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September 2, 2009

Barix Technology Extreamer 1000

Audio over IP for broadcast
Barix Technology
Extreamer 1000: The Barix Exstreamer 1000 is a professional audio-over-IP device designed specifically for radio broadcasters. The one-half 1RUunti combines Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer functionality in one device. It is also the first Barix Instreamer or Exstreamer device to include contact closures to trigger and control local announcements. Eight contact closures transport data information with the audio to trigger and control local announcements, such as station identification, an EAS signal, or even local studio cut-ins to a national feed. The addition of contact closures eliminates the need to use additional automation equipment to trigger local inserts. Other features include balanced I/Os, a high-quality signal converter (analog to digital and vice versa) with a significantly higher decibel level to reduce noise and improve audio quality, and a professional AES3 interface to capture a digital signal at the source and maintain it throughout the chain.

Broadcast supplier
Bay Country Broadcast Equipment
Equipment Dealer: This broadcast equipment dealer offers a 15-day return guarantee. In business since 1998, the company sells used equipment and also test equipment. The company's website includes a list of recent used equipment offerings as well.

All-in-one FM analog monitor
FM Solution: The FM Solution provides a complete solution for the analog portions of the FM signal. The unit combines the features and functions of an RF amplifier, FM demod, stereo demod, RDS decoder, SCA decoder and FFT spectrum analyzer. Using state-of-the-art DSP techniques all the unit's processing takes place in the digital domain. This results in FM analog performance that was previously not possible. Features: frequency agile RF input, AM and sync AM noise measurements, variable BW digital IF filtering, FM demodulation with 100dB 75µs [microsecond] SNR, variable BW composite filtering, stereo demodulation with 100dB L/R separation, full metering of analog peak and RMS values, RDS injection/phase and full data decoding, two SCA decoders, RJ-45 Ethernet Interface with remote PC software.

Blastwave FX Podcaster 2

Podcasting sound effects library
Blastwave FX
Podcaster 2: Podcaster 2 is a high definition MP3 sound effects library specifically designed for podcasting and virtual media. Blastwave FX provides podcasters and virtual media producers with a complete collection of music, sound effects and production elements in this collection of 500 sounds. Every sound was fully produced at 24/96 to ensure the highest quality for today's production needs, then delivered as stereo MP3 files, making audio productions easy to produce and manage.


Blue Sky International SAT 8

Mid-field monitor
Blue Sky International
SAT 8: Blue Sky's SAT 8 is a three-way, tri-amplified, 300W, compact mid-field monitor featuring an 8" high excursion hemispherical woofer, a low distortion 4" hemispherical midrange driver, and a 1" dual ring radiator tweeter with integral waveguide. To reduce destructive cabinet diffraction reflections, Blue Sky has developed and incorporated into the baffle, the proprietary Multi-Aperture Acoustic Diffraction Absorber, which helps to maintain smooth on and off axis frequency response throughout the critical MF and HF frequency range, without the need for a large wave-guide or horn. The rear panel also has controls for full space (placement in a room) or half space (mounted in a baffle wall) operation, along with individual HF, MF and LF level trims, as well as controls for variable gain settings.

On-air phone interface
Broadcast Bionics
Anywhere: Listeners already stream a station through their computers via the Internet. Anywhere makes it possible for them to contribute live through their computers. By using the Anywhere portal on a website, one click connects a listener to the studio, and allows them to speak and share video using a webcam, chat with the studio using instant messaging, register opinions for a track and agree or disagree with a discussion. A simple registration process captures all the listener information needed in the studio to pre-screen contributions and even provide a photo, and using instant messaging, the studio call screener can continue to assess suitability to progress the call to air.
+44 1444 473999

Broadcast Devices SWP-200

Power Monitor/RF Switch Controller
Broadcast Devices
SWP-200: The SWP-200 package consists of an RF directional coupler, an RF sensor and supervisory chassis/display. The product is suitable to measure analog and digital FM or TV RF power. The product is available with one or two dual-port sensors to monitor up to two transmission lines simultaneously. Other features include reflected power fault detection and three strike counter. The SWP-200 is also a full-featured four-port RF switch controller capable of controlling from one to four RF switches. The unit is compatible with most RF switches. It manages interlock and transmitter control and has an RF fault sensor for automatic switching upon failure and an exclusive Safe Switch feature preventing switch operations with RF present. This product is designed for new transmitter installations or can be added to any legacy RF facility where automation of transmitter operations is desired.

Broadcast Electronics STX LP

Solid-state transmitter
Broadcast Electronics
STX LP: This frequency-agile solid-state transmitter is scalable from 1kW to 5kW with integrated FM exciter. Available in 1kW, 3kW and 5kW models, the STX LP transmitter fits a small profile and can be power upgraded in the field by adding PA modules. The STX LP includes IP connectivity for configuring and monitoring operation remotely from any laptop or PC, and is HD Radio compatible for later conversion.

Studio automation system
Broadcast Software International
Op-X: Op-X was built from the ground up and has been designed for both intuitive operator interface and ease of maintenance. The system has been in fulltime operation at more than 30 stations nationwide for the past 18 months, as product features have been enhanced and real-life testing has proven successful. The system features clock-builder and time-bending functions, as well as a satellite interface.

Active stereo matrix switcher
Broadcast Tools
SS 4.4: The SS 4.4 provides matrix audio switching of four stereo inputs to four stereo outputs. Matrix switching allows any or all inputs to be assigned to any or all outputs. The SS 4.4 may be controlled via front-panel switches, contact closures and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. Additional features include stereo silence sensor with relay, front-panel stereo LED VU meters, stereo headphone jack with level control, powered monitor level control all with output selection switching, 16 GPIs, four GPO open collectors and four SPST relays. Installation is simplified with pluggable Euroblock screw terminals. The SS 4.4 is supplied in a 1RU chassis.

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