2009 Product Source: C-D

September 2, 2009

C. Crane Company CC Wi-fi Radio

Wi-fi Internet radio
C. Crane Company
CC Wi-fi Radio: The CC Wi-fi gives you an American style of Internet Radio, combining straightforward style with all the convenience of tuning in more than 11,000 radio stations from around the world. The CC Wi-fi radio has excellent audio in a small footprint that fits nicely on a desktop, kitchen counter or bedside table. There's a headphone socket for private listening and a line-out for use with your component speakers. Features 99 memory presets, remote control, an alarm clock and an Ethernet port for a hard-wire network connection.

Database mapping capabilities
Cavell, Mertz and Associates
FCC Info on Google Earth: FCC Info on Google Earth: Cavell, Mertz and Associates has combined the FCCInfo.com databases with the extensive mapping capabilities of Google Earth to display up-to-date FCC broadcast, microwave and tower structure databases in a readily understood visual format. The 3-D building and terrain features of Google Earth permit a unique perspective of FCC data not freely available anywhere else. FCCInfo on Google Earth features include: click on any station's balloon for information such as channel and for links to details from the FCCInfo.com website; microwave paths are plotted above ground using licensed transmit antenna heights and, when available, receive antenna locations; towers and antenna structures are plotted as a vertical line based on their registered heights; show or hide facilities using AM, FM, TV, microwave and antenna structure checkboxes in the Google Earth Places Menu; all data is automatically kept up-to-date with no user intervention; useful for verifying coordinates shown on station licenses and tower registrations; to assure accuracy, broadcast coordinates are automatically converted from FCC datum to Good Earth's native datum; and it works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Remote control
Sicon-8: This dial-up, site controller features balanced audio pass through and eight channels of metering, status and control. It provides five alarms per channel (24 max). Basic eight functions are ready to use right out of the box. Enhancement options are available for greater capabilities but aren't required for initial installation. Cell phone audio interface lets you use the remote control with any auto-answer wireless phone. Six channels of momentary relays and two channels can be momentary or latching. Pre-programmed for English and is easily re-recorded.

Coaxial Dynamics 81094

Advanced Wattchman monitor/alarm
Coaxial Dynamics
81094: The Model 81094 is the first in a series of Internet/intranet accessible Advanced Wattchman wattmeter/alarm systems that will monitor forward and reflected power in two transmission lines with only one controller. The front-panel display shows power on both systems simultaneously. Operating conditions may also be displayed on a PC from any location on the Internet/intranet. The Model 81094 is designed to work with a series of specialized line sections from 7/8" to 6-1/8" and standard Coaxial Dynamics elements for analog or digital applications. Elements are available from 1W to 100kW and from 2MHz to 2.3GHz.

Continental Electronics 802Ex

Digital FM/HD exciter
Continental Electronics
802Ex: This next-generation exciter is a one-box HD Radio product incorporating embedded exporter and exciter technology. The 802EX is based on future-focused digital technology that advances performance beyond other FM digital exciters, makes HD Radio much simpler to install and configure, and enhances the FM/HD Radio experience through the application of soft updates and firmware plug-ins. Standard in all 802EX exciters are Continental's fully-adaptive, real-time, forward precorrection, allowing changes in transmitter or RF system performance to be automatically sensed and corrected; software-selectable HD Radio power levels of -20dB, -10dB or any power level in between; Hi-res color LCD screen for maximum clarity and accuracy; built-in stereo generator; built-in audio delay (up to 16.4 seconds); synchronization, using GPS 10MHz signal; multiple AES3 digital audio inputs; AES3 audio output; standard composite input and two baseband SCA inputs.

Asset management
Dalet Digital Media
Dalet Plus 3.0: Dalet Plus is an asset management platform designed for HD production workflows and archiving for news, sports and programs, as well multimedia content creation and distribution to Web, Mobile and VOD platforms. Integrated powerful production tools to ingest, produce, play-out and archive are packaged into four offerings: Dalet Enterprise Edition, Dalet News Suite, Dalet Media Library and Dalet Radio Suite HD. Version 3.0 Dalet solutions will include features such as integrated CG production in the Dalet timeline; a new Dalet Dashboard for system-wide monitoring and analysis; native integration with Sea Change video servers; and new ingest technology based on cost effective IT servers.

Dayton Industrial Corp AFC3

EAS receiver
Dayton Industrial Corp
AFC3: The company's line of receivers is designed for professional or EAS monitoring. Three receivers for NOAA, AM, FM or public service band are housed in a 1RU case. The AFC3 contains a front-panel audio selector switch, mounted small speaker and headset outputs controlled by a volume control. Also mounted on the front panel are LED indicators that indicate carrier and modulation activity for each receiver. An alert indicator and test/reset switch is mounted on the front panel for those receivers that use alert tone detectors, such as the weather and public-service monitors. The rear panel contains outputs for the receivers. The receiver uses a 12V power source.

Digital Alert Systems Dasdac

Digital EAS encoder/decoder
Digital Alert Systems
Dasdac: The Dasdec is a new IP-based, FCC certified, EAS encoder/decoder and EAS character generator controller. Remote operation using a Web browser over a LAN comes standard. The Dasdec is a Linux-controlled PC design featuring the latest communications methods with the ability to interface to any digital communications platform. Dasdec provides a bridge between existing EAS compliance and emerging EAS methods.

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