A plastics. Easy to install, these sound diffusers can be direct mounted to walls and ceilings, covered with fabric stretch wall systems or dropped directly into standard T-bar grids.

AEA Technology VIA Echo

Vector impedance analyzer
AEA Technology
VIA Echo: The Echo is a hand-held vector impedance analyzer (vector network analyzer), spectrum analyzer, power meter, and frequency domain reflectometer (FDR) in one instrument. Models come in frequency ranges of 4MHz to 1.0GHz or 4MHz to 2.5GHz. The VIA Echo network analyzer was designed for performing antenna testing and tuning, transmission line testing and fault locating, cellular site turn-up testing and troubleshooting. It can be used for individual component testing, system or network testing. The VIA Echo's all come with two ports S11 and S21 to perform both reflective and loss/gain measurements.

Amplivox Sound Systems SW915

All-digital portable audio system
Amplivox Sound Systems
SW915: The SW915 digital audio travel partner delivers 250W to audiences up to 10,000, covering rooms as big as 30,000 square feet. Standard equipment includes a UHF eight-channel diversity internal wireless receiver (with choice of handheld, headset, collar or lapel mic and transmitter,) a CD/RW/MP3 disc player with pitch control plus SD card slot and USB input. Additional features like ducking and a remote control make the unit easy to use. The digital audio travel partner runs on either ac or battery power with up to 10 hours of runtime from two user-replaceable 12V rechargeable batteries. The self contained system is portable and durable - with retractable handle and large wheels for easy travel and maneuverability.

File transfer software
Applied Answers
File Genius: File Genius replaces insecure FTP and e-mail file transfers. An intuitive interface works through a Web browser and does not require set up, hosting or maintenance. It provides security for all environments: SSL encryption, SHA hashed file directories, no password storage, no cookies, a proxy file system for layers of security, no FTP or other protocol port access, no session pages published all over the Web with links to download files, and hidden site addresses that cannot be found in search engines or site explorers. There are also no usage limits.

Arrakis MARC-15

Modular analog console
MARC-15: The MARC-15's modular design allows the console to be configurable, featuring 15 channels with up to 30 source inputs. Three output buses handle on-air, background production and a third mix. The mainframe supports up to two phone modules for simultaneous callers. The console features a PC-USB input module so that the console can play from and record to a Windows PC in digital. The optional studio monitor module facilitates control room/talk studio applications.

Audemat Script Easy

Facility control software
Script Easy: Scripteasy software suite is a user-friendly application installed on a computer connected to Audemat remote control units (IP2 Choice, Remote Control Silver or remote control option for the Goldeneagle FM, AM, TV, HD, DVB) and ready for setup. The intuitive GUI interface, consisting of the creator and the master view modules, supports easy development and allows real time status display and management.

Audio Science ASI564x Series

Linear PCI express sound cards
Audio Science
ASI564x Series: The ASI564x series are the junior partners of the ASI6600 series of PCI Express sound cards, used extensively in radio station automation. The cards retain high end features such as +24dBu balanced analog audio with 110dB dynamic range, together with AES/EBU digital I/O with hardware sample rate converters on all inputs. Multi-channel support is standard. Using the surround sound extensions (SSX), streams of up to eight channels may be played, recorded and mixed. These cards are ideal for applications such as radio production and automation systems that do not require DSP-based MPEG compression. The ASI564x series contains three models: the ASI5640 has four stereo/eight mono I/O with balanced analog interfaces, the ASI5641 has four stereo/eight mono I/O with AES/EBU interfaces and the ASI5644 has four stereo/eight mono I/O with both balanced analog and AES/EBU interfaces.

Auralex Acoustics Sonolux Elite

Fiber optic acoustical panels
Auralex Acoustics
Sonolux Elite: Sonolux Elite fiber optic acoustical panels incorporate Auralex's Pro Panels with Isky's fiber optic lighting, offers a plug-and-play star field experience. These midnight blue panels feature Isky's Star Engine lighting effects, which mimic the random glimmer of the night sky. Sizes include 24"x24", 30"x30" and 48"x48". Each kit includes all the tools necessary for installation and requires zero maintenance once installed. Custom sizes and shapes are also available upon request.

Avlex Superlux HD681

Semi-open pro headphones
Superlux HD681: Superlux HD681 dynamic headphones employ a semi-open design that enables one to monitor the audio source with realism without being acoustically isolated. Key to the HD681's performance attributes are the large, 50mm dome type, neodymium diaphragms. Featuring a 10Hz - 30kHz frequency range and total harmonic distortion of less than 0.25 percent, the headphones deliver wide dynamic range. The large, circumaural, padded vinyl earpieces provide a comfortable experience. The HD681's 8' single-sided, digital grade cable and the included gold-plated 3.5mm-to-1/4" screw-on adapter provide for freedom of movement and the ability to adapt to a multitude of audio playback sources.

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